Saturday, March 01, 2008

Fresh from Sungai Pinang 4: Melaka ceramah collected RM24,000

I was about to take my bath at about 2.00 am this morning after attending the dinner in Sekinchan and after a brief meeting at the DAPKlang Utara branch when I received the call from Sdr John Lim, DAP candidate for a state seat in Melaka.
I thought he wanted to remind me of the Melaka ceramah to be held at Pey Fong School on 2.3.2008 which I had agreed to attend. In fact, he just wanted to show off that the Melaka DAP ceramah last night had collected more than RM24,000 from the floor, this breaking my record of RM19,000 collected at the Klang ceramah on 27.2.2008. They were so proud to 'defeat' me.
Well, anyway, congratulation to DAP Melaka!
The feed-back from the ground is that SimTong Him is on his way to win Kota Melaka.


Anonymous said...

always behind u..

Lee said...

Dun44 Sungai Penang , DAP Y.B Teng Sure Win !

Coming 4/3/2008 , i believe we can do it better than Melaka RM24,000.

Tell the people, you wish to collect another 30k !

If you think you can , you can !

cheong hong said...

Thanks YB Teng for your endurance in this case. Don't let the minor thing influenced our mission. The fight is much more tougher out there. Unity is more important now. Bravo, DAP! Bravo YB Teng!