Thursday, February 23, 2006

Istana Zakaria under construction: Part II

All the Chinese press today carried the story of Istana Zakaria and Zakaria's reply to my allegations.

On the issue of building plan, Zakaria replied very strangely that the question should be answered by the President or the Director of Building Department of MPK. Zakaria should be able to answer whether he had submitted the building plan and in the event he had, then produced the receipt as proof. If he had submitted the plan, the next question would be had he obtained the approval. Being a senior local councillor, he should be able to understand the questions and give direct answers to my query. Why was he being dilly-dally?

I was informed that the MPK President, Abd Bakir bin Hj Zin, had told the press that Zakaria had submitted the plan, contrary to my information, but approval had yet to be given and therefore he would be subject to penalty for constructing the palace before approval of plan. To determine the truth, I would go to the MPK tomorrow and do a search on the file.

Meanwhile, Zakaria also explained that he had been doing business all these years and made a fortune before he was elected as a state assemblyman. Well, if he had made his bulk before he was elected, why didn't he build the Istana then? Why did he need to live in a low cost house until his second term as assemblyman before he decided to build the Istana?

Be it as it may, I will soon lodge a report with the Income Tax Department to check if he has been paying tax accordingly for what he claimed to have been made from his business over the years. If there were no such declarations, he must have been either evading tax in which case the Income Tax Department will have a field-day or telling lie for which the ACA will have to sweat out to detect the sources of his wealth.

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I hope you can blog your follow up actions in relation to this matter for the readers to find out more about this case. I will visit your blog from time to time. Thanks for sharing with us.


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