Friday, December 01, 2006

Legal suit threat for bicameral photo

The Star reports today that I may be sued for posting the photograph in "Bicameral Proximity: MP and Senator".
Read also the New Straits Times.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Teng,

Many of us are behind you all the way. We don't know your sources of the photo or police report. However, please be very careful. Some of these folks will try their best to destroy you and put fear into other Malaysians to prevent them from exposing such things in the future. Hence we truly respect and admire your courage.

Do try to do things in a way that they cannot touch you legally. I hope many other lawyers and non-lawyers too will give you and other responsible citizens the needed support to do the right thing. The International Human Rights Commission and other international bodies may help too.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

MP Rahman Ismail,

Do not threaten to sue people. If you are guilty, repent now so God shall redeem your sins.

The facts is the persons in the pictures is indeed you and her leaning on your chest. Whether they are altered digitally on the lighting effects does not take away the sins you had commited. It does not matter even if the background is not in a hotel. Her face resting on your chest is against the law of moral in this country, even with 3rd parties around. That only shows you are doing it in public, with the presence of 3rd parties.

From the posts here, looks like the photos originated from the handphone of the alleged partner of the affair, hence image is blur.

MP Rahman Ismail, here is some questions for you, Can my girl friend lean her face on my chest at KLCC park? Anyway, we were just friends after all and nothing more than that. The key information is, there were 3rd parties around! Which is a more serious offence, hold hands or face lean on chest?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Teng: u done the right thing. Everyone has a right to post anything on the net. You also do not state the MP name in the blog. I hope DAP will won many seat in the next election. Dap need to get more rural/village votes in order to won. BN able to get many village votes. Regarding to the demolition of temple: MCA and Gerakan no power to take action against the Penang Deputy CM. I hope all Chinese leader no matter which party will urge chinese to increase population. the inflow of indonesia will cause chinese population decrease. thank Q

Anonymous said...

UMNO laws:

if ppl from UMNO post this picture of anyone else, they are revealing the truth.

if the opposition post it, they will be sued.


Anonymous said...

Dear MP Teng, don't worry, there are many people supporting you now. Many of us really thank your effort to fight corruption, which our PM fails to do. But just be careful, Zakaria may one day seek revenge on you. Although you are a lawyer yourself, you should also extra careful of those hidden evils. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Excellant work mate

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Much as I have admired your tenacity and bravery in carrying out the duties of an opposition MP in the past, I cannot help but disagree with your most recent actions. You say that this is an exposure of 'hypocrisy' on the part of the ruling party, yet the manner in which it has been done amounts to nothing more than cheap and blatant character smearing, which should not be associated with your status as a DAP member of parliament. I am sure that many BN MPs disagree with the this nonsensical wave of moral policing in our country, just as you have no doubt disagreed with many party of your party's policies in the past.
I hope you will use your limited time and energy to bring about meaningful opposition in a more dignified way. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

how does this bother anyone..? i dont get this, i have been in the UK for years now, and i am an avid reader of Malaysian and UK news, but i find it a disgrace to find that in Malaysia, we tend to focus on peripheral issues...why do we have to put our noses into someone else's business...even if he sleeps with anyone, its his business...whether or not its right, its between them and God...lets talk about moral and it right to humiliate others for the purpose of exposing hypocrisy...? dont get me wrong, i have nothing against you or anyone for that matter...i appreciate the fact that you are striving to make Malaysia a better place to live in...but this is not something we should mess about...i am absolutely behind you if you expose corruption etc..but, not this...just a question, will you go all out, just like what you are doing now, if the couple werent politicians? why is adulteration especially despicable if it were comitted by politicians? its just because its hot news and this is an instant way of becoming famous

Anonymous said...

YBTENG, You have the support from many disenchanted citizens. You have honourably discharge your duty as an assembly man. Your performance is superior than all the BN Jug Heads. However please be careful of the people you exposed because they are the devils with hatred BOILING in their MIND. Your safety is very important to Dignified Malaysian at large. I hope that you can be chosen for the paliamentary seat in the next election.

Anonymous said...

Mr Teng,

I agree with Alex Wei: When you exposed the DZ satay house fiasco, and then the DZ istana, I told myself that we need people like you to bring justice to the country. However, when I heard that you were earlier slapped by DZ (pls verify this), I concluded that your expose was nothing but a kiasu retaliation.

