Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm back, Zakaria is out

I'm back after 2 months. And Zakaria is out, soon.
If I claimed I was too busy in the last two months to blog, people would say that is a lame excuse. But if you look at what has been happening in the past few weeks (and some more in the next few weeks) on Istana Zakaria, you would probably see the clue.
Let me tell you the latest. The Majlis Perbandaran Klang (Klang Municipal Council)(MPK) had convened an emergency meeting today and decided to demolish the DZ Satay House belongs to Dato Zakaria bin Deros. However, the MPK had only the guts to make the decision. It will not enforce it until it gets the endorsement from the Menteri Besar, Dato Seri Dr Mohd Khir bin Toyo.
I guess Khir Toyo will not give his endorsement for he is a "Zakaria-fearing MB". He will refer it to the State Exco weekly meeting which is normally held on Wednesday.
That is the dismal political leadership of the Menteri Besar of the self-proclaimed "developed state".


Anonymous said...

Person like DZ cannot be a leader.... he not only need to be sacked as MPK council member... but also from assemblyman! where is BPR? they shd investigate on this man! this is too obvious!!

What A Lulu said...

welcome back to cyberworld!
now awaiting your return to the state assembly.

Anonymous said...

Come on YB Teng, DAP seems to harp on the Zakaria nepotism and Istana issue.Why don't you look into the mirror?

look, your party immortal supremo Lim Kit Siang is the Parliamentary Opposition Leader, his son was made the party Secretary General, his daughter in law was made DAP Malacca State Wanita leader and State Assembly opposiiton leader bypassing newly elected state chairman Goh Leong San.

I heard his daughter was also made Penang Sate DAP VVIP. It seems good royal blood runs well in the DAP. Why make a big fuss about Zakaria and his son and daughter in law in MPK?

this is what I call DAP hypocrasy.

Anonymous said...

Wah ! Anonymous ! You missed the whole part where Zakaria:

1) he broke Council Law by building mansion without approval

2) got land cheap from Council for his wife (43k sq ft, at RM180k) when squatters are having their homes torn down (who approved the land alienation; were the family directly involved?) What was the basis for Zakaria's wife getting the land above all other bases?

3) has illegal building for his satay business when smaller illegal hawker stalls are being pulled down in that same area

4)failed to pay assessment while sitting on the Council

5) questions are being asked how he could afford such a mansion; conservative estimate by a friend architect put it at least worth RM3m !

And then u put up Mr Lim's family as a comparison. Question;

1) were those positions voted on by members or were they appointed positions?
2) have they broken any laws?
3) have they illegally gotten monetary advantage from their positions?

Seriously, if the above 3 qs are all that Zakaria has to answer, he wouldn't be in such deep shit.

TanjungPetir said...

DAP hypocisy? How about Gerakan, MCA, MIC and PPP hypocrisy instead? YB Teng is a DAP strongman forever, in case you think you can cause trouble like the MDP people ... then again, you might be one of them!

Care to elaborate on the DAP VVIP thing?

academia said...

Dont you know that's a big difference in "a post in DAP" and "councillors". Citizen pays tax in return to paying salary to the councillors so that they can improve the social-economic of the citizen. As for "DAP post", do they take money from tax payer????

The issue wasnt so much about appointment of the councillors.

It is the CORRUPTION!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Alert! You might be carrying the same virus resembles some politicians which might have affected your mind that have led you to tend to not knowing (or rather pretending not knowing) the context of the current event.

Stick to the topic, mate!

Well, in case you are not aware of what we trying to discuss here........
What the public are questioning is the integrity of this man with all the news surfaced recently.

BTW, I take pity on what have had happened to this hawker by the name of Salim. Well, it is just another common practice in our beloved country - 'double standards'?

team BSG said...

no problem if people are 'qualified',

nepotism can be good u know.