Thursday, November 22, 2007

I stole the show

The Star said that I stole the show at the State Assembly yesterday. In fact, I spoke on more issues than as highlighted in the report. Anyway, I thank the Star for the compliment.
Thursday November 22, 2007

DAP rep steals show with his proposals
SHAH ALAM: DAP assemblyman Teng Chang Khim stole the show at the Selangor State Assembly Wednesday when he made several recommendations to the state government.
His recommendations included a call for district offices in the state to inform applicants when caveats lodged by them were cancelled.
He added that the current practice of not informing the parties that took out the caveats created many problems when premises or land went on sale.
The Sungai Pinang assemblyman, who made a comeback at this seating after being suspended for 30 months, also advised the house to emulate Parliament, which only allowed two supplementary questions for every main query.
Poverty eradication methods and programmes were also hot topics earlier in the day and state Welfare and Women’s Affairs Committee chairman Datin Paduka Seripah Noli Syed Hussin was questioned on what was being done for the poor.
Seripah Noli, who is Seri Setia assemblyman, said welfare aid was not permanent unless the recipients were disabled, geriatric or ill.
Later, Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo told reporters that controversial Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Deros’ application for a 1,300sq m plot of land in front of his palatial home in Pandamaran had yet to be approved, adding that the Klang District Office was going through the application.

Istana Zakaria expansion plan almost OK

It seems that "Istana Zakaria" will not encounter any problem for expansion. Menteri Besar, Dato Seri Khir Toyo sees no problem in the application for extra land adjacent to the palatial mansion belongs to Dato Zakaria Deros. Read the New Straits Times today.
Zakaria sees no reason to withdraw land application
SHAH ALAM: "Istana Zakaria" seems destined for expansion.
Datuk Zakaria Md Deros will not withdraw the application by his wife for a temporary occupancy licence for a 1,260 sq metre plot next to his mansion in Kampung Idaman, Pandamaran."No (I will not withdraw the application). The menteri besar has already commented on the issue," the Port Klang assemblyman told the New Straits Times to a question on whether the application would remain.
The controversial politician who has been in the public eye over the construction of the mansion spent yesterday dodging reporters at the state assembly.
Opposition assemblyman Teng Chang Khim, who highlighted the issue during Selangor's budget debate on Tuesday, said the size of the plot sought by Datin Zizah Ngah was enough to build 11 link houses.
He said the application was clearly a conflict of interest because Zakaria, in his capacity as a state assemblyman, is a member of the District Land Committee which decides on TOL applications.
The Sungai Pinang state assemblyman claimed the application, which had the support of the Drainage and Irrigation Department, Public Works Department and the Klang Municipal Council (MPK), had already been approved by the Land Office.
Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo yesterday denied that TOL had been approved for the plot.He said the application was at the technical stage, and it would be the state executive council that would make the final decision."We will consider all factors, including the political implications, before deciding," he said.He also said that there would not be a conflict of interest as Zakaria "would have to leave the room before any decision is made at the District Land Committee stage".
He added that he would not ask Zakaria to withdraw his application as he could not stop anybody from making an application for land."Istana Zakaria" made headlines last year when it emerged that it had been built without official approval.It was reported that the land had been alienated to Zakaria's wife for RM180,000, far less than the estimated market value of RM1 million.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Canal City from Kota Kemuning to Sungai Langat

I had my reservation over the proposed Canal City project which I raised in the budget debate yesterday. Khir Toyo replied to my quiry as reported in the Star today:-

Canal will be used as a massive reservoir, says Khir
SHAH ALAM: The RM3bil Canal City project in the Klang Valley will also be a massive store of water that will be eventually tapped as a source of drinking water in Selangor.
Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo said the state government was aware that it was out of new sources of drinking water and planned to use the canal system as a massive reservoir.
“The rainfall follows the season so we need a system to trap and keep the water over long periods until there is a need for it. The canal system will provide this facility for us apart from the other advantages that it will offer,” he said at the State Assembly.
Teng Chang Khim (DAP – Sungai Pinang) had earlier asked why the state government, which planned to construct the Canal City as part of its quest for mega projects, had not looked into tapping the canals as a water source when it was going to spend huge amounts of money to buy water from Pahang.
The Canal City project, expected to take off in the first half of next year, will connect the Klang River to Kuala Langat River through a canal system covering 2,185ha.
The project is part of a flood mitigation scheme that will complement a similar Federal scheme.
Dr Khir also said that the state government was also looking for a 300ha piece of land near the Kuala Langat-Sepang border to set up a new landfill to replace the one in Sedu.

