Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pas must learn to see things from the non-muslims' perspective

My friends in the Pas (Parti Islam Malaysia) attending their national conference these two days have mooted the 'new' idea of opening up the party's membership to the non- muslims. They are certainly very excited over the idea.
Two days ago, the Pas also launched their new publication in Chinese hoping that by doing so, it would bring the non-muslims close to the party.
Well, the Pas has always missed an important point which I always offer to advise them, that is, "do not try to make others understand you before trying hard to understand others".
To my friends in the Pas, Islam is everything. That is perfectly alright for them to believe so and I will definitely defend their right to so believe. However, to the non-muslims including me, such religious belief is a situation of "so be it".
As far as the non-muslims are concerned, Islam is not everything because the non-islamic religions have their own beliefs and theories that explain the universe. To the muslims, such non-islamic beliefs and theories should also be regarded as "so be it" by them. Unfortunately and sadly, that is not the case in this country.
I read an enlightened article by Wan Saiful Wan Jan who works for the Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit and the British Conservatives Party’s Research Department, both in London, published in the Malaysiakini today. I would certainly recommend my friends in the Pas, and also not to forget my friends in the Umno, to peruse the same.

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pemerhati_msia said...

Mr. Teng, while the non-Muslims seek to be understood, I think the present (Islamic) government has alrady done its best - so be it. If the (Islamic) government does not take other religions (and races) seriously, they (the government) wouldn't have allowed the breeding of pigs, the setting up of breweries, betting facillities, discos, and most importantly, the non-Muslims' religious houses.

One have to understand Islam before gauging if the (Islamic) government is being sensitive to its non-Muslim rakyats. Islam stresses on tolerance of the non-believers' rights. The government has allowed a degree of leeway on things otherwise totally unallowed in Islam. In fact, allowing something which is haraam in Islam is a sin. Therefore, although not frown upon by other religions, gambling is allowed by the (Islamic) government DESPITE the fact that the Muslims who allowed it are already making available something which is haraam in their religion. The (Islamic) government, in allowing the availability things which are haraam to the non-Muslims, are actually risking sinning against his creator. However, in living up to a multi-racial, multi-faith society, the (Islamic) government has taken the risk of sinning upon themselves. And this is something the non-Muslims must appreciate and not asking for more. When the (Islamic) government is allowing the haraam things be available to the non-Muslims, they are also making them available to fellow Muslims of weak "iman". So, there is always the risk of "syubahat" (abetting) the Muslims in sinning.

Yes, to the non-Muslims, Islam is not everything, but the non-Muslims must not disregard the fact that they are dealing with Muslims who are guided by Islamic tennets. To tolerate cross-faith practices is to accept a Muslim's act, as long as what he does is within acceptable standards of Islam. Likewise, the Muslims allow the nons to uphold their religions and practices, although they may go against Islamic teaching. That, is the toleration Islam allows.