Sunday, May 21, 2006

Back in KL: It's confirmed DAP 6 in Sarawak

I was quite right in my prediction yesterday afternoon. All the 6 seats predicted, except for Pelawan (Ting Chik Ming, Sibu) where DAP lost by a slim majotiry of 263 votes, were won by the DAP. The other seat won was Batu Lintang (Voon Li Shan, Kuching).
Congratulation to the DAP Sarawak!
The challenge now will be to maintain the 6 and to increase the number in the next round.


seaturtle said...

My sincere thanks to YB Teng, Kit, all DAP leaders/members, volunteers, supporters and Sarawak voters.

Thanks for sending a clear message to BN telling BN that we are fed up with BN and upset with their entire system......

I hope we will work harder to fligh for a better Malaysia and we must make this history repeat in this coming GE.

Take a good rest YB, thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for DAP! Hooray Rockets!