Zakaria Deros caught again in land application

Dato Zakaria bin Deros, the infamous Selangor State Assemblyman who built a controversial mansion known as "Istana Zakaria" was again caught when I revealed that he had applied a temporary occupation license (TOL) for a piece of land adjacent to the present land where his 'palace' is situated.
The Klang Land Office Technical Committee attended by the officers from the Klang Land Administrator office, Klang Municipal Council (MPK), Klang Public Works Department and Klang Irrigation and Drainage Department had met on 1.11.2007 had decidec that they had no objection to the application with certain conditions. The Land Adminsitrator had thus sent the file to the Klang District Land Committee for its appoval. The District Land Committee comprises of, among others, the elected representatives within the constituencies of Klang District including Zakaria Deros himself. It is in fact as a matter of procedure that the application would be approved since the technical committee had no objection to it.
Zakaria Deros again used his wife's name, Zizah Ngah, to submit the application. The land area of his present land is about 43,000 square feed and the new plot of land is about 14,000 square feet.
My source had told me that the District Land Committee had approved his application although Menteri Besar, Dato Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, had stated in the State Assembly in reply to my quiry that it had not been approved and that the deliberation on the application would take into account the political consideration.
Well, even if the application had been approved, it still can be revoked by the government at anytime since it is only a temporary license.
Under normal procedure, Zakaria Deros would proceed to apply for a permanent title for the land after obtaining the TOL for a period of time.
Read the Star and the New Straits Times today.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My first speech after 30 months

I delivered my first speech when debating the 2008 budget in the State Assembly.
It was not a smooth one, though. In the past, following the convention of the House and of the commonweath, including our Parliament, the Opposition Leader will be the first person participating in the debate. For an unknown reason, it was not the case in 2001. As for 2005 and 2006, I was suspended and could not lead in the debate. For other 45 years, it has always been the case.
The Speaker, Dato Satim bin Diman, had before the debate announced that there were 3 members of the US senate watching the proceeding and reminded to behave ourselves! Thereafter, he announced that 2 backbenchers would start the debate by one proposing the bill and the other seconding the proposal.
I immediately stood up and protested reminding the Speaker of the convention and that the bill had actually been proposed by the Menteri Besar and seconded by the Exco member, Dato Tang See Hang. As such, I should be invited to lead the debate and that the convention should not be violated to avoid any possible embarrassment caused to the Menteri Besar or the state goverment as a result of my speech in the presence of the American guests.
Of course, as expected, the decision had been pre-planned. After a heated argument, I walked out in protest with my counterpart, Sdr Ng Suee Lim. I had to returned anyway about an hour later to deliver the speech.
Herein below is the text of my speech.
Teks Ucapan Teng Chang Khim, Ketua Pembangkang merangkap Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor kawasan Sungai Pinang samasa membahaskan Bajet 2008 pada 20.11.2007 di Dewan Undangan Negeri

1. Bajet 2008 jelas adalah satu Bajet pilihanraya yang dirangka untuk memancing undi.

2. Ini dapat dilihat daripada peruntukan pembangunan dari bajet 2004 hingga 2008 seperti berikut:-

Bajet RM Peratus Peningkatan
2004 480 juta
2005 540 juta 12.5% (RM60juta)
2006 540 juta 0% (RM0juta)
2007 550 juta 1.8% (RM10juta)
2008 670 juta 21.8%(RM120juta)

3. Kerajaan tidak pernah memberi alasan untuk peningkatan peruntukan pembangunan secara mendadak. Bukan kita tidak mahu peruntukan pembangunan yang tinggi tetapi kita mahukan peruntukan pembangunan yang berdasarkan perancangan yang terperinci. Perancangan yang mengikut musim pilihanraya adalah perancangan yang merbahaya dan memudaratkan kedudukan kewangan negeri pada jangka masa yang panjang.

4. Untuk memberi gambaran bahawa peruntukan pembangunan 2008 tidak kelihatan tinggi, kerajaan juga meningkatkan peruntukan mengurus secara mendadak supaya nisbah peruntukan mengurus dan pembangunan mengekal pada 1:1.. Ini juga dapat dilihat daripada perangkaan berikut:-

Bajet RM Peratus Peningkatan
2004 539 juta
2005 540 juta 0.18% (RM0.5 juta)
2006 580 juta 7.4% (RM40 juta)
2007 600 juta 3.4% (RM20juta)
2008 670 juta 11.67% (RM70 juta)

5. Kerajaan juga tidak memberi alasan yang munasabah bagaimanakan peruntukan mengurus boleh meningkat dengan secara mendadak kepada 11.67%.

6. Kesimpulan tunggal yang logical ialah bahawa Bajet ini adalah bajet pilihanraya yang mengagihkan angpow kepada pengundi dan menggariskan gambaran yang boleh disifatkan sebagai indah khabar dari rupa.

7. Oleh kerana bajet ini adalah bajet pilihanraya, maka terdapat cirri-ciri luar biasa dalam pemberikan peruntukan. Contoh, kerajaan negeri Selangor, negeri yang menggelar diri sebagai negeri maju dan kaya, mengikut jejak langkah kerajaan negeri Kelantan, negeri yang dianggap mundur dan miskin, dalam mewujudkan skim khairan kematian di mana kerajaan akan memberikan sagu hati kematian kepada waris yang layak. Peruntukan sejumlah RM10juta telah diberikan untuk skim ini.

8. Tetapi yang pelik ialah sementara kerajaan memberikan peruntukan tinggi untuk skim khairat kematian ini, kerajaan hanya menyediakan peruntukan yang secara relatifnya jauh lebih rendah daripada skim ini untuk bidang-bidang berikut:-

(i) program perpaduan: RM100,000.00;
(ii) Pelan Tindakan Program Menangani Gejala Social RM300,000.00;
(iii) Program Belia anti dadah RM1 juta;
(iv) Program Pembangunan Insan Berkemahiran Teknikal Untuk Belia India Selangor:RM1juta;
(v) Tabung Pendidikan Anak-anak Pekerja Estet Negeri Selangor: RM1 juta.

