Monday, February 27, 2006

Istana Zakaria under construction: Part IV

My letter to the IRB and the ACA

Due to time constraints, I was unable to go personally to the offices of the Inland Revenue Board and the Anti Corruption Agency this morning. Instead, I wrote to both Tan Sri Dato Zainoal Abidin bin Abd Rashid, CEO of the Inland Revenue Board, and Dato Zulkipli bin Mat Noor, Director General of Anti Corruption Agency. The letter was sent by fax and Pos Laju (Express Post).
In my letter, I urged the IRB to investigate if Zakaria had duly declared his income for all the years he was involved in business that enabled him to accumulate the wealth sufficient to built the palace worth more than RM5 million.
If he were found to have under-declared his income, then it would be prima facie that he had either been evading tax and thus committing an offence within the purview of the IRB, or obtaining income from unknown sources for which the ACA would have to do their job.
The ball is now in their courts, the IRB and the ACA.


Teng Chang Khim said...

A reader has pointed out a mistake in the 1st paragraph of the letter to the IRB and ACA where Zakaria's constituency was wrongly stated as Sungai Pinang. It should be Pelabuhan Klang. I will send a correction to the departments.

Thank you for perusing the letter and pointing out the mistake.

Anonymous said...

Please update us the latest responses from IRB and ACA.

Also, please tell us the background of Zakaria Md Deros and Mazlynoor Abdul Latiff. How come they are so super rich and can afford to build palaces in Klang?

Thank you.

Why no more blog after August 2006?

Anonymous said...

It is said that the Law would grind the poor, the rich rules the Law. So it is not easy for the Government to touch the rich.