Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Shameful shut down of call-in program by MCA

The Malayan Chinese Association (MCA) is believed to be the culprit that causes the shutting down of the Mandarin call-in program "Ai Kai Mai Wu Zhang Ai" of the government radio station beginning from July 1, 2006 as reported by Merdekareview and Malaysiakini.
Although the directive is said to have been issued by the UMNO Minister of Information, Dato Zainuddin Maidin, the MCA is the most likely suspect to have lodged complaint as the last broadcast of the program on Friday morning had seen numerous callers severely criticizing the MCA Deputy Minister of Education, Dato Hon Choon Kam, for his failure to resolve the problem arising from the recent directive of the Selangor State Education Department to reduce the classes resulting in increase of number of student per class to 45 students in the Chinese Primary schools.
Instead of tackling the issues at hand, the MCA blames the popular Mandarin call-in program and make it the scapegoat for allowing the public to speak up. The MCA leaders should be ashamed of their attitude, incapabiliy and action.
Last year, the MCA had also quietly observed the closure of another popular Mandarin call-in program, Wa FM, runned by NTV-7 which was also blamed to have been critical against the MCA.


Melvin said...

Ai Kai Mai Wu Zhang Ai that sounds interesting!!!how do i find out more about that?

Teng Chang Khim said...

You have to read the Chinese reports and articles in the merdekareview.com and malaysiakini.com. Of course, the details of the school issues had been published in the Chinese press last week where the MCA was under fire.

Anonymous said...

YB, wat ordinary rakyat got very fedup is that this deputy minister hv no balls to tell the state education dept to rectify the wrong doing but infront of chinese community still he want to pretend he is a powerful deputy minister . As usual, may be the dep.minister will try to make
an appt to visit the state edu.head - HAHAHA!!
another sad thing is most of the chinese dailies will PLP to MCA
so the pai seh thing they will not publish one lar!!