9. Tidak kelihatan daripada perangkaan tersebut di atas apakah rationale yang munasabah dalam menentukan jumlah peruntukan dalam program-program tersebut di atas. Pancing undi adalah jawapan yang terbaik.

10. Pada tahun-tahun yang lalu, jauh sebelum Sungai Panjang menjadi Menteri Besar, saya telah berulang kali meminta kerajaan negeri memgambil perhatian yang serius kepada masalah pekerja dan bekas pekerja estet di negeri ini kerana ramai daripada mereka kehilangan perkerjaan dan tempat tinggal akibat daripada pembangunan tanah estet kepada kawasan perumahan dan perindustrian.

11. Kerajaan selama ini tidak begitu berminat dan prihatin kepada masyarakat pekerja dan bekas pekerja estet ini bahkan kerajaan telah membiar dan membantu pihak swasta untuk mengusir mereka daripada tempat tinggal yang mereka duduki beratus tahun.

12. Akibatnya, masalah social berlaku apabila mereka terpaksa meinggalkan estet dan tinggal di kawasan perumahan yang kos kehidupan terlalu tinggi untuk mereka. Kegiatan jenayah yang berleluasa di merata-rata akibat kedesakan hidup. Kalau kerajaan negeri telah menerima teguran saya pada masa itu dan mengambil langkah penyelesaian seperti mewujudkan Program Pembangunan Insan Berkemahiran Teknikal Untuk Belia India Selangor seperti yang baru dilakukan sekarang, sudah tentu negeri Selangor tidak perlu melalui tempoh yang amat sukar yang telah dan sedang dialami.

13. Saya juga merasa hairan mengapakah kerajaan menunggu begitu lama, selepas 50 tahun merdeka, untuk mewujudkan Tabung Pendidikan Anak-anak Pekerja Estet Negeri Selangor apabila berbanding dengan masa-masa yang lampau, bilangan pekerja estet dan keluarga mereka sudah jauh merosot.

14. Angpow kepada masyarakat India ini jelas adalah hadiah kerajaan negeri menebus dosanya memusnahkan kuil-kuil Hindu yang berlaku dari semasa ke semasa di dalam negeri Selangor ini. Walau bagaimana pun, saya terus mengalu-alukan angpow yang 50 tahun kelewatan ini demi kebaikan masyarakat India yang telah memberi sumbangan yang tidak ternilai kepada pembangunan negara dan negeri ini.

15. Dalam pada itu, saya merasa terkilan apabila mendapati bahawa peruntukan tahunan RM3 juta yang diberikan kepada kaum bukan Islam telah diturunkan tarafnya kepada peruntukan baikpulih tempat beribadat kaum bukan Islam di mana skopnnya hanya terhad kepada tempat beribadat bukan Islam yang memerlukan bantuan kewangan untuk kerja baik pulih.

16. Sesungguhnya, peruntukan ini sudah begitu kecil untuk kaum bukan Islam yang merupakan kira-kira 47% daripada populasi negeri Selangor ini. Kalau dalam bajet 2008 ini Jabatan Agama Islam diperuntukkan perbelanjaan mengurus RM130 juta dan pembangunan Agama Islam diberikan peruntukan RM88 juta, saya kira adalah tidak keterlaluan malah adalah munasabah untuk kaum bukan Islam diberikan peruntukan sejumlah RM30 juta setahun untuk waktu ini.

17. Berkat kekuatan dan pengaruh pembangkang di DUN Sungai Pinang, masalah setinggan dan masalah kilang tanpa izin di sekitar Kawasan Perindustrian Ringan Harper telah hampir diselesaikan dengan tenang dan baik berbanding dengan kawasan-kawasan Barisan Nasional di mana kekerasan dan undang-undang yang draconian iaitu Peraturan-peraturan Perlu 1969 yang digunapakai pada zaman darurat telah digunakan oleh kerajaan terhadap rakyat yang memberikan mandate kepada mereka.

18. Kelihatan yang masih tertangguh adalah masalah penempatan semula 23 buah tokong Cina di kawasan tersebut. Penganut agama Tao di kawasan tersebut telah bersepakat dan bersetuju supaya ditempatkan di satu pusat yang sama dengan syarat keluasan tanah hendaklah munasabah. Oleh yang demikian, saya menggesa agar kerajaan negeri dan pihak berkuasa tempatan bertindak membuat keputusan yang awal dalam pemberian tanah kepada tokong-tokong tersebut supaya cara penyelesaian masalah di kawasan tersebut secara aman dan damai boleh dijadikan teladan pada masa akan datang.

