Monday, April 10, 2006

Police will have to say "no" to ombudsman?

The government is now proposing to set up an ombudsman to investigate complaints against the authorities, including the ministers, as reported in the Star today.
This proposal reminds us of the Independant Police Complaint and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) which draws objection from the police officers on the ground, among others, that it will demoralize the force.
Logically and on principle, the police officers and their associations that object the establishment of IPCMC should now openly oppose the setting up the ombudsman as it will demoralize all the government officers and the ministers. Or the police is going to say that since the ombudsman is going to target at all government officers, then it is perfectly alright?
Let's see what Tan Sri Bakri Omar, Inspector-General of Police, has got to say.


Anonymous said...

Evil triumphs because good man do nothing.

Anonymous said...

who is the good man?
Pak Lah , IPCMC or Ombudsman or all of them ?

burntck said...

kenapa nak takut, kalau tak bersalah. sebabgai kepala bapak polis patut menerima "ombudsman" sebagai satu cabaran, tunjuk kepada masyarakat, we have got nothing to hide.

jbhlee said...