Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fresh from Sarawak: DAP Miri lodged police report against BN candidate

The DAP candidate for Pujut, Miri, lodged a police report against the BN candidate for the same constituency for allegedly involved in the corrupt practice of vote buying.

Fong Pau Teck, the DAP candidate, lodged the report through his election agent, Hii Tiong Huat, based on the newspaper report that Andy Chia Chu Fatt, BN candidate for Pujut, was present at the ceremony of handing over land titles held in the Sarawak Survey Department office in Miri yesterday and was reported to have given away some of the land titles to the settlers in North Piasau, Miri. A copy of the police report will be handed over to the Election Commission.

Andy Chia had obviously violated the provisions of the election law which prohibits the corrupt practice of vote buying. The Election Commission should take immediate and necessary actions to curb such incident or it will be accused of “closing one eye” to corrupt practice in the election campaigns.

Land has been one of the major subjects in the Sarawak state election. Most of the private lands tenure in Sarawak are 66 years and are due to expire. The uncertainty of renewal and the high renewal premiums have caused worries and anxieties among the locals.

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