Saturday, March 04, 2006

I will be on ASTRO AEC tomorrow

I have been invited again to be one of the panel members in the Astro AEC (channel 19) Chinese TV talk-show, "Talking Issues", tomorrow at 8.oo p.m.
The theme of the show will revolve around the issues of tussle between the school boards and the Ministry of Education, the workbooks and the profit making activities. This will be the 2nd episode on the same issue when the 1st episode on 5.2.2006 had caused intense debate in the Chinese community especially on the authority of the school board and the corrupt practice of some headmasters.
One of my statements in the last episode that " [with intent to make money] some schools have organised too many extra-curriculum courses, e.g. 'Exploring the Left Brain', 'Exploring the Right Brain', 'Exploring the Whole Brain'. The whole body of the children have been fully explored.", had ignited heated arguments between the union of the Chinese school headmasters and the Federation of the Chinese School Boards (Dong Zong).
Tomorrow episode will certainly attract keen attention of the Chinese community.

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