Monday, March 17, 2008

Don't simply blame

Someone blamed me for not taking the initiative to advise our Selangor State Assemblyperson on the dress code when seeking audience with HRH Sultan.
Well, I must say again that we must get the facts right before making any conclusion.
Like Raja Petra, I knew about the said assemblyperson wearing pants from the photograph published in the media. That was after the event. I did not see her before she went to the palace. How could I advise her? How could I reasonably presume that she, being the third-term Member of Parliament, did not know the protocol?


Foo Yoong said...

Again ah? This blaming game never seems to end. First they blame you for not donning the songkok and when you clear that, they put the blame on you for not advising others. God knows what issue is in place next?
When are they going to give peace to you to do your job to catch rats?

Anonymous said...

Correct! Correct!Correct!
I think those people who blaming YB Teng are the people with bad intention. They have the motive...
I am very upset with those kind of statement. DAP had just doing well in the recent Election but there are peoples who try to stir unnecessary things up..
Tell me who in the Selangor DAP newly elected DUN had the experienced and exposures like what YB Teng had who spokes out without fears and smartly?
I bet you, for the time I can say none. Ronnie Liew is just the second class eventhough he may be seen as quite fears and outspoken.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Teng,

Maybe u reli feel irritiating on wat had just happened to u recently until u have post ur new comment at the midnite.(",)hehe!

I just feel pity on u coz it seems like "the media" try to related u to some issue.From the 'songkok thging' then new MB sworn then the palace protocol then...

I reli cant imagine wat will happen to u next(@.@)".From my point of view,they just try to 'make u in some trouble' o in other word try to spoil ur reputation n ur image in public.

I still rmbr the same case happened when i was at my high school's life.I has a fren (guy), he s quite outstanding in our badge n famous among frens.So,he been appointed become the bkb team captain frm us (student).We thought if we gave our suppost to him so the teacher will make the decision wisely.But the 'best' part s the teacher doesnt feel the same way.He thk tat my fren was mastermind.The horrible thg was he started to get"involve" in some ridiculous rumours and yet he remain silent.

He told me he get so irritiating when the rumours s going around.As his fren, v din encourage him to take any action but go straight to the HM because we thk tat the ppl who spreaded the rumours was in his own world so called "ss" o "self -shock". Wat they want2get was the public attention.That it! Nothg More Than That.

Finally, he suceesfully become captain and he went to the respective teacher and the 'spreader'and told them "i 4give on wat u have done to me but i hope i m the last victim".

See,in conclusion my "political chatter fren" has agreed ( after they hav also read ur post) that watever RP has done s just like a high schollrian.Maybe he shd hav grow matured n plz dun slimply make his own commnent be4 knowing the fact.

Anyway,V still giving our support to u in any event.Because V trust u and it will over soon.Keep On Fighting,CK!

Hope u r well.
May God Bless U and Ur Family.

** 'ss' or "self-shock" is a "verb" o "description" that well known among teenagers.and V LOVE to use it as our comment.LOL.


Anonymous said...

sigh, i hv read malaysian-today and starting to find its shallow, i hope RPK reads this. what i further hope is when he reads this, he would not be pissed of with u due to my comments. if he does, he is reallllly shallow.

well, i think he really hv a problem with u and mroe often than not, if this happens, it's hard to rebut.


June said...


I really salute you for taking the trouble to read through the comments and replying it. It's an honor for Malaysia to have an YB like you.

denzook said...

that said assemblyperson when 2 times to istana wasn't it, first time for audience and second time swearing in. the 2nd time she was wearing kebaya ,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Somebody is definitely very jealous or feeling very inferior and trying to run you down. I believe you will not be bothered by this 'small people'. Keep up the spirit, TCK

cheong hong said...

We have been wasting time in arguing costume rather than work hard for country's development or talk about what's the next step we should take and what's YB plan/mission or vision after the winning?


saubing said...

Mr Teng is the best!

WeySiang said...

We all know who is the most suitable candidate for Deputy Menteri Besar Selangor, yet DAP is not willing to recognize this.TCK is definitely the best person

tHeRiSinG said...

YB Teng, keep up the good work you hv been doing....we support you!
Hopefully DAP can grow from strength to strength. DAP must find ways to attract more malays & indians to make it a more Malaysian party and keep the talents.
God Bless...

sebol said...

YB Teng,

Tutup cerita Songkok, kita buka cerita Air.

Adakah nilai 20 meter padu air percuma itu bersesuaian?

