Friday, July 07, 2006

I will be in "Debat Perdana" this Sunday

I have accepted the invitation to participate in the RTM1 live telecast “Debat Perdana” on this coming Sunday, July 9, at 9.30 pm. The theme of the discussion is “Middleclass as the indicator of the success of 9th Malaysia Plan”.

The other panel speakers are Senator Hj Mohd Puad Haji Zarkasi from UMNO, Dato Dr Zambry Abd Kadir, Perak State Exco member from UMNO and Dato Mohd Dahan Abdul Latiff, Senior Fellow of the Malay Research and Strategy Foundation (Yayasan Kajian dan Startegik Melayu).

Judging from the Talking Points I received from the moderator of the program, Datuk Johan Jaafar, I anticipate a heated debate on the issues of disparity of wealth distribution among the races and the New Economy Policy.


Anonymous said...

YB, hopefully the other races will not be blame for the failure of the 'majority' race as we are where we are due to our hard work and not based on hand-outs from the government. if they want to continue their nep, go ahead, just don't ever blame the other races for their failure.

Anonymous said...

WAH! Heated debate before heated WORLD CUP FINALS!