Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Blame yourself too, Khir Toyo

Selangor Menteri Besar, Dato Seri Dr Mohd Khir bin Toyo, now blamed the MPPJ for not informing him the status of PJX building, as he was reported in the Star today, to have said that:-

"I was not even told that the building was waiting for is sad that I had to learn about its status through a phone call at 6pm.”

Well, as the CEO of the government, Khir Toyo should not push all the blame to the president of Petaling Jaya Municipal Council (MPPJ). Just a phone call by any of the Khir's secretaries, when he was invited of officiate the launch of PJX, would enable them to find out the particulars of the proposed project. After all, they are paid by the taxpayers to do the job.
However, the question of pre-approval is still relevant, without which the developer, SBC Corporation, would not have had put up all over PJ the banners bearing the Selangor and MPPJ crests, a clear signal of an approval or pre-approval.
The question is, who gave the pre-approval?


Anonymous said...

If you were nobody, just like the kissing and hugging couple, you would be penalized.

If you were nobody, the renovated house would be tore down without city hall approval.

If you are somebody, semuanya okay.

Anonymous said...

Yes about "semuanya okay".

While everyone is not okay but he is still as a MB post.

I do not understand why?

Anonymous said...

everyone is nobody so everyone is not okay. If they become somebody, semuanya okay.

Bangsa: Malaysia. said...

Hi YB Teng

Cannot resist this.

You are preventing Selangor from being Negeri Majulah. Khir was trying to speed up approval for projects so that we can attain developed State status.

This khir was so good at speeding up things but the rakyat always want to create problems. Approval slow complain, approval fast also complain. What you all want? So what if it is pre-pre approved? Ultimately will be approved also what. Over here we are always focussed. We know the results beforehand, even US cannot beat us as they know results only after discussions. Here we know results then only we discuss but we know the results. (Reminds me of the joke that a certain third world country is better than others including US in one aspect - India -poll results after 1 month, US after 2 months (recountlah) and in this super third world country before the votes are casted)

This PJX project is actually Khir's test case to accelerate Negeri Maju. Fuyioh, Khir is saying 'Approval is so fast that I don't know I have approved it'

Sorry for this rant as I have a little free time today and really pissed off at how these politicians have this level of audicity to fool us. Is it our fault, sometime I wonder.

BTW were you in the Industrial Court today? Thought I saw someone like you but I was busy then to approach 'you'.

Teng Chang Khim said...

Hi Bangsa:malaysia,

You are right. I was in the Industrial court this morning getting a hearing date. Let me know who are you next time when you see me in court.