Anonymous said...

read that teresa kok is gonna be deputy mb. Please, please tell the lady to wear whatever protocol dictates. Impatient to see you guys get working instead of having things snagged by little issues like attire. And It's good form too (to follow protocol) and shows that ppl who were once in opposition are not crude riffraff.
Best wishes
First Time Voter

ygl said...

teng, you jerk !!

Anonymous said...

Dear YB:

I really feel sad for a person like you. You are so good and yet nobody from DAP can see it.

IF not you, who can actually discover so many corrupted practices during last government time.

I can understand why Teresa has to take up the MB post? She is a MP for parliament and state, she still got time for DMB job? Does that mean whatever i thought of our PM who hold 3 posts were actually an insult to all malaysians is not true? we really short of people to run the course?

Isnt it wonderful just concentrate on her existing posts and let you to handle the DMB if there is one?

I dont know. I get confuse. Sometimes i wonder when I vote for DAP, is it i change the fox to a snake which equally dangerous? I am losing faith in politician. May be someone can convince me.

GOd bless you. YB Teng.

chew said...

YB Teng,
I'm the Terisa Kok supporter in Seputeh and she got all votes from my family. We are expected YB Kok represent us in the parliment.In Selangor I strongly feel that YB Teng is more suitable for TMB.
"Lu yau chi ma lit"

庄子 said...

I hope you are not affected by such wild accusation.
I hold high regards on your perseverence and endurance towards the attacks you received while you were the opposition ADUN.
What you need to do now is to concentrate on your duties as ADUN of the ruling parties,and make sure that the parties will continue to stay in power in all future elections.

Ijokian_131 said...

YB Teng,
I felt irritated by the statement from DAP Central Commitee (CC) over the manner they proposed the women candidate. What a sarcastic suggestion from the statement by YB TKW. Prior to the election, I always heard DAP condemn the government BN for not taking care of the good professional peaoples like doctor and etc. Now, they do exactly like the BN. Fears that the good candidate like YB Tengwill overshadow some of the old party leaders....
Please la DAP CC, please wake up...DAP are entrusted by the Rakyat especially Chinese community to 'do the right things' and not run down somebody that they dont like. Please look at his/her capabilities and past experienced, not simply because she is lady and then make up some story to please members. Horrible YB TKW and those concerned。。。。。

LapCheong said...

People are trying make issue from a petty thing. I agreed with YB Teng that as a member of parliment, she should know the protocol. By the way, I feel Raja Petra is writing based on emotion not based on facts. His writing sometime laced with fiction, emotion.

novice101 said...

You have devoted a large part of your adult life to politics because you have beliefs and ideals you hold dear. You believe they are worth fighting for. Why let such trivial matters distract you. Do not allow them to disturb you, use your precious time and energy for your worthwhile causes. Let them roll off you, like raindrops rolling off the body of a duck. Be magnanimous!

berubahuntukmalaysia said...

Aiyoh... Must be those BN cyber troopers trying to be funny. Mr Teng please ignore them! :) Don't get too uptight with such crap...

Nuisance la... :)

Wadah said...

please not so defensive in such a small issue.. we just hope a good and smooth in the state governance.. please remember, we not just gave our vote to DAP, but also gave our 'free service' as counting agent for DAP, even though we just appointed as PAS counting agent.. SK Jalan Tiga,N26,Selangor.

Damocles said...

Could this be the work of the BN Cyber-troopers?

mox said...

Is there going to be a Deputy Menteri Besar position in Selangor? Why is DAP are very keen on the position? Too greedy..

Dissapointed DAP voters

mistral_empra_Qunny said...

Why should you babysit trivial matters(dress code bla bla bla) when you got thousands people to serve.(suppose to be millions though.)

Shame to DAP for not recognising your contribution.Youre a natural born leader.Why practice dicrimination at such a talented man?

leeya said...

Dear YB.

You alway got my support. I believe people with strong mind. will sucess at end of the day.

Keep up!! cheer!

Anonymous said...

DAP in-fighting is really disappointing.

MY said...

I agree with lapcheong. RPK writings are emotional most of the time. But everyone have their rights to express themselves. Still I think this kiasan is quite useful in this situation "siapa makan cili, dialah terasa pedas". You don't need to be so defensive against RPK statement if you think what he'd written about you is not true. You can be outspoken but keep on arguing in this context makes all of you looks so childish. Moreover when, both parties keep on quoting each other over statements made several years ago by media that both party claims to be bias and untrustworthy.

