Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nor Hayati unperturbed

Senator Nor Hayati seemed to be unperturbed over the controversy of "bicameral proximity".
The Nanyang Siang Pau (Dec 3, 2006) reported that she attended a cooking competition organized by the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) on last Saturday and was seen jovial and had joined the guests to dance.


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Anonymous said...
And how exactly do you expect her to feel, Mr. Teng? You want to see a TOTALLY depressed, worn, dejected, DEFEATED, embarrased person, right? See, your follow-up posting is VERY evident of how petty you can get... It is starting to look very personal in nature, and you are going EXTREMELY low on this! And dare you say this is nothing personal, and maintain that you merely want to uphold justice and mete out hyprocrisy? Guess who is the hyprocrite in this case?


Anonymous said...

Um, what would you EXPECT her to do? Sit at home and cry?

Anonymous said...

Mr Teng, you are a tenacious hunting dog. It's a complimentary.

For anyone who still do not understand why CK Teng - or any politician, reporter and even us - should make public this photo, fake or not, when "mainstream" media won't dare to pursue this unless someone like Mr. Teng makes the first move by posting the photo online, please read the first page of today's The Sun with the headline "Golkar MP (caught on sex tape) quits party". This reflects truly to what Mr. Teng means by uncovering hypocrisy especially of those in the leadership. It is a form of prevention (of the abuse of power). If the photo is fake, then let's prove it and have oneself vindicated. Then get even by filing for a defamation lawsuit.

The story over at The Sun, with the blog owner's permission, is as follow:

JAKARTA: A senior politician resigned from Indonesia’s largest political party after a tape of him having sex with a popular dangdut singer was widely circulated, media reports said yesterday.

Yahya Zaini – who is the head of the Golkar Party’s religious affairs department, which has responsibility for moral issues – submitted his resignation from the party,which was immediately approved by its chairman, Jusuf Kalla, who is also Indonesia's vice-president.

In addition, the married Zaini will lose his seat in the House of Representatives after Golkar’s deputy chairman, Agung Laksono, said that the process was under way to remove Zaini from parliament.
The video is less than one minute long and has been circulated via mobile phones and e-mail. In it,
Zaini and singer Maria Eva (pix) can be clearly identified. Zaini flew back from a parliamentary study tour in Australia at the weekend as news of the tape spread. He is reportedly in hiding in Jakarta.

Eva, however, appeared at a tearful press conference on Monday and admitted to making the tape but denied distributing it. She said she had loved Zaini but their affair ended two years ago. She said that she had been pregnant and was pressured to have an abortion by him and his wife. “He asked me to marry him, but I declined the offer as I don’t want to be his second wife,” The Jakarta Post quoted Eva as saying.

The scandal broke as Islamic leaders and political parties were campaigning for tougher morality laws in Indonesia, including outlawing pornography and public displays of affection. Religious leaders in the nation with the world’s largest Muslim population and politicians have called for harsh action against Zaini. – dpa

Anonymous said...

did she twitch her nose?

Clinton denies his affair with monica lewinsky till the end

Anonymous said...

already 42 yrs old, got 3 teenage kids , still behave like a cheap girls, in a happy mood, this dressing was so embarassing & pretend to be innocent. oh my god !!! pls help this poor little stupid auntie back to normal before we send them to JAIS.

Anonymous said...

We don't expect Kak Nor to cry or breakdown, or to start eating sertraline for this scandal. We do know that all politicians are good actors/actresses; otherwise they wont be till today at their respective posts!

So in order to act very well, one has to pretend to be "unperturbed", hopefully in this midst of scandal, something else in the politic arise, and the attention of the public will be swayed to the new issue! That's how the US president deter people's attention to Iraq war, when some scandals happen in the white house!

Mr Teng deliberately put up this news of the unperturbed Kak Nor, obviously has many hidden reasons, which IMHO, are more powerful than just wasting precious time blogging here and uploading photos. Many people look up upon Mr Teng, and the DAP as a whole. The corrupted BN has to go down soon.

I am sure Kak Nor can continue to be unperturbed as long as she can now before the whole thing burst up the truth -- as the saying goes "the paper cannot contain the fire" And sorry for you Kak Nor, this is just the way it is in politics, one silly mistake will cost your whole career, and possibly the reputation of you and your love ones! :)

Thank goodness we have people like Mr Teng around. Long live Mr Teng! :)

Anonymous said...


I seldom disagree with your view or the way you did things, but with due respect, I have to say this.

Lets focus on the issue: a photo (fake or not) of MP and Senator in close proximity. A police report lodged regarding some photos found in a handphone.

These are facts. Let us (the readers of this blog) draw the conclusion.