But when you expose this bicameral proximity thing, I think you have gone overboard! Please refer to a Malay-Muslim friend what is the meaning of "menutup aib orang". I know you would shoot back at me and say what you did was to stop hyprocisy in the UMNO-BN dynasty. You should've picked something more "professional", zeroing in on their power abuse, not on something so personal. So what if those two are having a private affair (NOT that I approve of it), but yet are good leaders bringing progress to the nation? Actually, what is your motive behind this? You think Pak Lah or anyone in power will say thanks to you, and confer you a Tan Sri or Tun title, make you a state idol, and glorify you as a hero?

I am not a racist but why have you only exposed the misdeeds of the Malays and Indians (the case of Dato Sivalingam Karrupiah)? What, the Chinese BN leaders have no misdeeds? You are only bringing shame and hatred to your chinese race, and if the malays call the chinese sial because of you, I don't see why they are wrong.

Like Alex Wei say: use your limited time and energy to bring about meaningful opposition in a more dignified way.

Be a politician to the people, NOT to yourself. If you were slapped by DZ, keep that grudge to yourself. Don't shame the Chinese!

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with what the comments left here by Amir and another anonymous person; I, however, strongly agree with what Mr Teng is doing right now, and in fact I think he is being too mild.

If Mr Teng can be slapped by Mr Z, then this country is seriously in trouble; mr Z is also another prominent politician and as the Chinese saying "a great man shall only use his mouth, not hands" (lit. use wits not force). Mr Z's barbaric way of dealing with things, such as slapping other MP, is a total disgrace to our nation. In fact, I think Mr Teng is just being too mild on that, if I were him, mr Z is in jail today, plus whipping sentence for corruption.

Mr Teng is not bringing shame to the community, instead he is making sure that the UMNO is not doing things overboard. To be a political leader, one must not only take care of the community interest, but also to make sure his/her personal upbringing and quality of leadership in tiptop condition at all time. We cannot compare this to ordinary people, coz they are not leaders -- commiting adultery amongst lay public is wrong but is their own family affair; however to commit similar crime amongst politicians are NOT acceptable, coz the people entrust them to be the leaders, not jokers. Therefore Mr Teng is doing the right thing, please Mr Teng -- dont be so light on them. Bring them down!

And I am sure Mr Teng is doign all these not becoz he is aiming for a Tun or Dato Seri title. He is making sure, just like other opposition members, that things are set right in this corrupted country. If u read Backman's letter, as a Malaysian, I feel ashamed (thats what i really call shameful!) and seriously think that BN must give way to other parties to rule the country, and meanwhile the BN must take a break and reconsider their stand.

And finally, if one thinks that Mr Teng is retaliating bcoz of being slapped (ie personal matter). Then what about our beloved TDM showing up a photo of Tungku Razaleigh wearing a cap with a cross-like logo, and condemn him of being unfaithful to Islam? Is this wise move by the then PM?

Malaysia is a true shame. Mr Teng, we are all behind u, full support. The next GE will see u guys in and the current ones out. Period.

Anonymous said...

Public figure's behaviour is definitely of public interest! How can one be entrusted to protect public interest if one is morally flawed?

I totally disagree with some of your views.
DZ slapped Teng? If this is true, then DZ's character flaws are far more serious than we thought. If lawmaker behaves like hooligan, how do we expect the ordinary people to be civilized?
A wrongdoer has complete immunity from someone he/she had wronged previously? You do have weird reasonings.
Before exposing a Chinese and an Indian wrongdoers, a Malay need to expose a Malay wrongdoer? I think your multiracial spirit is misplaced.

Keep up the good work. Do watch your back. Msia need more citizens like you.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am not so enthusiastic at all for this kind of scandal. It does not happen to merely politicians, it happens to mankind. However perhaps they are public figures, the news and the photo received such an attention! In Muslim (and I do believe other religions too), for a married woman to betray her husband is the greatest sin one could have comitted. Saw her photo in today's newspaper, as if nothing worries her after all. That mere act convinces me of the truth.. the truth as exposed by you Mr. Teng.

Anonymous said...

Former President of USA, Bill Clinton was impeached because of his monkey affair with Monica Lewinsky dated in year 1998 followed by Taiwanese Politician Chu Mei Feng who lost her votes during election in year 2001, thanks to her infamous SEX SCANDAL with a married man! By right close proximity shouldn't have taken place for Malay couples because of ISLAM especially involving Parliament members coming from Government rows, tambahan pula the MARRIED one are concerned? That's even shameful, not to mention sinful...

