Friday, February 29, 2008

Fresh from Sungai Pinang 3: Visits to markets

I visited the Klang Public Market at Jalan Meru yesterday morning. The response from the hawkers and traders were very positive. Many of them told me that they had attended my ceramah at the Hokkien Hall the night before and enjoyed very much the speeches from various speakers.
I then visited one of the largest pasar malam in Klang at Jalan Meru. The response was equally encouraging. I met my opponent and his entourage at the night market and some of them are leaders of the Chinese association. They looked embarrassed but I wished them well and advise them to take care of their health in view of the extensive campaign.
After the visit, I atttended a ceramah at Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur to support our DAP Bukit Bintang Parliamentary candidate, Fong Kui Lun. There were about 300 people present.
Immediately after that, I rushed back to Taman Eng Ann, Klang and spoke to about 300 people for about 1 hour until 11.00 pm. They seemed to be reluctant to leave after the ceramah. That must be a good sign.

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Anonymous said...

If BARISAN RAKYAT win 2/3, they will use petronas money to FREE all the highway TOL & FREE the CUKAI PINTU & FREE the INDAH WATER ! good ?