Friday, March 31, 2006

9th Malaysia Plan to provide RM200 billion

Prime Minister, Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, lifted the veil of the 9th Malaysia Plan (2006-2010) in Parliament today with an total allocation of RM200 billion for developement.
With objectives to pursue "economic growth, competitiveness and dynamism" with "equal opportunity, social equality and inclusion", the 9th Malaysia Plan was themed "Together towards excellence, glory and distinction".
The Plan is divided into the following five thrusts:
-to move the economy up the value chain;
-to raise the capacity for knowledge and innovation and nurture 'first-class mentality" ;
-to address persistent socio-economic inequalities constructively and productively;
-to improve the country's standards and sustainability of quality of life;
-to strengthen the institutional and implementation capacity.
All plans look good with holy objectives. Only the implementation will tell if it will achieve its objectives. In Malaysia, we have great plans every now and then. However, if our mindset remains that of the 70's, if everything has to be tainted with racial and religious consideration, if one race insists on exerting its dominance over the others, we will not go very far.
Let's change our mindset to make the 9th Malaysia Plan a real success.

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