19. Bagi setinggan di kawasan-kawasan yang lain di mana kes di mahkamah telah pun selesai, pengumuman Menteri Besar pada hari semalam bahawa mereka yang membawa kes ke mahkamah juga akan ditawarkan rumah kos rendah adalah satu keputusan yang positif dan secara relatifnya lebih bijak daripada pengumuman terdahulu, walaupun ia kelihatan berdasarkan kepada pertimbangan pilihanraya umum. Apa sekali pun, saya menggesa kerajaan mengotai janjinya dengan mengarahkan supaya pendaftaran permohonan rumah kos rendah oleh penduduk di Kampung Rimba Jaya, Kampung Beremban dan sebagainya disegerakan.

20. Bantuan kepada mereka yang tidak mampu dan tidak layak untuk memohon rumah kos rendah juga harus diambil tindakan yang segera demi keselamatan dan kebajikan mereka dalam semangat kita hendak membasmikan kemiskinan dan membenteraskan gejala social.

21. Walau bagaimanapun, saya juga ingin menegaskan di sini bahawa cara dan undang-undang yang digunakan oleh kerajaan dengan tujuan menemui sasaran “sifar setinggan” tersebut mempamerkan sikap Menteri Besar yang keras kepala dan keras hati.

22. Walaupun pada zahirnya, matlamat ‘sifar setinggan” ini kelihatan memperolehi kejayaan, tetapi kejayaan ini akan membawa kesan yang negatif yang perlu dibayar dengan kos social yang amat tinggi.

23. Keadaan ini dapat diramalkan jika kita mengimbas kembali dasar kerajaan negeri dalam menangani masalah penempatan bekas pekerja estet pada 15 tahun yang kebelakangan ini.

24. Masalah social yang ditimpa akibat daripada penempatan yang tidak terancang itu telah membazirkan masa dan belanja kerajaan untuk memperbetulkan keadaan.

25. Tambahan, keluasan ruang rumah kos rendah yang begitu kecil dan padat sudah tentu akan mendatangkan suasana yang tidak selesa secara fizikal dan mental kepada penghuni rumah kos rendah. Saya menjangkakan, rumah kos rendah ini akan menjadi “time bomb” dan buaian masalah social pada masa yang akan datang yang tidah jauh dari sekarang.

26. Sebagai alat memancing undi pada pilihanraya umum 2004, kerajaan negeri Selangor telah menjanjikan pembinaan Pusat Kebudayaan Cina Selangor di Klang dan Pusat Kebudayaan India Selangor di Batu Caves pada tahun 2003, masing-masing akan diperuntukkan RM20 juta oleh kerajaan negeri.

27. Tetapi selepas sahaja kemenangan besar Barisan Nasional pada 2004, janji-janji manis tersebut tidak pernah dikotai. Malah saya dimaklumkan bahawa tanah yang sebelum ini diperuntukkan untuk Pusat Kebudayaan India Selangor di Batu Caves telah dilupuskan.

28. Sementara itu, walaupun berbagai propaganda telah dibuat mengenai Pusat Kebudayaan Cina Selangor, sedikit berita pun tidak kedengaran selepas hampir 4 tahun sehinggalah saya membangkitkannya semula baru-baru ini.

29. Menteri Besar telah melancarkan projek tersebut sekadar mengadakan majlis perlancaran dengan pameran model bangunan pusat tersebut tetapi tidak langsung menyebut berapakah peruntukan yang akan diberikan oleh kerajaan negeri.

30. Berbagai kenyataan yang berlainan telah diberikan oleh Menteri Besar, satunya RM25 juta ringgit peruntukan kerajaan negeri, dan satu lagi ialah bahawa ianya diperuntukkan di bawah Rancangan Malaysia ke 9. Tetapi tinjauan ke atas butir-butir bajet 2008 ini mendapati bahawa tiada peruntukan telah diberikan samada kepada Pusat Kebudayaan Cina atau Pusat Kebudayaan India.

31. Masyarakat Cina dan India merasa amat kecewa dengan sikap kerajaan negeri dalam perkara ini. Mereka merasa diperlekehkan oleh Menteri Besar, khususnya apabila pada minggu lepas di mana para dif-dif jemputan telah dijemput untuk menghadiri majlis pengumuman perlancaran Pusat Kebudayaan Cina pada jam 2.30 petang. Tetapi Menteri Besar hanya datang pada jam 4 petang atas alasan bahawa beliau mempengerusikan mesyuarat Exco. Bukankah itu sudah menjadi tatasusila rakyat Malaysia untuk menghadiri majlis tepat pada masa yang ditetapkan khususnya masa itu ditetapkan oleh kita sendiri sebagai tuan rumah?

32. Kalaulah sudah ditetapkan waktu untuk mesyuarat Exco, kenapa pula menetapkan waktu untuk perlancaran?

33. Apakah ini merupakan petanda bahawa janji untuk pembinaan Pusat Kebudayaan Cina dan Pusat Kebudayaan India itu akan tetap tinggal sebagai janji yang tidak akan dikotai?

34. Menyentuh mengenai tatasusila, sukacita saya menyampaikan di sini serangkap pantun:

Kalau bapa hilang tuju hala
Anak isteri turut menanggung malu
Kalau pemimpin hilang tatasusila
Negeri Maju menjadi Negeri Penyapu

35. Saya merasa amat terkilan dengan pemberian penyapu sebagai hadiah atau hukuman kepada pegawai kerajaan. Ini merupakan tindakan yang biadap dalam tatasusila masyarakat manusia sejagat.

