Friday, October 03, 2008

It takes courage to acknowledge change

Undoubtedly, the Malaysia political landscape has changed after the general election on March 8, 2008. The frontline politicians have also, in the past few months, been learning how to adapt themselves to the change.
It is sometime amusing to see how those established politicians from the previous ruling party have to struggle to pick up new vocabulary in order to suit their roles as opposition now. Of course, the vice versa goes to the previous opposition who have now turned government.
Be it as it may, it takes a lot of courage for everyone in the country to acknowledge that change has taken place and, more importantly, to live with it.


Anonymous said...

YB, change will forever take place no matter what is the status. It should be change for the well-being of all people. To effect for the sake of change may waste plenty of national energy but at the moment, change is evitable because of all the nonsense that has taken place over the last two decades. If the dirt is so thick you have to dig for a long while to get ride of it. looking around, it is so sad that we as a nation has succumbbed to such level that resulted in brain drain effect. It is unthinkable just 10 years go that Malaysians would be enticed to China to work as professinals at the upper strata of the industry. With their open policy of getting the very best such as the Microsoft Research Asia, they will no doubt suck away all those who can contribute to inventions. From Asean, only NUS was invited as an entity to collaborate! In the 60s MU could have made it!

Kim Far said...

If our parliament can be dissolved now, we shall see a greater change than 308.

We have high hope in the new Selangor government as we hope to win again in the next election.

Congratulations to you for being elected as DAP Central Committee. You are our hero. We will support you wholeheartedly.

Unknown said...

Mr Teng,
I'm glad that you post this comment. I think a lot of people in this society is starting to look for change. A country will not progress further if its people not willing to take risk. I'm glad that MB Khalid is bold enough to suggest UITM open up for non-malays. Even my malay friends supported him for that.
However, I'm quite disappointed with the Pakatan Rakyat on the Perak's exco and city councilors bribery case. It's now clear that 2 of the city councilors were bribed for sex and they admitted it. But why when this happened, the Pakatan rakyat gov denied it on behalf and accused the BN on trying to destroy the state gov? Why didn't they check the facts before making statement? Isn't it also reflects that the new gov perhaps will be just as corrupt as BN gov and the corrupt officers will be protected by the gov so long as they are along side together?

Anonymous said...

YB., since you are also Klang Rep. may I suggest you look into the KTM stations located around Klang. In the case of the Teluk Gadong Station, there are certainly insufficient parking lots for the commuter riders. Either minibuses be asked to serve this station or the road leading towards it plus the surrounding roads be designated into parking lots. Current arrangement certainly affects those shop owners located nearby. With proper parking lots, parking charges should be imposed at a reasonable rate.

Anonymous said...

YB., I beleive that PR can make Selangor an exemplary STATE for the whole nation to look up to. The State is 'self-sufficient' because of the revenue from the developed land. And coupled with the location of Port Klang, with more professional, sincere and honest planning and approach, the distribution hub is realistic. The State Goverment has to move. No doubt it still need to spend some resources to dig out the dirts of the past; but at the same time, we need to move forward in this respect. The location of Port Klang is something the State can ride on. Let us forget about trying to be top 10, just ensure we are competitive. I know we are caught in an awkward position with the Federal Goverment controlling the Port operations while the State controls the land but for the good of the nation,a consensus must be found!!