Saturday, March 04, 2006

Illegal Satay House within vicinity of Istana Zakaria: Part III

It's confirmed!

The illegal Satay House within the vicinity of Istana Zakaria belongs to none other than the powerful Dato Zakaria bin Md Deros!
I received the information last night that the MPK had issued a compound to DZ Satay Sdn Bhd yesterday for operating business of the Satay House without a license. I suspected then that DZ was the abbreviation for Dato Zakaria but that remained merely as my speculation until it was confirmed today.
This was confirmed by Abd Bakir bin Hj Zin, the MPK President, this afternoon after my press conference on the illegal hawker center at Taman Teluk Gedung Indah in Pelabuhan Klang when the journalist from Sin Chew Jit Poh called him up and obtained the answer.
Bakir told the Sin Chew reporter that firstly, Zakaria was the owner of the Satay House; secondly, Zakaria had submitted application for TOL for the use of the land; thirdly the landcape around the Satay House was not only meant for the Satay House but also for the nearby residents.
Now, these are my questions to Bakir. Why didn't the MPK order that the illegal building of the Satay House be demolished forthwith by giving a 30-day notice as provided by section 70 of the Drainage, Street and Building Act 1974 when there was no TOL being approved by the Land Office and no written permission for the construction of the building from the MPK?
Under normal procedure, one has to apply for TOL for the use of land, followed by application for written permission for construction of building and then only the business license. In the present case, Zakaria did not obtain the TOL and written permission for construction of building. Why did the MPK jump the gun as Zakaria did by issuing a compound for operating without business license, a relatively less serious offence, and keep its eyes off the more serious issue of trespass of state land and construction of illegal building? The answer is obviously simple. Zakaria is almighty in Pelabuhan Klang and the MPK has to bend to his will and power.
The most absurd answer from Bakir was that the landscape around the Satay House was not only meant for the Satay House but also for the nearby residents. First of all, this was an admission that the landscape was partly meant for the Satay House. This was an abuse of public fund by Zakaria abetted by the MPK itself.
Secondly, if the MPK were minded of spending money for the nearby residents, then it should have spent the money on the landscape in Kampong Indaman itself rather than spending the money on the hazardous roadside of an industrial area with heavy vehicles plying along the road almost 24 hours a day.
If Bakir finds himself to be unable to carry out his duty as the MPK President without fear or favour and has to bend to powerful politicians, then it's time for him to ask for transfer.


Anonymous said...


I am really impressed with your attitude of biting on one issue and refuse to let go until you have gone to the bottom of it.

I will follow on this "Istana Zakaria" issue and see how far you can go.

All the best.

Toh Harnniann

Anonymous said...

We all should lent our support if the other party is not follow Allah's way of truthfulnees instead of misusing the power that Allah has given him to be people's elected leader. Also is MBK follow Allah's way be fair to all parties? Illegal squatters are instantly removed by MBK. But MBK turn blind eyes when the rich and power leader who also take leader in religious matter DO NOT have licence and build COF. IS this the way leader shows example? Where are you Allah?

Anonymous said...

A Very famous name in Klang. Sri Ram said - Daim run MOF just like his own fathers coffe shop.

Same to Klang - Dato Z run Klang just like his own father coffe shop.

If i'm talking about the biggest kaki bodek i ever know in politic.
Dato' Z is the person. Still remember during the 'Pengkebumian' Pak Lah mother's, he was the first person jump into the liang lahat to 'sambut' jenazah. He even not a relative to Pak Lah. And it's shown at TV3.

Anonymous said...

Has Zakaria been charged or convicted?