Friday, March 14, 2008

I am not in the fight

I have been keeping a low profile in the past few days in the midst of various speculations.
My fellow Malaysian, Wan, whom I do not know personally, emailed me and said he needed to hear my side of story. I agree with him that I should say something to clear the air.
It has been reported in the local media that Ronnie Liu (Selangor DAP State Assemblyman for Pandamaran), Teresa Kok (Selangor DAP State Assemblyperson for Kinrara) and I have been fighting for the position of Deputy Chief Minister (Timbalan Menteri Besar) in the new Selangor state government.
I just want to state categorically that, as far as I am concerned, I am not in the fight, if there is one. I did not make even a call to the party leadership to lobby or to offer myself for the position. I leave it entirely to the wisdom of the party leadership.
Some comrades in the party feel that I am qualified for the job. They are entitled to have their own opinions. Some local leaders have expressed support for me to hold the post. They are also entitled to their opinions. Some opinion makers opined that I am eligible for the job. They are also equally entitled to hold that opinion. Nevertheless, that does not necessary mean that I am involved in the fight for the post.
I have made myself clear to the public that I uphold the Confucian teaching, "不患无位,患所以立“, that literally means "do not worry about having no position, do worry about having no capability". If I am offered, I will take up the job. If I am not offered, so be it. Nothing more and nothing less.
I did not intend to join the DAP for an official appointment 18 years ago. Otherwise, I would not have had joined the DAP.
However, I must also express my gratitute to all friends, known and unknown, for their good words and support for me.
I will do my best for whatever entrusted unto me. I am not invloved in any fight for the post.


Anonymous said...

I agreed with you, position is not important. What we are looking for is BA can produce result in this 5 years. This is a very good chance given to you all to prove your capability. Stay united and calm, BN has shown a good example, people who crazy power and greedy will be rejected by new generation of anak malaysia.
One of the important mission is to surface all corruption casessssss in passed BN gov. This is the common topic which can get public support. And, this is one of the reason I suppport BA.
Although DatoZ is not around now, I wonder if the gov can take over his palace and turn it to orphan home. I guess he would not object this as he built it for rakyat.
BA must deliver more to rakyat not fighting for position. If you all keep fighting, only BN will win in coming election. Be wise, stay cool and united.


cchany said...

Thank you for clearing the air. I have been browsing your blog for the past few days. And i am so so glad on your statement: "I did not intend to join the DAP for an official appointment 18 years ago"
That's the spirit!

Anonymous said...

I really admire and respect your spirit and principle!

You can count our support, always.

Best wishes.

saubing said...

Mr. Teng,

You have done a great job in your tenure as state assemblymen and has uncovered many of wrongdoings of the ex-selangor state government especially under Toyo. I have always admire your courage especially in uncovering the scandal of the late Zakaria and his "palace". Well done! I always thought that DAP will always choose the best candidate for any job regardless of race and religion. I feel tht you are the best person for deputy MB. If you are not been chosen, my confidence in DAP will be shattered. You have my vote! Keep it going!

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Teng,

Have been checking your blog for any updates.

It is indeed wise of you if you think this way. I First saw you spoke in USJ 12 in DAP's ceramah.. And haf been in awe at your humbleness and willingness to soldier on, for the Rakyat.

Keep it up!!!

Best wishes,
USJ,Subang Jaya

denzook said...

you, sir, have my utmost respect for being such humble.

but you wrote "If I am offered, I will take up the job. If I am not offered, so be it. Nothing more and nothing less".

are there pressures from CEC to recuse yourself from the appointment due to some rumours/allegations that you backstabed your comrade to vacant his seat for a newbie. anyway, i respect your stand. it is true for some people that being a soldier is better than being a leader....

Anonymous said...

always support you!

Teng Chang Khim said...

Dear denzook,

In my entire 18 years in politics, I have never backstabbed anyone. If you like the word 'stab', then I only do 'frontstabbing':-).

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Teng,

I m doing my research 4 i just drop by ur blog n saw ur new post.Of course i read it.

Evevtually, i was so tempted to leave u a comment about the position of Deputy Chief Minister in the Selangor State Goverment coz u just remain low profile o even can say as 'silent' in the pass few days.

