Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Zakaria Deros caught again in land application

Dato Zakaria bin Deros, the infamous Selangor State Assemblyman who built a controversial mansion known as "Istana Zakaria" was again caught when I revealed that he had applied a temporary occupation license (TOL) for a piece of land adjacent to the present land where his 'palace' is situated.
The Klang Land Office Technical Committee attended by the officers from the Klang Land Administrator office, Klang Municipal Council (MPK), Klang Public Works Department and Klang Irrigation and Drainage Department had met on 1.11.2007 had decidec that they had no objection to the application with certain conditions. The Land Adminsitrator had thus sent the file to the Klang District Land Committee for its appoval. The District Land Committee comprises of, among others, the elected representatives within the constituencies of Klang District including Zakaria Deros himself. It is in fact as a matter of procedure that the application would be approved since the technical committee had no objection to it.
Zakaria Deros again used his wife's name, Zizah Ngah, to submit the application. The land area of his present land is about 43,000 square feed and the new plot of land is about 14,000 square feet.
My source had told me that the District Land Committee had approved his application although Menteri Besar, Dato Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, had stated in the State Assembly in reply to my quiry that it had not been approved and that the deliberation on the application would take into account the political consideration.
Well, even if the application had been approved, it still can be revoked by the government at anytime since it is only a temporary license.
Under normal procedure, Zakaria Deros would proceed to apply for a permanent title for the land after obtaining the TOL for a period of time.
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