36. Sebagaimana yang diakui oleh Menteri Besar sendiri, Pejabat Daerah dan Tanah Ulu Selangor hanya gagal menepati sasaran memungut cukai. Adakah kegagalan dalam aspek itu sahaja sudah memadai untuk menilai prestasi jabatan tersebut?

37. Bagaimana dengan jabatan lain yang cekap dalam pungutan cukai tetapi handal membazir wang rakyat dengan menganjurkan lawatan luar negeri yang tidak perlu? Bukankah itu kesalahan yang lebih besar?

38. Bagaimana dengan kesalahan yang dilakukan oleh PKNS dalam pembangunan Bukit Cerakah di mana PKNS telah disabitkan kesalahan di Mahkamah? Bukankah dalam kes tersebut, pengerusinya, Menteri Besar sendiri, lebih layak untuk diberikan penyapu sebagai hadiah?

39. Menteri Besar tidak harus berdalih lagi. Mengaku salah sahaja dan dengan secara ikhlas, pohonlah maaf daripada pegawai kerajaan berkenaan atas kesilapan tersebut.

40. Sistem pentadbiran perkhidmatan awam kita mempunyai peraturan-peraturan yang memadai untuk digunakan bagi menghukum mereka yang melakukan kesalahan dalam pentadbiran. Pemberian penyapu sebagai hadiah telah menjatuhkan maruah dan mengaibkan pegawai kerajaan malah kerajaan negeri Selangor keseluruhan.

41. Bayangkanlah, kalau Tuanku Sultan ditanya oleh Sultan-sultan yang lain semasa menghadiri Persidangan raja-raja Melayu, bagaimana Tuanku dapat mempertahankan Menteri Besarnya yang memberi penyapu sebagai hadiah?

42. Sesat di hujung jalan, balik ke pangkal jalan. Insaflah, bertaubatlah, Menteri Besar negeri Selangor. Dengan kata-kata itu, saya mencadangkan supaya Menteri Besar dihantar untuk menghadiri kursus bina insan bagi memastikan beliau memahami semula tatasusila sebagai seorang insan.

43. Pada 5.11.2007, saya telah mengeluarkan satu notis untuk membawa usul memohon izin untuk membentangkan satu Rang Undang-undang Persendirian yang bertajuk Rang Undang-undang Pengisytiharan Asset dan Pendapatan Keluarga 2007. Tujuan rang undang-undang tersebut adalah untuk mewajibkan semua ahli dewan undangan negeri, ahli-ahli majlis perbandaran dan daerah, ahli-ahli parlimen dari Selangor dan Senator yang dipilih oleh Dewan ini serta pasangan perkahwinan mereka mengisytiharkan harta dan pendapatan mereka setiap tahun sepanjang tempoh mereka menjawat jawatan sedemikian.

44. Satu ciri-ciri yang penting dalam rang undang-undang tersebut, jika diluluskan, mewajibkan pengisytiharan harta dan pendapatan mereka dan pasangan perkahwinan mereka hendaklah diterbitkan dalam Gazette bagi memastikan ketelusan dan integriti semua ahli yang terangkum dalam rang undang-undang tersebut. Kita tidak mahu melihat mahligai seperti mahligai wakil rakyat yang besar lagi mewah seperti di Pandamaran Jaya yang disumbangkan oleh peniaga-peniaga dibina di merata-rata. Kita tidak mahu rakyat meragui integriti kita sebagai wakil rakyat. Kita tidak mahu dipandang serong kerana sumber kekayaan wakil rakyat diragui.

45. Saya merasa terkilan dengan keputusan Speaker yang menolak usul tersebut dengan alasan yang samara-samar bahawa ianya adalah di luar bidangkuasa negeri untuk berbuat demikian.

46. Adalah tidak benar langsung bahawa undang-undang sedemikain di luar bidangkuasa dewan ini. Jika benar sekali pun, ahli parlimen Selangor dan Senator yang dipilih oleh dewan ini tidak tertakluk kepada undang-undang dewan ini, di mana ianya adalah mustahil, rang undang-undang tersebut masih boleh diluluskan dengan mengeluarkan ahli parlimen Selangor dan senator pilihan dewan ini daripada bidangkuasa undang-undang tersebut.

47. Penolakan usul tersebut adalah tindakan yang menyalahgunakan kuasa Peraturan-peraturan Tetap. Ini juga adalah gejala yang harus dibenteras sebelum ia merebak ke jabatan kerajaan yang lain.

48. Dari pengalaman saya selama 3 penggal di dewan ini, selepas melalui zaman 3 orang Menteri Besar, saya mendapati ia sudah menjadi amalan di mana semua usul saya akan ditolak tanpa alasan yang kukuh. Kalaulah kerajaan takut sangat dengan usul saya, janganlah panggil mesyuarat. Kalau takut dilimbur pasang, jangan berumah di tepi pantai. Jangan bagi alasan yang bukan-bukan dan remeh temeh. Yang hitam jangan diputihkan, macam muka Menteri Besar, sampai saya pun tak kenall sejak sekian lama tak jumpa.

