Monday, November 19, 2007

Back to Assembly

Yes, I am back to the Selangor State Legislative Assembly today after serving a 30-month suspension for which 18 months was without any allowance, a world record in any legislative assembly.
The photograph above was taken during the recess and published by the China Press evening edition. On my right was Dato Dr Wong Sai How (representative for Kampong Tunku, MCA) and on my left was Dato Leow Yuen Keong (representative Sri Kembangan, MCA). Shaking hand with me was Dato Tang See Hang (State Exco, MCA) and standing on my right was Dato Lee Hwa Beng (representative for Subang Jaya, MCA) .
Dato Tang See Hang moved the motion to refer me to the Privileges Committee which eventually suspended me for 18 months without allowance in an inquiry that infringed the rules of natural justice. I was not even called to defend myself in the inquiry.
All MCA members together with their counterparts in the Barisan Nasional passed the motion and proposal of the Privileges Committee.

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