Friday, February 24, 2006

Istana Zakaria under construction: Part III

As expected, the officer in the Building Department of MPK I met this morning was unable to tell me if Zakaria had submitted the building plan for approval and in the event he had done so, when was it. Ahmad Khairy, the head of department, was attending a meeting when I visited his department and the officer who met me could not, or probably dared not, provide me with any information.
I called Ahmad Khairy this afternoon at about 4.30 p.m. and he did not want to get into trouble, too.
As far as we, as tax payers, are concerned, as long as the MPK refuses to be transparent about the matter and continues to keep mum, we are entitled to conclude that Zakaria did not submit the building plan for his Istana. The one and only logical conclusion for the MPK's failure or refusal to show the proof of submission of building plan is that Zakaria did not submit one.
My next action will be to lodge report with the Income Tax Department and the Anti Corruption Agency next week. This will the issue of wealth.

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