49. Kerajaan Selangor sekali lagi melepaskan peluang yang baik untuk membuktikan Selangor adalah negeri maju yang sebenar. Selangor cuma secara relatif lebih maju dari negeri-negeri. Negeri maju yang celup.

49. Saya mengambil kesempatan ini membangkitkan 2 isu tanah untuk perhatian kerajaan.

50. Yang pertama adalah tanah Lot 27, Pekan Kuang yang diberikan kepada Tetuan Jaya Serai Enterprise Sdn Bhd pada 28.2.2004.

51. Buat masa ini, tanah tersebut dibina sebagai Pusat Penjaja Seri Selera Pekan Kuang oleh Majlis Perbandaran Selayang. Penjaja-penjaja telah berniaga di situ lebih daripada 20 tahun. Adalah tidak adil tanah tersebut diberikan kepada sebuah syarikat swasta yang tidak pernah berniaga di atas tanah tersebut sementara penjaja berbilang kaum yang mencari rezeki secara berlesen tidak diberikan peluang untuk membuat permohonan. Saya meminta kerajaan membatalkan kelulusan tanah tersebut kepada syarikat swasta tersebut demi keadilan. Saya dimaklumkan bahawa dengan hubungan istimewa, syarikat swasta tersebut juga diberi tanah yang lain di kawasan Rawang.

52. Keduanya, saya meminta kerajaan menunaikan janjinya kepada penduduk-penduduk di Jalan Papan, Pandamaran Klang untuk membina rumah yang berharga kurang daripada RM100,000.00 dengan keluasan 18 x 65 kaki. Semasa kempen pilihanraya 2004, kerajaan negeri melalui Setiausha Kerajaan Negeri dan Adun Kuala Kubu Baru telah menyerahkan sepucuk surat yang memberikan janji tersebut.

53. Penduduk Jalan Papan telah meminta rumah 2 tingkat yang disokong oleh bekas Adun dan Adun sekarang. Tetapi sehingga hari ini, janji kerajaan untuk membina rumah tersebut masih belum ditunaikan walaupun pilihanraya umum penggal baru sudah menjelang. Perhatian Menteri Besar amatlah diharapkan kerana saya tidak ada keyakinan terhadap Kuala Kubu Baru, ‘bintang penyapu Ulu Selangor’yang tidak tahu menunaikan janjinya.

54. Saya merasa amat khuatir dengan cadangan projek Canal City yang dirancangkan. Ia merupakan satu projek yang akan menelan perbelanjaan RM2 bilion. Adakah cadangan projek tersebut telah dijalankan feasibility study sebelum ianya dibentangkan di dewan ini?

55. Daripada pengalaman kita di dewan ini, Menteri Besar memang tertanggih dengan projek-projek mega. Tidak lama dahulu, kita dengar projek Nippon City di Sepang, tetapi hari ini bayang pun kita tak nampak. Kita juga diberitahu projek yang akan menghidupkan Pulau Indah yang disertai oleh Jebel Ali dari Dubai, tetapi projek tersebut sudah pun hangus pada hari ini sebelum ianya dapat dimulakan, kata orang Cina, mati dalam kandung.

56. Projek Canal City ini meliputi kawasan yang begitu luas untuk mengatasi masalah banjir dengan keluasan 4000 hektar.

57. Adalah ironic sementara negeri Selangor menghadapi masalah banjir yang terpaksa membina terusan sebagai tebatan banjir, Selangor juga menghadapi masalah kekurangan air sehinggakan projek pemindahan air dari Pahang perlu dilaksanakan. Tidakkah lebih logic kalau kerajaan memulakan kajian bagaimana menggunakan air yang mengakibatkan banjir ini untuk mengatasi masalah bekalan air di Selangor?

58. Jika tidak ada perancangan yang rapi, tetapi hanya dibangkitkan sebagai rhetoric kerana pilihanraya menjelang, saya khuatir projek Canal City ini hanya akan menjadi castle in the air.

Walau bagaimanapun, bagi projek kerajaan yang dapat membawa manafaat kepada rakyat, saya akan memberi sokongan. Tetapi bagi segala pembaziran, projek gajah putih, amalan rasuah dan perbuatan curang, saya tidak akan teragak-agak untuk menegur kerajaan. Itu tugas saya.

Monday, November 19, 2007

From the Assembly

MB and I, in action.

From the left: Dato Dr Lim Thuang Sheng (State Exco member, Gerakan), Dato Ch'ng Toh Eng (State Exco member, MCA), Sdr Ng Suee Lim (Sekinchan, DAP). On the extreme right, Dato Leow Yuen Keong (Sri Kembangan, MCA).

(This is the same but better photograph in the previous posting)

One UMNO state assemblyman said to me, "benci tapi rindu".