Therefore, let go and move forward!

Long way to go after this. It's the beginning of new government. Lets all work towards a better country for all Malaysian to live in.

Thanks. MY

Hi&Lo said...

The said DMB wannabe is a jerk. She gives good impression but until you know her close-up. I thot I was only one with such impression and had kept it to myself. A friend who had helped her described her as such without my prompting.

Anonymous said...

Pls don't act and respond like a Mr Opposition all the time. One who is good at opposing is not necessary good at governing. So, you got to change tack - i really don't care much for yr lack of diplomacy veering on pettiness.

deborah said...

Dear Teng,
I think we shld let the matter rest.. Just step back and read the comments... I think half if not more are posted by the BN people to instigate and to provoke. What DAP (& and BR) needs right now is unity. Think!! You and your other colleagues stayed with DAP to serve the people and becuz you have a collective vision and values. Now that DAP has 4 of you represented in the state exco, thats way above our wildest expectations. Don't let all the success and lure of power and positions distract you (and that goes for all the members of BR) from your vision and purpose.
I seriously feel that, positons (even that of DMB) is unimportant. For each of the DAP assemblyman (whether in exco or not, whether is dmb or not), you are now in a better and stronger position to bring change and help the people of Selangor.
Forget about who said what, and focus on the WORK.
TALK LESS AND WORK!!!! All the best..

旺樟 said...

Wronged you.

good luck to you ^^

Anonymous said...

Dear DAP supporter!

i just open this forum for us to discuss, change our view...

i hope all of you can join this forum!!!
I am sorry that the forum only can support chinese characters

See u there!

Anonymous said...

Grow up. We just won for the first time in history.Make it work.Stop all this.
Whoever is chosen let it be.

Laksarian said...

Hi&Lo, care to back up your accusations with some proof or at least a background story? Why don't you share your experience with everyone here, unless you know... you're bullshitting.

Anonymous said...

This is a joke isn't it? A woman can't wear pants in the presence of a small time sultan? No wonder Malaysia is stuck in the 3rd world.

Garden said...

Dear Mr Teng,

Kindly go to this link below provided by BBC UK, picture of which was taken back in 2002.

The picture shows Chinese Muslim brothers praying the Eid Fitr in Western China (Mainland). Look at the one wearing a songkok. He is a Chinese just like you. He has no qualm wearing a songkok. Why should you sir? Does it make you any less Chinese wearing a songkok? Learn from this Muslim brother in China sir, he wears a songkok and he is so much a Chinese just like you. Be mature please. Regards.

Aaron said...







希望我们的“主公”能顺顺利利完成“任务”。这次的大选,YB邓如愿蝉联SG PINANG的州议员,而且也像YB邓之前说的MISSION ACCOMPLISHED。接下来就是如何把“任重道远”这四个字的精神继续发挥了。小弟好期待哦

Anonymous said...


無論如何,YB Teng ,你永遠是我的偶像。

Tay TG said...

YB Teng,

Frankly, I really fedup with DAP over the appointment of Exco members this time.

The party that we supported all this while is like 'shit'.

I am not a DAP member but my whole family members and I have been supported DAP for years...

However, when come to appoitment of exco member, the party does not really nominate the 'right' ADUN and instead practicing 'politic' in the party.

Not because I am Klang boy, I support YB Teng but he is really a capable assemblyman and most experience one but why he is being 'kick out'.

Do not 'bloody' tell me that he is not nominated just because he ask LKS to step down years back.

Come on, past is past !!!

Please no offend, but are you telling me that Ronnie is more capable, talented and better than Teng, a lawyer who really 'fight' with BN ADUN alone all this while.

We supported Ronnie because we choose party not Ronnie. I attended DAP election rally and the way Ronnie speech, ah....How to compare to YB Teng ?????

Teresa, same thing ! The way she talk, I do not know how can she handle BN ADUN and MP. Not impressive at all...Again, we supported her as we choose party.

Au Yong, still 'green' in politic lah..

Come on, I just can not accept the fact that Teng is not being appointed as Exco member.

I think DAP will definately lose many vote in the next coming election.

As DAP supporter, we must not keep quiet, we must tell DAP particularly Lim Guan Eng and LKS that they made wrong decision.

YB Teng, I hope you continue to 'fight' for us - Klang residents and we will support you not because you are DAP member but because you are capable politican and your contribution towards party and people in Klang is not questionable.

I hope I can personally meet you one day.