Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Khir Toyo should get ACA to investigate Rahman Palil and cases alike

Dato Abdul Rahman Palil, Selangor state exco member, had been served with a bankrupty notice and failed to comply with it within 7 days, thereby rendering himself liable for bankruptcy if the creditor proceeded with bankruptcy petition, as reported in the Berita Harian today.
The bankruptcy notice was pursuant to a court judgment which Rahman failed to satisfied. Rahman was supposed to pay the plaintiff a sum of RM311,295.35.
What is of public interest here is not the sum involved. It is the modus operadi of the application of state land through a private limited company owned by a third party with the assistance of the state assemblyman and government officer.
The plaintiff Zarinah claimed that Rahman had sent his representative and an officer in land office to pursuade her to apply for state land through her company, Agmal Development Sdn Bhd, in 1994. In return, when the land was alienated to Agmal, Zarinah would have to give 60% of Agmal's shares to Rahman, 20% to Rahman's representative, 10% to the officer's wife, and the remaining 10% was to be kept by Zarinah.
Agmal was later sold to another company and Zarinah was not fully paid her share and thus the legal suit which was won by Zarinah.
Dato Seri Dr Khir bin Toyo, Menteri Besar Selangor, should request the Anti Corruption Agency to step in and conduct an immediate and thorough investigation not only into Rahman's case but also into all other land application cases by companies for the past 10 years to ascertain how many such cases occured in Selangor. Rahman's case may be only the tip of the iceberg.


Anonymous said...

Every State shall have people like YB Teng to look after the interest of Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Fully agree with you but without expressed support from the Rakyat how effective is this. I know it can be lonely if you are a lone or in the minority opposition especially when the other ADUNs have IQ less than their age who cannot see the real issues, morally and monetary corrupt and cannot debate intelligently.

Hence I urge all voters to vote for those who can really bring benefit to the people not those who champion for themselves and treat us rakyat as fools.