Back to Assembly

Yes, I am back to the Selangor State Legislative Assembly today after serving a 30-month suspension for which 18 months was without any allowance, a world record in any legislative assembly.
The photograph above was taken during the recess and published by the China Press evening edition. On my right was Dato Dr Wong Sai How (representative for Kampong Tunku, MCA) and on my left was Dato Leow Yuen Keong (representative Sri Kembangan, MCA). Shaking hand with me was Dato Tang See Hang (State Exco, MCA) and standing on my right was Dato Lee Hwa Beng (representative for Subang Jaya, MCA) .
Dato Tang See Hang moved the motion to refer me to the Privileges Committee which eventually suspended me for 18 months without allowance in an inquiry that infringed the rules of natural justice. I was not even called to defend myself in the inquiry.
All MCA members together with their counterparts in the Barisan Nasional passed the motion and proposal of the Privileges Committee.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sunshine Bill rejected by Speaker

As expected, my 'Sunshine Bill' announced yesterday has been rejected by the Speaker of the Selangor State Assembly, Tan Sri Onn bin Ismail.
My office received a letter dated 15.11.2007 from the speaker this morning citing the reason that it was beyond the jurisdiction of the Selangor State Assembly to pass law that falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government.

The Speaker has invoked O27(5)(b) of the Standing Orders which reads "if Mr Speaker is of opinion that any notice received by the Clerk infringes any of the provisions of these Orders or is otherwise out of order, he may direct that it be returned to the member who signed it, as being in his opinion out of order" to reject my notice of motion to table the said bill.

However, he did not elaborate how the proposed bill had infringed any of the provisions of the Standing Orders. This is yet another incident showing how the Selangor State Assembly controlled by the Barisan Nasional abuses its power to defeat a motion tabled by the opposition.
In rejecting the proposed Sunshine Bill, the Selangor State Government led by Dato Seri Dr Khir Toyo has again demonstrated that it does not have the political will to stamp out corruptions and malpractices which is rampant in the Selangor adminsitration, thus, lowering the standard of the self-proclaimed developed state to that of a 'state of broom' where the head of government would happily give away brooms as 'prizes' to the civil servants for their incompetence and inefficiency.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Announcement of Sunshine Law

I called a press conference this afternoon, with the DAP Selangor State Assemblyman for Sekinchan Sdr Ng Suee Lim, to make public my private member's bill on the "Declaration of Family Income and Asset Bill 2007". Malaysiakini has reported it this afternoon.

'Sunshine law' mooted for Selangor
Andrew OngNov 14, 07 4:32pm

Sungai Pinang assemblyperson Teng Chang Kim has submitted a draft bill that compels all Selangor assemblypersons and local government councillors to publicly declare their income and assets annually.
At a press conference today, Teng said that the proposed law was aimed at “helping” the state government, led by Barisan Nasional (BN), to maintain the integrity of its office bearers. As an example, Teng said such a law would help the Anti-Corruption Agency in detecting those with ill-gotten gains.
The draft bill, entitled ‘Declaration of Family Income and Asset Enactment 2007', was submitted to the state assembly on Nov 5. The assembly reconvenes on Nov 19. “If this bill is denied (passage), then it just shows that the government is not serious about cleaning up their act and they should be given a broom instead,” Teng told reporters.
He was referring to Selangor Menteri Besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo’s widely publicised move to shame two state agencies with a ‘broom award’ during a function on Monday, for failing to achieve the required levels of efficiency.
At present, BN elected representatives have to submit their income and asset declarations directly to the Prime Minister’s Office, while state executives have to submit their declarations to their respective chief of state.
Teng’s draft bill proposes that all local government councillors, state assemblypersons, senators elected by the state assembly and executive council members be subjected to annual income and asset declarations. This declaration must include the income of immediate family members and should be submitted on or before June 30 every year.
The draft bill proposes that the declaration of joint income and assets be published in the form of a gazette. “Once it is gazetted, it would be available for public scrutiny. If a member of the public spots something amiss, they can then make a report on the matter,” said Teng.
He proposed heavy penalties - a jail sentence of one to five years and a fine between RM3,000 and RM50,000 for fraudulent declarations Helping BN ‘for free’ Teng said the bill was modeled on laws that have been in existence in Taiwan and South Korea. In Taiwan, such legislation is known as the “sunshine law”.
On the near certainty that the state assembly would not allow him to table the bill, Teng said that he had to try at least. “I may not succeed, but I have to do it. It is my duty,” he said, adding that the public suspicion over former Port Klang assemblyperson Zakaria Mat Deros’ source of wealth had added to the urgency of such laws.
“I’m surprised BN does not know how to draft such laws after so long. Since they can’t, I have done it free of charge for them,” said Teng.
Nov 19 would mark Teng’s return to the state assembly since his 30-month suspension since April 2005 for refusing to apologise for throwing the Standing Orders into a waste basket.
For Chinese readers, read also Merdekareview & Malaysiakini Chinese Edition.
The Star's report.

I was at the Bersih Rally

On 10.11.2007, at about 2.15 pm, I marched together with the people in the Bersih Rally from Masjid Negara to Istana Negara. Photograph above showed that I was walking with Sdr Syed Putra from Port Klang back to Masjid Negara via Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, where the KL Railway Station Headquarters is situated at.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back to Assembly with "Sunshine Bill" on 19 Nov

I will be back to the Selangor State Legislative Assembly meeting scheduled to be held from 19th to 22nd November, 2007 after being suspended for 30 months, a world record, for which 18 months was without any allowance.