You make me feel curious.In fact u r the only politicians who can get my attention( so on so far).So, i decided to ask my uncle who s close to me, in fact he is my "POLITICS KNOWLEDGE'S RESOURCE",wakakaka (sounded a bit bad,who cares)

My uncle said remain low profile is ur Style ur Personality n Character.I was quite disagree with him coz he s not u then how he suppose to know wat u actually thking, rite??

He told me be patient and he believes that you will make comment one, the day has come...

After i finish reading ur blog n i sms him to tell him that wat he thoughts of u was truth.Both of us laught out loud.(",)

After the GE12,lots of thg changed n included Selangor.Maybe in the pass 50 years,the opposition only plan thier strategics to win their seat in GE but seldom plan further more than that just like (wat if) the opposition took over Bn (just like now),the only result v saw after a week s 'kelam-kabut' o 'luan qi ba zao'.

i just hope that the who fellow who suppose to incharged in this matter plz get it done asap n start to work as tremendeous team and families to beat BN.

Maybe is a little bit too more 4 a teenager to make her comment here.Hope u dont mind n sori 4 the broken english n chinese.

Hope u r well.
May god bless u n ur family.
All the best.

nikko-19 (",)

ntah said...

i'm a malay. I was read about your performance as a YB in selangor for a years. And for me you do a great job. You work so hard for selangor people (all of races) and it is positive future for malaysia if we have more Yb's like you. A people (rakyat)want to see yb's help them to solve their problem. So i hope that you can work harder and stand a far from the situation. it is not important to 'rebut2'seat of exco or other than that..just let see and look what far there can go...but the important thing is a people always support you to become a great YB....I hope we can see more leader who have an 'open mind' in selangor and in a DAP's line...

Charles Wong said...

Dear YB Teng, being a DAP supporter, I've not heard much about you compare to the more illustrious leaders of the party. I'm aware you were the sole person soldiering on for fairness and defending the Rakyat's rights just before PRU12. Kudos to you for your determination and resilience.

Having read your entry now, I'm so impressed by your humility and desire to serve. DAP is very lucky to have people like you in the party, and we are very lucky to have a Yang Berkhidmat like you. I wish you success in all your undertakings and may you be blessed with peace and happiness always. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

Very honorable statement. The Barisan "Alternatif" need to check with the Sultan and state constitution first. I think Perak is having problem now because Sultan is angry since he was not consulted on the Deputy MB posts. Also, the state constitution may not have provision for Deputy MB post and may cause legal problems with respect to powers of Deputy MB, scope of work etc.

Even if youre UMNO Malay, still the Sultan has final say and this has been the case in Perlis and Terengganu. Even UMNO gets slapped by the Sultans. Very embarrasing.

Also, please conduct your negotiations behind closed doors and please dont air your disagreements in public. Please please dont let Selangor be like Perak.

John Khoo said...

YB Teng, i'm ur political admirer!!U r our hero!!However. i think u r the most qualified person to hold the Deputy MB post!!i really hope u get chosen!!!

Thanksin said...

Ah Teng,

I and many others would like to see you be part of the new Selangor State Govt. If uncle Lim is reading this, we don't want those incapable fellows running the state affairs! Else you would just end up like another BN Govt.

Keep up the good work!


Foo Yoong said...

On a lighter note, may be your track record of bringing down previous two MBs might be look as a jinxed to any MB aspirant.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Teng,
I have been admired you since the debate between u and MCA on 2005. your debate skill are fantastic that really hurt the two MCA fellow. I really respect your principle and hope u continue serving the people well.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Interesting Mr. Teng, some friends asked me to login to vote to show support and always my first question is "Whether Mr. Teng himself has the intention to contest"

Anyway, I don't see it a big deal of whether to be or not to be the TMB, the BA or BR has more important things to worry about.

rational thinker said...

Dear MP Teng,

Very gracious of you, despite being the senior DAP MP. I strongly support your stand. If DAP MPs really wanted a position, they should have gone to MCA or umno in the first place.

Deputy MB is an honour to serve. Not sure why there's report of fights. do the supporters felt that they ll get benefits if whoever they support is the DMB?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Teng, i support you! Yea, position in the state government is not important! Serving the ppl is number one priority! Back in 2006 Sarawak state election, i listened to your ceramah at kuching. I support you! Hope you can come to help in state election here in 2yrs time...
Anyway, factionalism and differences in a party is a common issue..


