Friday, March 03, 2006

IIlegal Satay House within vicinity of Istana Zakaria: Part II

About an hour ago, I was tipped off by a reliable source that the Satay House owner had been issued a compound today for running business at the Satay House illegally after I exposed the matter yesterday.
However, the MPK did not take any action against the illegal structure. By now, the MPK should have the information that the structure was built on the state land without even a TOL and building permission from the MPK. Why is the MPK dragging its feet?

Is it because the owner is a powerful politician and therefore time is given to him to apply for the TOL and building permission so that everything will be in order by the time we discover who the owner is? Why is the double standard? Or is it a new policy applicable to everyone else?
The MPK President, Abd Bakir bin Hj Zin, owes the people an immediate explanation.


Anonymous said...

Zakaria really take good care of those satay sellers. I'm wondering who will be the next benefitiaciary satay seller? Or any hawker stall? :)

Ken said...

Something really goes wrong. Seems nobody can pull him down straight away! The chapter is getting more thrilling now. Is like watching a Real Live tv Shows.