Well, the Menteri Besar and his Barisan Nasional could prevent me from attending the meeting but they were unable to stop me from raising issues in Selangor during the suspension.
To 'commemorate' my return to the assembly, I have put up a notice of motion that I will move a private members bill named "Declaration of Family Income and Asset bill 2007"("the Sunshine Bill") to make it mandatory for all Selangor senators, members of Parliament, Exco members, State Assemblymen/Assemblywomen and local councilors to declare their joint annual incomes and assets. All declaration will be published in the Gazette to ensure transparency and the people will know how rich or how poor their leaders are. Those who fail to comply with the enactment will be fined or imprisoned.
This will be a historic event as this bill is the first of its kind that has ever been tabled in any of the legislative assemblies, or Parliament, in this country.
Please peruse the Bill and give me your comment:-



An Enactment to make it mandatory for the Menteri Besar, Members of the Executive Council of Selangor, Members of the Selangor Legislative Assembly and Members of Local Governments in Selangor to declare family incomes and assets annually and other matters related thereto.

[ ]

IT IS HEREBY ENACTED by the Legislature of the State of Selangor as follows:-

Part I


Short title and commencement

1.(1) This Enactment may be cited as the Declaration of Family Income and Asset Enactment 2007.

(2) This Enactment shall come into operation on a dated to be appointed by His Royal Highness the Sultan by notification in the Gazette.

(3) His Royal Highness the Sultan may appoint different dates for the coming into operation of different parts of this Enactment.


2. (1) In this Enactment, unless the context otherwise requires:-

“councilor” means a person elected or appointed by virtue of the provisions of the Local Government Act 1976 into the local authority by the State Authority;

“elected representative” means a Member of the Dewan Negara elected by the Legislative Assembly of Selangor or a Member of Dewan Rakyat elected in the State of Selangor or a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Selangor including the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker;

“Exco Member” means a Member of the Executive Council of the State of Selangor including an ex-officio member and the Menteri Besar;

“income” means gains or profits from a business or an employment, dividends, interest, discount, rents, royalties, premium, pension, annuities, or other periodical payments;

“Menteri Besar” means the Menteri Besar of the State of Selangor;

“asset” means immovable property owned by way of registered proprietorship or beneficial ownership whether or not under an instrument of trust and movable property of any nature or in any form whatsoever;

“spouse” means a legitimate husband or wife with whom the marriage is solemnized under the Islamic Family (State of Selangor) Enactment 2003 or the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976;

“State Government” means the Government of the State of Selangor.

Part II


Persons required to submit declaration of income and asset

3. (1) Any person elected or appointed as an Exco Member, elected representative or councilor and his or her spouse shall declare the joint income and asset for the previous year as at the 31st day of December on or before the 30th day of June every year.

(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), the Menteri Besar shall have the discretion to extend the date of submission of the declaration of joint income and asset upon application by any person under subsection (1) for an accumulative period of not more than three months from the 30th day of June every year.

(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), the joint income and asset in the first declaration after the person being elected or appointed as an Exco Member, elected representative or councilor shall only be limited to the joint income and asset from the first day of such election or appointment and the joint income and asset in the last declaration after the person ceases to be an Exco Member, elected representative or councilor shall only be limited to the joint income and asset on the last day of the tenure.

(3) The declaration of joint income and asset shall be made in the forms to be stipulated by the State Government.

(4) The State Government shall within one month from the date of the declaration of joint income and asset by an Exco Member, elected representative or councilor publish the declaration in the Gazette.

Part III


Penalty for breach

4. (1) Any person, or his or her spouse, who has made fraudulent declaration of joint income and asset as required by section 3(1) of this Enactment shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not less than one year and a day but not more than five years and shall also be liable to a fine of not less than three thousand ringgit and not more that fifty thousand ringgit.

(2) Any person, or his or her spouse, who has omitted material particulars in the declaration of joint income and asset as required by section 3(1) of this Enactment shall be liable to imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year and shall also be liable to a fine not more than two thousand ringgit.

(3) Any person, or his or her spouse, who has failed to submit the declaration of joint income and asset on the date as stipulated by section 3(1) of this Enactment, unless extension has been granted by the Menteri Besar, shall be liable to imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year and shall also be liable to a fine of not more than two thousand and ringgit and upon subsequent conviction shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not less than one year and a day and not more than five years and shall also be liable to a fine of not less that two thousand ringgit and not more than fifty thousand ringgit.

Part IV


Power to make rules

5. His Royal Highness, on the advice of the Menteri Besar, may, by notification in the Gazette make rules and provide forms of the declaration for the purpose of implementing this Enactment.


This Bill seeks to make it mandatory for the Menteri Besar, Members of the Executive Council of Selangor, Members of the Selangor Legislative Assembly and Members of Local Governments in Selangor to declare their family incomes and assets annually and other matters related thereto.

Clause 3 provides for mandatory annual declaration of income and asset and the requirement of publishing such declaration in the Gazette.

Clause 4 provides for penalties for contravention of the various provisions of this Enactment.

Clause 5 provides for the power to make rules and provide forms of declaration for the purpose of implementing this Enactment.


This Bill will not involve the Government in extra financial expenditure.

[P.U. Sel ]

State Legal Adviser