Monday, March 13, 2006

DAP Dinner in Klang on 23.4.2006

A fund raising dinner cum ceramah will be held in Klang on 23.4.2006 (Sun) at 7.00 p.m., jointly organized by the DAP Klang Utara Branch and my office.

The venue is Restaurant Rashna, the largest Chinese restaurant at Persiaran Sultan Ibrahim. In the similar occasion at the same venue in last July, we sold out 137 table which means the total turn out was 1,370. We are targeting at a new record of 150 tables.

The speakers at the dinner will be Sdr Lim Lip Suan, DAP Klang Utara branch Chairperson, Sdr Ng Suee Lim, DAP Selangor State Assemblyman for Sekinchan, Sdr Sim Tong Him, Former DAP Melaka State Assembly Opposition Leader, Sdri Teresa Kok, MP for Seputeh and me.


CRed said...

Its great to see some DAP members blogging. Way to go !!
DAP can be more successful if a few simple basic steps are taken namely:
1) Try to be more multi-racial and not only speak mandarin/chinese at functions.
2) Ask your committee members to go to school! Reliable sources confirms that some of your candidates for past election doesnt have proper education at all! What is your criteria??
BN Candidate=Doctor. DAP Candidate = SPM graduate, who u vote??

well, best wishes !

yapthomas said...


Yes, go to school is one important factor..

Do you think a Doctor can do a great job running a state or country even if he/she is educated?
Look at the situation now..
They know how to eat money..

It is the quality of a person that counts, not the quality of his/her education..

raymond said...

During the last election, I asked the DAP candidate for Kinrara what the DAP stood for. He nervously said, in the presence of some community leaders, DEMOCRATIC ACTION PARTY! He lost my vote that instance.

C-Red said...

agreed, quality of a person counts.

in Malaysia at least, education is a very good yardstick to judge how good quality a person is.

When a person is a doctor, one can at least know he had a good background and/or sound education, can pass exams (solving problems).
Is intelligent and at least has a reputation to keep.

A SPM Graduate who cant even speak/write proper English/BM as a DAP Election Candidate is a disgrace!

as I have said earlier, what is the criteria?? any ah kow ah seng also can stand in Election??
Doctors eat money, guess what a SPM Graduate will do.

supporter said...

Education and Spirit both are important! Wasting your time here debating, rather join the party to streghten the DAP!