Monday, March 27, 2006

Do the best P.O. justice

I congratulate ASP Muniandy, Head of Police Prosecution Unit in the Klang Sessions Court, for being selected the best Prosecution Officer 2005 in conjuction with the 199th anniversary of the Royal Malaysia Polis (PDRM). As a practitioner in criminal law, I feel proud to have been working together with the best prosecution officer in the country. My personal experience working with him for the past few years have been indeed very pleasant. Being a legally qualified lawyer holding a law degree from International Islamic University and Certificate of Legal Practice, Muniandy is eligible to be called to the Bar subject to the requirement of the 9-month pupilage under a senior practioner. However, he still chooses to remain in the force, I believe this is because of his passion for the career as a police officer.
I went to his office in the court house last week. I was at a loss for words to find that the best Prosecution Officer's "office" is in a corner separated from other personnel only by a few cabinets with a desk fit for a peon piled up with files. (See picure below)

I take my hat off to Muniandy who has been working in this small dark corner, not even a room, to do his case preparation and finally makes himself the best prosecutor.

Outside this small dark corner, the other 3 prosecution officers and more than 20 personnel have to take turn to do their clerical work in an area of only about 500 square feet. (See picture below)

No one seems to care about this. Instead of spending their time and effort to resist the formation of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC), Tan Sri Bakri Omar, Inspector General of Police, and all his senior officers should work more efficiently and effectively to ensure that the welfare, including comfortable housing and conducive workplace, of the officers at the ground are properly taken care of. Opposing to the IPCMC is equivalent to opposing to the effort, inter alia, to improve the tarnished image of the police.

Bakri must get his priority right. Please do not wait until Muniandy and his colleages all over the country feel frustrated and decide to leave the force that they have been so passionately working in for many years. The pasture over the other side is certainly greener, at least for the moment.


hwwong said...

Correct me if I am wrong, ASP Muniady is the Investigating Officer for Canny Ong's case.

Teng Chang Khim said...

hwwong, that is another Muniandy. This Muniandy is the IO in the MAS pornographic VCD case.

jbhlee said...

you should send this picture to Badawi and make them feel ashamed that they are sitting in nice offices in Putrajaya.

Teng Chang Khim said...

hi jbhlee,
Thank you for the reminder. I have just done so.