Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fresh from Sungai Pinang 8: New record, Klang collected RM63,000

Yes! Klang people want to lead.

Our ceramah last night at the Klang Hokkien Association Hall collected from the floor a total of RM63,000.00 for our election fund. This is a new record for the DAP collection from a single ceramah function.
The crowd patiently listen to 10 speakers, namely, S. Manikavasagam (PKR Parliamentary candidate for Kapar), Ng Suee Lim (DAP state candidate for Sekinchan), Goh Leong San (DAP state candidate in Melaka), Lew Ah Kim (DAP former MP for Seputeh), Azmin Ali (PKR Parliamentary candidate for Gombak), Charles Santiago (DAP Parliamantary candidate for Klang), Lau Dak Kee (DAP former MP for Ipoh), Lee Su Chin (committee member of Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall), Goh Kian Seng (Principal of Confusian Chinese Independant Secondary School, Kuala Lumpur) and I from 8.00 pm to 12.30 am. The police did not interrupt.
More than 6 thousand peope packed the hall and another 1,500 followed the event by watching the screen outside the hall.
For tonight, I will be at Pandan Indah, Petaling Utama, Rantau Panjang and Hin Hua School Klang.


Anonymous said...

i been there yesterday was really amazed...and i believe DAP will be getting a good result in this coming Sat...
Take Care...Keep on moving
God bless

Anonymous said...

You can view Teng Chang Khim election campaign video clip at

Aaron said...









A resident in Klang said...

Wow, I found your blog. Luckily it is in English.

I only heard of you during the last election when my brother and mother can’t stop praising you. So this time around, they started the hype again. Every night after attending your speech, they will come back with stories to share with me and sister. So in order to see it ourselves, my sister and I went to your speech at Taman Eng Ann.

We went there at 9.00 pm sharp. I was told that the speech started at 9.00pm and lasted for just 10 minutes. (Well, obviously I was conned). We waited for 40 minutes. The crowd turned bigger and bigger and frankly to say, I was amazed that everyone were so patient to wait for you to come.

At approximately 9.45 pm, you came and the crowd cheered loudly. Before you came, the host asked the crowd to come nearer to the “stage” but no one obey because it is in the middle of the road. But as soon as you step on the “stage”, everyone walked near to it, oblivious to the fact that they have blocked the road. That’s what I called “Influential”.

And if I’m not mistaken, the speech lasted for 1 hour and 40 minutes (just to correct your previous entry). For that 1 hour and 40 minutes, I was so into the speech, it was as if I was spelled. I even stopped the person who was talking on the phone in front of me because he was interrupting me listening to your speech. Haha. I was also amazed by your hokkien fluency and thank you, that you speak hokkien and not mandarin.

Yes, you were right that after the speech, everyone was reluctant to go home, because they wanted to hear more just like me. So after that night, my sister and I became your fans already, just like my mother and brother. We went to your speech in front of your office, but you were speaking for a short period only. Not satisfied, we want to join you at Rantau Panjang but being advised not to go there by one of your volunteers. He said the road there is quite complicated, we might get lost.

So last Tuesday on 4th of March, I think for the first time, my whole family put so much priority in a function. Sister rushed back from work, I changed my work shift, mother and brother busy fetching people and father get ready himself. No one wants to be late to the speech at Hokkien hall.Our aim was only one, we want to show you our support.

Again, like usual, everyone cheered loudly at the first sight of you. Mother was standing at the side, cant wait to shake hand with you, I was in the middle seat and don’t want to miss the chance, I rushed to the side also. Haha, luckily, I managed to shake hand with you.

Everyone loves you so much. I can see that they don’t attend just for the sake of attending but they really want to support their leader that is you. Can u imagine people are staying as late as 12am just to wait for you to talk? Everyone was tired, I was tired too, mum was tired too and she needs to wake up at 4am the next morning but still she was reluctant to go back.

When you asked us to donate the second time, everyone listened. I saw most of them pulling out a rm50 note and I don’t expect that the second time you guys were able to collect more than rm10k which makes the total rm63k. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

I can see that there is really hope for Klang with you around and I hope you will not give up on us. Wish you all the best on 8th of march. You will have my prayers. Good luck. Please take good care of your health. Oh ya, thank you for acknowledging the English speaking people like me for publishing your leaflets in English too. Keep up the good work!!

cheong hong said...

Good Morning YB,

After the "indelible ink was scrapped" news was announced, i was depressed for the whole day and night. What is the implication of this? Does it mean anyone can just vote for how many times they want? If it is so, it will be a "sure win" game for the BN!

Before this, i was wondering why our PM and his son in law were not aggressive at all in pulling votes in their area after the 1st week of nomination. If the ink issue implied what i thought, they all can just sit there and wait for the result! We are just making a show for them! OMG!

If this is a real case, who else can help us? If not Queen Elizabeth? If not India Government? If not Yang Dipertuan Agong?

Thanks YB for your time..

best regards,

Hi&Lo said...

YB Teng, congrats and best wishes

旺樟 said...





Jarod said...

Thanks for coming to Pj ss2. U did a great job by waking up the sleepy head who still go for BN.All the best!

Anonymous said...

Your courage really inspire me. Though many of us rakyat keep on grumbling about how bad our government is, yet, all just end up as coffee shop talks.

This time round, I'm committed to make a change!!!

Start by attending DAP ceramah, next by providing financial support and now volunteer myself to help out DAP on the polling day!

Way to move forward!! Hooray!!

Poh Hau said...

You're a true leader. I'll be disappointed with the DAP leadership if they don't promote you to be the Deputy Chief Minister of Selangor. Anyhow, even not promoted to be Deputy Chief, I hope you'll continue remain in DAP and hopefully one day they'll see the light and realize you're an asset to them. Rakyat in Selangor is with you YB