Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Where is the apology for the 11, Tan Sri?

Mohd Noor Hakim (circled) reprimanded by the IGP in the presence of his peers and the media.

China Press reported on its website today that Tan Sri Bakri Omar, Inspector-General of Police, reprimanded the Kajang OCPD, Mohd Noor Hakim, in the presence of 145 OCPDs of the country and the media when opening the human rights seminar for the OCPDs today. He was reported to have said that Mohd Noor Hakim must apologize to him and Bukit Aman (the Royal Police Headqaurters) 10 times for shaving bald 11 suspects from Belakong who were arrested for illegal gambling as the incident had tarnished the image of the police.

While I welcome the belated 'plea of guilt' by the IGP for the incident, I must remind Tan Sri Bakri that as the IGP, he has yet to apologize on behalf of the Royal Police to the 11 suspects. The public is not concerned about how many times Noor Hakim needs to apologize to the IGP and Bukit Aman. The public is still awating for 0ne apology from the IGP and Bukit Aman to the 11 suspects and the public at large. Only one, isn't fair, Tan Sri?

Picture by courtesy of China Press

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