Friday, June 02, 2006

We want IPCMC and not votes from police in exchange

The police had threatened to vote for the opposition in 2008 if the government were to proceed with the establishment of the Independent Police Complaints and Mismanagement Commission (IPCMC).
This is probably the first time in the Malaysia history that the Royal Police had rebelled against the government of the day.
I am not very certain if the Barisan Nasional government led by Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is worried about the threat but, if he were, then I would tell him in no uncertain term that we want IPCMC and not votes from the police in exchange. The police has no right to bargain with the government in this respect.
If anyone of them feels that IPCMC would demoralise the police, he or she should immediately leave the force. The exit is always open to those who resist the IPCMC.
The unprecedented rebellion of the police against the IPCMC simply exposes the ugly face of the indisciplined Royal Police.


BlackCoffee said...

Well said !

This law enforcement agency must learn to respect and accept the recommendations of the Royal Commission.

Threatening to vote against the present government and to let the escalations of crimes is in itself an act of holiganism.

Keep up with the good work....

shenyeeaun said...

the government on the other hand should not be selfish and think about themself even if the police reject them in the election.

Can police and army vote in the election? Government should do what is right for the citizen.

If our police have such low mentality and getting wilder nowadays , is time to teach them a lesson.

Never say no for anything that is good for the citizen.

Pak Lah proof to us that you are fair and firm. Action speaks louder than words

Anonymous said...

This is really a joke, he is making a joke out of himself and no doubt setting a very bad example for his subbordinates.

Any Malaysian will clap hands if the IPCMC is being realized, much solid if it will consist of members from the oppositions, members from the law council and representatives from goverment. My little dream would hope that this would be a base to extend to receiving complaints of local authorities, bar council and royal armies, thus leading to establishing a monitoring body overseeing the national issues and implementations of Malaysian Plans....... :-)

Malaysia has a great leader with great visions, but a great leader will not be able to succeed with a bunch of short-sighted monkeys carrying out the work.

Billy said...

This whole episode reminds me of a story when I was small,actually it happened to my classmate. There was this one day when he was caught by his father for having "ponteng"ed from school. He knew he did something wrong and he told me that should his father cane him, he would runaway and stay with his friends. He even vowed he would never return home to his parents. And you know what, he did get the rotan. He may have tried to run away from home and stay with his friends but after considering all the comfort and what have you he would miss if he had moved out, he thought wiser about the decision.

The same thing applies here. Just because they knew they would get the "rotan" (IPCMC), they threatened to vote for the opposition. Believe me, despite the fact that even if the BN would go ahead with the implementation of the IPCMC, they would still vote for the BN because despite it all, the comfort is still the home.