Thursday, October 09, 2008

Umno: Doomsday in sight?

Even Tan Sri Muhammad bin Mohd Taib also offers himself for the No.2 possition in Umno as reported by the Malaysiakini today.

11 years ago in 1997, to avoid the embarrassment that might cause by my motion of no confidence against him in the Selangor State Legislative Assembly, Mohammad made a wise choice of resigning as the Chief Minister of Selangor after he was arrested in Brisbane Airport for failing to declare the currency worth approximately RM2.4 million carried by him.

With his announcement today, there are now 5 candidated vying for the post of Deputy President of Umno. That is not the end of the list. The much talked about Tan Sri Muyhidin Yasin has yet to make his announcement. If he did in the next few days, the list would be at least 6. That is chaotic and unprecedented for Umno.

Although Abdullah has said that Najib will be his successor, no one should take it for granted that Najib would have a smooth sail to the presidency. At least Tengku Razaleigh will not easily give up his hope especially now that he has Dr Mahathir's support.

This is a once-in-the-lifetime opportunity to see how the infighting within Umno will lead to its self-destruction.