Friday, July 21, 2006

Blackout of news on Sarawak State Assembly swearing in ceremony?

Is there a blackout of news on the Sarawak State Assembly swearing in ceremony, which was held yesterday, in the Peninsular Malaysia newspapers?
The news was not published in all the major newspapers in Peninsular Malaysia today. I have to go to the webpage of International Times, a Sarawak Chinese newspaper, to confirm that the ceremony was held yesterday where all the 71 state elected representitives elected on May 20, 2006 had sworn in yesterday. 6 DAP candidates were elected setting a new record for the DAP in Sarawak.
I have just called the editor of Chinese Rocket of the DAP, Ng Wei Aik, who was covering the event yesterday in Kuching to send me a photograph of the event as soon as possible to be posted in this blog.

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