Monday, April 03, 2006

Did Khir Toyo pre-approve PJX?

Dato Seri Dr Mohd Khir bin Toyo, Menteri Besar Selangor, launched the 34-storey supposedly iconic landmark for Petaling Jaya, PJ Exchange (PJX) , recently.
However, the pomp and ceremony came under fire last Friday when the PJ residents unleashed their anger over the project to be built on a parking lot yet to be converted from car park to commercial use.
In fact, the MPPJ has to consult the residents as amendment to the Petaling Jaya Local Draft Plan (RTPJ1) needs to be made before the developer can obtain approval and has its project launched.
What has happened to Selangor? Did Khir Toyo pre-approve the PJX project even before the conversion of status of land, before the plan from the developer, before consultation with the nearby residents, before the rejection by MPPJ and before the appeal by the developer to the State Authority?
Did Khir Toyo dump the all the requirements as provided by the Town & Country Act, 1976 to pre-approve the PJX? Otherwise, how dare the developer, SBC Corporation Bhd, organized the launch with banners bearing the Selangor and MPPJ crests.
Who is more powerful now? The Menteri Besar who seems to have the power to pre-approve the project against the law or the developer who seems to have very strong influence over the governments that it could even get the project launched bofore embarking on the first step in accordance with law?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Teng,

Can we leave it to you to alert ACA?


Teng Chang Khim said...

Ok. I will do so.

Anonymous said...

Dear Teng,

This is not the 1st time Khir did this. Oh well, previously there is a case about the exco residential area which did not have an explaination.

burntck said...

he is too busy with his ceramahs, open ceremonies, and entertainments. CEO, what???

Anonymous said...

President of MPPJ knows the by-laws better than any one else.If he dares to break the by-law, he would have known the loop-hole. Otherwise he would be sacked.