Issues like what's her mood after the exposure of the photo (although reported in the Chinese newspaper) is of little significance compared to the bigger issue.

Continuing to dig on petty side issues like this will not gain you points. It may bring down the standard of the postings on this blog.

Anyway, keep up the goodwork in serving the community.

Toh Harnniann

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. she's quite a looker isn't it... no wonder the other fella oso cannot tahan...

Donald G.H Tan said...

She got good looks and uuummm! She is also a Klang Girl lah!

Anonymous said...

Malaysian senators, unlike senators in truly democratic countries, are not voted in by the people but are appointed based on their incorruptivity, honesty, integrity, willingness to serve the people without fear or favour, morality and much, much more. Therefore, in this 'flawed democracy' which gives fat pay packets to such polical appointees, they are required to uphold the expectations of the people and government. Now if a young couple can be fined for just holding hands in this land, how can such a senator blame others for her adultery!

Anonymous said...

nak mintak tanya apo dah jadi pada kes ini???

totop seblah mata lagi?

Anonymous said...

she is a real looker!\Wouldn't mind getting in hot soup together with her!

Memorable Love said...

Salam Sejahtera ,

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Biar kita perlu berdemonstrasi dan turun ke Johor pun tidak apa. Ini merupakan satu isu yang sangat kronik. Isu ini berkaitan dengan rasuah , salah guna kuasa , nyawa dan keselamatan manusia dan berbau perkauman. Ekploitasi peluang ini dan binasakan BN di Johor dan Melaka sekiranya Kementerian Pertahanan dan orang terlibat tidak dapat memberikan penjelasan dengan baik. Kalau petisyen untuk
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Diharapkan kita dapat siasat. Dapatkan lebih banyak sumber dan maklumat. Lepas itu kita binasakan orang-orang yang terlibat termasuk penjelasan yang baik daripada Kementerian Pertahanan serta orang yang terlibat dalam menyalurkan wang bantuan kepada mangsa.

Sesiapa yang ada maklumat sila email kepada saya. Saya akan perbesarkan isu ini.






As I Was Saying... said...

Where have you been, mate? Please update your blog.

Happy New Year.

Lawan Tetap Lawan.

Anonymous said...

I oso cannot tahan ler watching her pic!

Monsterball said...

Hi Teng,
Just dropping by.
Noticed you havent' posted anything on your blog for over a month now.

You have fearlessly published for more than a year...hope you haven't given up.

Mr. Smith said...

What Teng is absolutely correct as Hayati is a public figure and her behaviour is open to public scrutiny.
In any case, which UMNO man or woman have morality, honesty and humility?

Anonymous said...

What is so special about this woman? Other stories please...

Anonymous said...

err..anonymous..she s a looker..??

well, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder..lol.

Anyway Mr.Teng..keep up the good work serving the community.

Anonymous said...

mr smith says: "What Teng is absolutely correct as Hayati is a public figure and her behaviour is open to public scrutiny."

That means Dr Mahathir and BN were absolutely correct in dragging all the alleged personal 'dirt' of Anwar Ibrahim out in the open because he was a muc bigger public figure and therefore hsi behaviour should be open to scrutiny? I notice that some people say what Anwar does or doesn't do in the privacy of his bedroom is his problem and should not be subject to public scrutiny but when it comes to Nor Hayati's bedroom, let's drag everything into the open. If Anwar indeed had sexual relations with another man or woman, is that any of our business? If Nor Hayati had sexual relations with another man or woman, is that any of our business?

Anonymous said...

wondering why Mr Teng doesn't have the courage anymore to update his blog after this post?

Anonymous said...

Mr Teng,
Please dont keep quiet. We are always looking for hot and saucy news in your blog

Anonymous said...

No problem, Dato', no problem at all !

Anonymous said...

Since almost every teenager and young adult have their own blogger, I suggest that together we, the awakening generation, should go out and spread the truth at their site. This is a much better method than the newspaper and radio to get the message to those who are unaware of all unfair rules and regulations. If one can go out, look for two blogger sites, leave a comment, more than half the population will get the message before the election.

To our Malay friends – Do you really think that when your leaders shout out “Ketuanan Melayu,” it includes you? Do you think the NEP considers you? No! Wake up! It Merely means let the rich leaders get richer and leave the poor become poorer because that’s fine as long as the top few are well taken care of. This is why millions of Malays are still staying in “rumah atap” while receiving RM50 in every 4-5 years. Worse still, many don’t even get the RM50 the leaders promised when they asked for your vote.

Anonymous said...

We need to save our country from this political shit. We have been in the same position for the past 50 years. We talked about our position in the world when we can't even compete Singapore which only have rock and stone. What a shame!!