Saturday, March 04, 2006

Another illegal hawker center in Zakaria' s constituency

Unlicensed hawker centre with illegal structure built on state land without TOL

Adjacent to children playground

I brought journalists from the Chinese Press to Taman Teluk Gedong Indah this morning. Another illegal hawker centre with 8 stalls is found in this Dato Zakaria's state constituency of Pelabuhan Klang. The hawker centre is built within the open space meant for recreational purposes currently with a football field and a children playground on the same.

Without Temporary Occupation License (TOL) for use of land, plan or permission for the structure and hawker license, the hawkers have been running their business without inteference from the Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) for the last few months. The status of this hawker centre is similar to that of the Satay House in Pandamaran. Questions again arised as to who is the powerful politician behind it who makes all these possible?

The MPK must explain to the people as to why all these new illegal structures in the constituency of Pelabuhan are being allowed to spring up in Klang when the MPK is vigorously implementing the "zero squatters" policy drawn up by the state government by ruthlessly demolishing the houses of the poor. Why is the double standard?

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harlim said...

Dr M has proclaimed malaysia is an Islamic state that operates religious laws. Malaysia has been the chairman of OIC.