Anonymous said...

Congratulation! YB Teng, you are our hero on the earth, finally you came in to drop a few lines which we had been long waiting. I still remember in 2006 when you came in to Sarawak for the campaign, you voiced out what we wanted that we have more than enough money to construct the highways from Kuching to Sibu, Sibu to Miri, Miri to Muching, and we are all 20 years behind W. Malaysia (what a shame), your speech was so impressive and touching that I never forget. We want to see you again in 2010/11. All Sarawakians are waiting for the big event to come and return our rights as a citizen of Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

Please comfirm if what the news said about you offending the sultan by not wearing the songkok? If yes, then i'm not sure on whats your stand here as you mentioned that you join DAP for 18 years & you are not interested in position. Please note that after 18 years of fighting.. you are now the govt of selangor & you do not need to fight everyday now. I want you to fight to improve our economy so that we the rakyat can benefit from it.Fight for justice..yes, Fight to improve the state economy..Yes but fight for all the small stuffs.. No lah, there's bigger things to do now as the Selangor Govt.If you are not interested in positions.. then tell your team mates to start forming the state govt and start working for the rakyat.. enough talk.. action is whats count.

1st time DAP voter

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Teng, I came across RPK's website and he has some comments on you. Pls. check it out and do the needfull. I really hope that everything is going well

Anonymous said...

whats your comment on this?

Little Dragon said...

Mr. Teng,

When I threw in my votes for you people in the recent GE, I harboured high hopes that the BA would bring positive changes and prove that they can indeed be a viable alternative for the rakyat.

But recent events such as LKS's infantile outburst over squabblings in Perak, LGE's amateurish mishandling of the press and your present turf wars in Selangor are beginning to raise doubts not only in my mind but also in the minds of the thousands of voters like me as to the DAP's ability, in particular, to administer.

Please bear in mind that WE are the ones who put you up there to represent OUR interest and NOT your own. So buck-up and start delivering on your promises lest you want US to throw you out come the next GE.

I hope you will pass this message on to ALL levels of the DAP, especially your top leadership, to STOP behaving like village bumpkins and start behaving more professionally.

Also, please wear a songkok when you next have to meet HRH the Sultan of Selangor. It's terribly uncouth in terms of palace customs and protocol for any of his subjects not do so. And please don't forget to wear socks too!!!

no2umno said...

Are you offending the sultan by not wearing the songkok? Please explain.

khonglong said...

YB Teng, What is this I hear about you refusing to wear the songkok? Is it even true? First of all, I'm Chinese Malaysian and I do not see any problem at all with us wearing the national head dress. It does not make you look like a Muslim or Malay. You will still look like yourself and we'll still recognise you. We're a lot more interested to see what this new state govt can do for the people. If you're competent and honest, you can wear a plastic bag over your head for all I care, I'll still be very happy. But if you're no different from the BN, then you can be wearing the most splendid of clothing and I'll still vote you out the next time, just like the BN this time round. Thank you.

Gan said...

Thank you very much for stating your stand to clear the air. The rakyats thank you for placing country before self.

All rakyats - In my opinion, please ease off or drop all your well meaning intentions in the best interest of DAP, the new coalition and in particular for YB Teng's sake.

Please, please let the electeds do what they have to in this one a 50 year's golden opportunity.

There's lots to be done and time/energy cannot be wasted on such issues.

Do not give BN the opportunity to stir up trouble by implanting suspicion and animosity within our electeds.

Thank you again.

LesterChan said...

Hahaha...front stabbing! It is without any doubt that it was you who have spoken.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

There is a very damaging blog entry by RPK that tells about you refusing to wear the songkok when meeting the Sultan. As you know since it is in RPK's blog, the whole country will know about this. Many probably think if this is true, then it is unreasonable and petty of you. Lau Weng San was seen in the papers wearing one during the MB swearing in ceremony. You may want to offer your clarification on this matter. Thank you YB.

