Monday, May 25, 2009

Two police districts for Klang

The China Press organized a dialogue with the Klang Police on May 23, 2009 at the Dewan Orang Ramai Taman Eng Ann, the oldest and largest residential area in my constituency, Sungai Pinang, Klang.

I attended the dialogue to meet the OCPD, ACP Mohamad bin Mat Yusof and his senior officers from the Klang Police District Office.

Contrary to general belief, Klang is not on top of the list as far as crime rate is concerned. Those municipalities with names ended with ‘Jaya’, namely Petaling Jaya, Ampang Jaya Subang, and Gombak beat Klang in that respect.

The negative impression that Klang has been one of the most notorious cities was due to the outspokenness of the large number of active non-governmental organizations in Klang. While on the one hand these NGO have played an important role in supervising the police and raising public consciousness in crime prevention, those publicity created in the media has also unintentionally given a bad image on the other hand.

Be it as it may, that does not mean that the level of crime rate in Klang is satisfactory. Much need to be done by the police to make the residents feel safe to live in this once serene royal town.

As one of its efforts to improve its service, the current Klang Police District will split into two and the Klang river will be the boundary. The plan has been on paper for quite a while and hopefully it will not stay idle any longer.





Anonymous said...

Well, perhaps I should tell you that in Taman Eng Ann / Berkeley alone you can see DVD / VCD peddlers. Just go to Restaurant Shanmuga / Berkeley Corner at night. You will see that these peddlers operate every night. I SMS to Rakan Cop numerous times but I still don't see action.

Then there is this Kampungku which was a former cinema. Again, you can see a stall set up to sell DVD / VCD.

Do we want pornography to reach our children?

What are the police doing ?

Let's walk around to the Ba Kut Teh stalls in Berkeley. I am sure there will be some China girls selling you tea.

So what are the immigration officers and police officers doing?

Now besides DVD and China girls what else can we witness? Well, you can see lots of Ah Long posters and what is the council doing? What is the government doing ? They ask us to register our prepaid mobile phone but Ah Longs operate freely.

Anonymous said...

happy to see your blog open again.

Unknown said...

How about unreport snatches around Klang perhaps due to some unconcern Klangities to not care enough to report to police? It doesn't mean Klang is not top list of crime. I stayed in Taman Eng Ann, there were a fighting in my neighbourhood last month. I called up the police but they didn't pick up my call for awhile and I hang up the phone. Later on found out that they called back and asked me why I hang up the phone. My response to that police was did he want me to wait him to pick up my call after some one died? Police has all the time standing at the corner of traffic lights to stop cars for money but have no time and manpower to stop crime and those car bullies on the street?

Teng Chang Khim said...

Well, if there were unreported cases in Klang, certainly there would also be unreported cases in other district. We have to be objective about it. Nevertheless, Klang police needs to buck up, that is beyond doubt.

Anonymous said...

I agree there will also be unreported cases in Klang as well. However, do you agree with me Klang police teritories covers a huge areas which includes Port Klang, Klang town, even Kapar and Kampung Jawa? 1 Million population in Klang with 1-2 police station to complain to? People are less encourage to report criminal or accidental cases unless necessary. Car accident will have to report to police station in Southern Park, cannot report in Klang utama or even Bandar Baru Klang. House broke in at tmn eng ann also have to call Klang police station because the Bukit raja police station doesn't operate during night time. So because only 1-2 police station operates during night time, we have to wait for at least 1 hour for the police to arrive after all the drama happens.

Teng Chang Khim said...

I agree that the performance of police in Klang needs to be improved. That is exactly the reason why we are going to have 2 police districts. But it is factually wrong and misleading when you said there are only 1 or 2police stations in Klang. The main police stations (with lock-up)in Klang are Klang town, where the Klang police district headquarters is housed, Kapar, Port Klang, Pandamaran, Simpang Lima (Traffic). Besides, there are other small police stations like the one you mentioned in BBK. The public can lodge police report in any station but it is a road accident, then the report will be referred to the Traffic section for investigation.

Anonymous said...

Mr Teng,
If you read carefully of my comment, I did not mention klang only has 2 police stations. Of course I do know klang has police station in BBK, pandamaran, Klang Utama, and even Bandar Botanic etc..i've live in Klang ever since i was born almost 30 yrs ago..i know my facts. My point was that I found that not all police station operates during night least from my observation BBK and Klang utama police station doesn't operates during night time, I passed by these places quite often. These stations are closest to residential areas and able to solve crime more effectively during the night because a lot of crimes do happen during night time in residential areas especially involving motobike riders robbing. However these police stations not operate during night. I've personally experience once where I was followed by a car, I would say a Street Bully. I drove all the way to BBK police station to get shelter end up finding out the police station was closed and I was lucky that that guy didn't follow me any more after I've park my car nearby police stataion in BBK. How can you say i'm factually wrong when i personally experience this. Last year October my house got broke in. Guess what? BBK police station doesn't operate during night time to get my call. The police told me I should have call Klang Southern park number. So am I wrong now saying that I can only report to the 1-2 Klang police station? So the 1-2 police station that operates during night time to handle these crimes are enough? I hope that you'd correct your statement on me because I don't say something out of the blue..I've personally experience it myself!

Teng Chang Khim said...

1. This is what you said "do you agree with me Klang police teritories covers a huge areas which includes Port Klang, Klang town, even Kapar and Kampung Jawa? 1 Million population in Klang with 1-2 police station to complain to?" This is what I meant when i said you are factually wrong.

2. I am sure if there is a police station in Sothern Park.

3. Those police stations that I mentioned are full-fledged police station operating 24 hour within Klang.

4. Those police stations in residential areas, I believe, are not operating 24-hour.

5. They have a problem of understaff to operate 24-hour in residential areas. It may be ideal to have full 24-hour operating police station in large residential areas but there is a standard criteria. Even in developed countries, there is no 24-hour police in every residential areas.

6. The police need to be more effective, competent and efficient. These are the main problem they face.

7. My wife and I were tied up and robbed at home at about 4 am one night. I went to police station to lodge a report at 4.30 am and the police came to my house at 6.30 am. I had a worse experience than you. :-)