Thursday, April 06, 2006

Don't lie, Rahman Palil

With the Menteri Besar standing by him, Dato Abdul Rahman bin Palil(picture), defended himself against the bankruptcy proceeding and the question of propriety of him acquiring the land. The Star today reported as follows:-

At a press conference yesterday, Abdul Rahman explained that he had purchased the land from the state government through Agmal Development in his capacity as a businessman, although he was the Sementa state assemblyman then.

Anyone, even with the minimum knowledge of land law, would know that the state government does not sell land. The government only alienates land to applicants. If it were perfectly alright for him to apply for land, why did he need to "purchase" the land from the government through a private company owned by a third party?

As ruling party state assemblyman in the District of Klang, I believe Rahman was also a member of the Development Committee in the Klang District which dealt with land applications within its local jurisdiction. Did Rahman sit in the meeting that recommend, support or approve the land application by Agmal Development?
If he did, then the fact, as disclosed in Zarinah's case, that he had pursuaded Agmal Development to apply for that piece of land and he would in return be given 60% of the company's shares upon approval of the application, would certainly render him liable for an offence under the Anti Corruption Act 1997.

Again, the state government does not, and cannot, sell land under the National Land Code. So, don't lie, Rahman.


Anonymous said...

This is clearly a case of gerry mandering which is prevalent in the state government. These politicians have no conscience and no shame. The top leaders are totalling dissapointing for condoning such practices. The lack of appropriate action in the light of such conclusive evidence of at least unethical conduct, such as suspending the state exco member pending resolution of his status is a blatant dereliction of duties on the part of the MB. Not only that, he IS OPENLY SUPPORTING the culprit. What message do we get?

I get this message:
There is no ethics from top to bottom. Once you are in power, the rakyat is powerless. Once in power, screw the rakyat. It is alright because the rakyat won't mind as they are the ones who voted us in. Afterall, we are not directly screwing them. It has reached a stage that these politicians do not even bother about covering their misdeed because it is so prevalent. If caught (mostly by opposition), their leaders will defend them because
1. The leaders ethical standards are as low if not lower than the subordinates
2. The leaders are involved
3. The opposition is the troublemaker who disturb the peace while we screw the rakyat who is not complaining at all.

Memorable Love said...

Keep up the good work to continue to strive for justice

burntck said...

i believe by now, most of our BN MPs are millionaires...

Anonymous said...

But why the hell do most of the "highly informed", "very demanding" & "learned" electorate of the PJ areas esp. who once "never" voted for BN have been slavishing voting for BN for the last 2 rounds?

That being the case, you guys reap what you sow!

Anonymous said...

Albert Einstein quoted “The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our action can give beauty and dignity to our lives"

Unfortunately, it seems the opposite; the immorality is being strived for. What a sad things happening in a beautiful country.

simpang-kiri said...

Makin lama UMNO memerintah negara kita, semakin jahanam dan rosak binasa sistem pentadbiran negara akibat amalan rasuah dan keghairahan membolot kekayaan negara oleh pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO yang tamak haloba. Mereka ini adalah pemimpin yang jelas tidak bermaruah dan korup.

Saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang berbangsa melayu cukup jijik melihat gelagat pemimpin UMNO memunggah kekayaan tanpa rasa aib dan malu. Sampai bilakah rakyat Malaysia sanggup ditipu?

Syabas kepada saudara YB Teng Chang Khim. Teruskan usaha baik anda mendedahkan kepincangan yang berlaku. Teruskan perjuangan saudara menentang salah gunakuasa yang begitu berleluasa di amalkan oleh UMNO dan Barisan Nasional. Sudah sampai waktunya rakyat Malaysia yang berbilang bangsa bersatu menolak UMNO dan Barisan Nasional dan melakukan perubahan kearah kebaikan. Selagi kita masih berfikir dalam kotak perkauman yang sempit, selagi itulah UMNO dan Barisan Nasional akan terus memerintah Malaysia. Saya tanpa ragu-ragu akan mengundi DAP sekiranya wakil DAP bertanding di kawasan saya. Kesungguhan DAP dalam memperjuangkan Malaysia yang lebih demokratik sudah terbukti.