Anonymous said...

due to the lack of publicity of the 'internal disputes' amongst DAP, up to today, i m still not at all clear, but i dont care, it's really none of my business. all i, being an observer, can see is the integrity and the honesty in carrying out ones' tasks in politics and serving the people. and in this, i hv identified u amongst the few deserving leaders in their own right who stands out. kudos to u!

there is juz so much out there which one cannot control ie. how people thinks and react, and funny thoughts which form in people's head. and that, i emphatize u.


Anonymous said...

Dear YB
You are the most qualified person in DAP for the seat (Deputy Chief Minister ) , pls consider about it , and me and my family will always support you . Keep it up my dear YB]

Benny Teh
SS19 Subang Jaya

Alex said...

Me thinks that Raja Petra has become drunk with the power and influence he wields..His info is very good but not all of it is true..if only the Malaysia Today readers would be a bit more questioning instead of lapping up everything Raja Petra writes as the trueth, gospel and must be followed by everyone..just my 2 sens.

Anonymous said...

I salute you!!!
For the sake of Malaysia's future, all the opposition parties have to work together, to prove that they are the right choice.
This is not the time to fight for personal glory.
You will stand a seat in Malaysia history.

Third Sound said...

Yang Berkhidmat,

I like ur style!


Shin said...

I absolutely agree YB Teng had never mention anything about he "want", "hope", "wish", "interested", "qualified" to be offered for the past day. All rumors about the "FIGHT" are very unfair to him, all supporters please stop pushing him to be involved in the fight. As a YB Teng supporter, we should not give him pressure and conjecture DAP leaders reject to promote him to be the Deputy Chief Minister. I strong believe he does not care of whether he will be promoted or entrusted. Otherwise he would not be an opposition party to challenge BN party and fight the benefits for Selangor people for so many years. Well, I think all supporters need to calm down and stop giving YB pressure. Don’t make the situation like Perak, don’t people misunderstand DAP is caring of high position, don’t let BN have chance to attack DAP. We should understand YB's situation and character. Remember whatever he will be entrusted, he will still provide good service to us. Because he is Teng Chang Khim!

chang said...

Do not complain or argue anything that without 'hear' by your ear and 'see' by your eye. Note: Always support the policy not people, race or party or ....emotion..?! LOL

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Teng,

To me,you are such a wonderful candidate to be in the front line up of New Selangor State adminstration. None of the DAP newly appointed YB can be comparable to you.I am very upset the party leadership which intend to marginalised you.
My message to DAP leadership, it will be a great loss if such an experienced candidate like YB Teng have not been well taken take off.
Who in the DAP members or leadership can speak up both in Chinese and Bahasa so well like YB? Yes perhaps one, that is Ngeh Ker Min of DAPSY chief.
So, DAP leadership and especially Ronnie Liew, Teresa Kok and the Au Yong, please behave your selves...... You will be voted out if you all fellow trying to politiciise among the DAPs.

michaelscy said...

YB Teng, the people will always support you. Your effort is well recognized by the people. I am very disappointed that the DAP does not appreciate real capable people. I am a DAP supporter yet sometimes i am very disagree with the action taken by the DAP. The DAP's slogan is "Just Change it", but if the DAP doesn't change itself, this party wouldn't be able to keep going further. One day, i am sure that the DAP will be regretful. God bless DAP.

jwhx said...

No matter how, you would know that a lots of us support you. What you had done, we seen it, and we appreciate it.

boon loi said...

DAP leaders are humans as well, too bad most of them are jealous of you now. Let's hope things will change for the better in order for you to serve the people more effeciently............

Anonymous said...

"I did not intend to join the DAP for an official appointment 18 years ago."
should be
"I did not join the DAP for an official appointment 18 years ago."

Anyway, nothing wrong to hold an appointment if it were decided that you should hold an appointment and contribute to the betterment of all Malaysians.

Good luck.

ken said...

Dear YB,

let me write in manglish

congratulation. my hope and expectation now is Barisan Rakyat (federal opposition or whatever you call it) to tadbir 5 states bagus2. kerjasama between 5 states so that rakyat can see the different how BR tadbir without corruption, cronyism etc

i believe, if BR can tadbir 5 states dengan bagus, in next election BR can take the federal gov

i want to see more cooperation between parties. give and take. dap, pas didnt not get votes from single race, but all races. my malay friends admit they voted for dap for first time and glad their votes help dap won

i like the statement by rpk
'Although the opposition will see its coalition’s resilience stretched to the limit in Perak, all three parties stand to benefit if they succeed in overcoming their differences.

