Friday, February 17, 2006

Malaysia paid US$1.2 million for Mahathir to meet Bush?

It was reported in the Los Angeles Times on Feb 15 2006 that Malaysian government had paid a sum of US$1.2 million to a disgraced lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, allegedly to have close tie with the presidential advisor, Karl Rove, to arrange for the meeting between Mahathir Mohammad, the then Prime Minister, and President Bush in May 2002. Mahathir was supposed to meet Bush to repair the tarnished image of Malaysia after being chastised by the Clinton administration for repeated anti-Semitic statements and for jailing political opponents. The White House had claimed that the meeting was arranged through normal channels.
However, Abdullah Badawi, the Prime Minister, must order for a thorough investigation into the matter for the Malaysians have the right to know the truth.
If it were ture that lobbyist was handsomely paid to arrange for the meeting, the public has the right to ask for the justification for the public fund to be used to redeem the mistakes committed by Mahathir Mohammad. Why should we pay lobbyist to arrange for a meeting between the heads of governments of 2 sovereign states? Our Anti Corruption Agency must also act without hesitation to determine if anyone had committed an offence under the Anti Corruption Act 1997. This is a scandal.

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Anonymous said...

This bugger tell the world malaysia is religous country and chair over OIC. Yet a religous country can pay someone to see the head of a country when he himself a head too