What the Rakyat wants is good CONTOH, not NATO (No Action, Talk Only). I thought "no one is above the law"?

TAUBAT & INSAF-LAH KAMU SEBELUM KAMU DI-TAUBAT & INSAF-KAN because the wife of Tseng Chung Ming sued Chu Mei Feng for adultery as a matter of fact!

Anonymous said...

I strongly agree with anonymous posted on Sunday, December 03, 2006 8:33:49 AM that issue discussed is not about Mr Teng being busybody or interested to kaypoh about personal matter of others BUT merely serve as reminder to politician leaders that public is watching over their qualities and values that one can instilled in the community as well as accommodating the vision of Rakyat in many years to come. I strongly believe many of us will 'close one eye' when it comes to ordinary people because no good CONTOH to follow and therefore many Malaysians entrusted the Government to perform for the country by paying taxes. Finally, all of us are showered with highlights of dirty corruption and hanky-panky. Oh yeah, its very biadab for not appreciating kalau jasa baik telah dilaksanakan! UMNO, thank you very much for guiding the crabs on how to walk straight…

I still can remember how my niece asked who's the guy on the TV that holds a keris up in the air with fiery face. I was truly stumbled for a moment but quickly diverted her attention by saying that guy on TV is trying to impersonate He-Man in order to stand a possible chance in Malaysian Idol or Akademi Fantasia. Well, I should have said to use a 'penyapu' and sweep these sampah masyarakat out from the party but I nearly forgotten that such despicable act is only executed by unruly citizen. So MR TENG CHANG KHIM, let's move on with your utmost amicable solution and we're behind you all the way!!! Why follow? Because Confucius taught me with his well-known Principle in common Chinese opinion; "Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself"!

Anonymous said...


Have the MPSJ the right to issue summons on vehicles parking on the side of the road in front of Sukumaran restaurant ss14 SJ,and not using the privatised parking lot

I thought they can only summon or fine cars occupying the parking lot without parking tickets?

How come then MPSJ is not bothered summon or parking cars near the road at Subang Parade?

Anonymous said...

The MP ought to have the highest integrity among the rakyat. Don't you think the Government is wasting time charging a Chinese Couples ( non-muslim) holding hands in court.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I just want to tell you that, even though I am not bothered the least in the alleged scandal involving a senator and a MP, but I have to say this, I do admire your courage and honesty.

I will never know your exact motive behind this, whether you have the intention to defame or bring shame to them OR you are truly passionate for the betterment of the country. And of course if it's the latter, my hats off to you!

When I was still in school, I used to admire those in the 'top echelons' of the society. i.e: politicians, senators, and so and so. Because of my naivety back then, I assumed it must be so great of them because these are the 'history maker'.

But as I get older, I realized how wrong I was, with news being reported each and everyday in the paper, I can't help but feeling disgust and sick, how could somebody who has been entrusted with the duty to contribute to the country would betray that?

And it goes without saying, not only my perception changes but my beliefs as well. And so years of wisdom has taught me not to place too much respect and hope in the politic. Ignorance, deceits, scandal, greed, hatred... is this the world I'm living in?

And the english proverb, which says, "... there must be some rotten apples" (what's the exact phrase, eh?, I can't remember)... surprisingly I heard that quite often in the press lately especially when they want to salvage the situation, they blame it on the apples. I guess hor, it must be this way, " Of the bunch of rotten apples, there must be some good ones" ..hehe... I must admit there must a select few who are dedicated to the truth and the politics

Sir, I want to tell you that whatever you are doing, so long as you are not going against you own conscience, just do it ( Nike Slogan). There are people out there ( Zakaria.. and his istana cronies) who will get everything to bring destruction to you, your family. But remember there's always God above you.

I'm not so sure whether it's appropriate of me to tell you this, so forgive me if I'm not, "In all that you do, always ask yourself, who are you doing this for, own personal gain or the difference you could make?"

Anonymous said...

"Saya ANTI-RASUAH"... konon la. The tag on gazetted uniforms must be of a decoration purposes!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a politician can be funny,last week on TV7, i saw what stupid is all about.. in Parliament when a DAP MP(IPOH TIMUR) corrected an UMNO MP or should i say a DUMBO MP over remarks at the became a shouting match and becoming racial....the umno mp hav only to thank the DAP MP for correcting his mistakes and get on to debating better issues for the country....DONT BE SHY FOR YR OWN STUPIDITY