For the DAP, this will be a golden opportunity to dispel its anti-Malay image and to restrain the more chauvinistic elements in the party.

The Chinese-dominated party can get a lot of goodwill from the Malays by allowing PAS to assume the top post in Perak even though DAP has more seats.

At the same time, it can strengthen the hands of PAS professionals’ faction against the ulamak (religious scholars) who are dogmatic.

With cooperation from DAP and PKR, chances are PAS would become more moderate, especially if the modern Islamic professionals in the party gain more influence.

On the other hand, DAP could capitalise on this opportunity to educate its supporters, especially the Chinese, that PAS is not as threatening as they think it is.

Meanwhile, PKR, which is the bridge between DAP and PAS, could boost its power base in the mixed constituencies, especially if its elected representatives could offer good services to all across the ethnic divide.

All in all, the “tiga sekawan” (tripartite) partnership among PAS, DAP and PKR is a win-win deal provided they reinforce the best of one another.'

Anonymous said...

YB I sangat suka dengan u punya "do not worry about having no position, do worry about having no capability" - fikiran ini takkan salah!

Anonymous said...

YB Teng .. I admire your selfless-ness.. When I read RPK's article, I questioned how true was his accusations cause a lot of us have faith in you.. I know you would not be hampered by this damaging accusations of your characters if it is baseless.. Continue the good work..

RPK, with due respect, it is important to ensure that the facts are correct before accusing anyone, I love the articles you posted in Malaysia Today. Call us naive, but there are a lot of us who believe quite blindly what you said because we look upon you as our hero and freedom fighter.. Let's not let our hastiness and recklessness get the best of us. Continue to keep Malaysia Today a reliable and credible source of independent political news. Thanks.

Shin said...

I am so sad and disappointed that DAP have officially announced they would like to promote entrusting YB Teresa Kwok as Selangor Deputy Chief Minister. Many people say BN lost bcoz they are not listening to people but I wonder is DAP listening to people? We have given many strong points to support YB Teng. The reason and purpose of promoting YB Teresa Kwok is not really acceptable. Anyways, I believe YB Teng still will do his best to us.

moo_t said...


孔子不患无立虽然直接容易明白, 不过太矫情了。

《庄子》- 田子方篇, 谈过同样的事。

肩吾曾经问孙叔敖关于官职的事。 “你三次出任令尹却不显出荣耀,你三次被罢官也没有露出忧愁的神色,起初我对你确实不敢相信,如今看见你容颜是那么欢畅自适,你的心里竟是怎样的呢?”


Alex said...

IMO Teresa Kok is a fantastic ADUN and MP..however I think her workload is already too much (ADUN + Exco + MP)..if she is elected as DMB, how can she possibly juggle 4 positions which requires 4 different priorities?

There is no doubt that Teng CK as the most senior DAP leader in Selangor..and being an ADUN for quite a long more suitable to be elected DMB. Experience definitely counts..regardless of what the DAP CEC's problem is with Teng CK.

Tan Chin Leong said...

YB Teng,

Glad to hear that the reported media is NOT TRUE!

Anonymous said...

With your experience as 4 term DUN and capability, I wish that you are one of the exco members. I think you can contribute more and fight with "UMNO".
I will disappointed with DAP top gun if denied you as exco members.

Tay TG said...

Ronnie wanted the DMB post. Come on, is he qualify ??? To me, he is not qualify for even exco member basing on his education background and capability ie debate skill and speeches etc.

Anonymous said...


dyen soh said...

It was a wonderful speech in Kg Kerayong, Pahang on 21st March 2008. Although you were late, but it was worthwhile of awaiting you.I am the girl who shaked hand with you and praised to you :" good speech".
YB Teng,No one can deny your capability and selfless contributions.kindly remember, i'd always be your good listener...

jie said...


Huixin said...

I pay all my respect to you...This is really a very very good article...
Jia you No matter what is happeing there, I and my whole family will always support your decisions....

Anonymous said...

How about Z's Istana. I hope I can takeover, turn it into a tourist hot spot. i am sure can make a lot of money for the orphanage, old folk & needy.