Monday, November 27, 2006

Bicameral proximity: MP and Senator

I was one of the recipients of the above photograph. The man, apparently wearing a bathrobe, is a Member of Parliament at the lower house (Dewan Rakyat) and the woman in his chest is a Senator. Both are married but not to each other.

The scene seems to be a typical hotel bathroom where a towel rack and a clothes-line box can be seen on the upper left of the photograph.

What could they possibly be doing in the room or bathroom of a hotel in such a romantic atmosphere?

Whatever could it be but in a country where the political leadership emphasizes so much on moral and values based on religion, the two members of Parliament will certainly have to openly justify their close proximity.

They can either admit it or deny it by claiming that the photograph was super-imposed. Whatever. The point is that the public has a right to know since they are political leaders subject to public scrutiny.

Let's give them a chance.

Note: "Bicameral" means a system of government having 2 chambers of Parliament.


Anonymous said...

bingo, another do-gooder busted.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the photo , mr teng

this type of craps should be bring to justice & go to JAIS . hehheheehhe. both of them actually got some marriedge problems with their own familes. no wonder they all curi makan.

SR215 said...


Two public figures snapped a photo together in a bathroom, married but not to each other?

Blame it on the Photoshop?

These two thinks public are idiot?


Anonymous said...

You are good. If you have the negative then might as well produce the foto and post it out here.

* ahem * assume only if you can make the copy lah.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. I wonder if film negatives can be duplicated. Also, I wonder if there is technology available to "develop" the negatives into better pictures. But the pics sure look like someone I saw in the newspapers today.

Anonymous said...

i dun think it is done thru photoshop..the pic just look too real man

Anonymous said...

Mr. Teng,
Good work. Only people like yourself deserve the praise of the general public. You see, in Malaysia, top politically connected people can do many "nasty" things and get away with it. Only in Malaysia. BUT sad, many ordinary Malaysians know about their tricks, but nobody listen or care to listen and do something about it. Even if an ordinary citizen complaints to the Government - chances is the Top Poilitcally connected "person/s" will usually get away with it. I need not stress more.
ONLY people like yourself can "expose" all their dirty tricks and get them to face the law, be it civil or religious law.
That is why I always emphasize on the need to have oppositions in the Government - for obvious reason.
Keep up the good work Mr. Teng.
We are your silent supporters - all the way.

Tan & friends

Monsterball said...

After converting the negative using Microsoft Photo Editor, I would say this photo is very likely a Cut-and-Paste Photoshop fake, and not a good fake at that. The photo of the man's face was taken with a light source somewhere to the upper left of the picture - hence his hair is lighted up to (his) right, face in the shadows. The photo of the woman had a light source to the lower right of the picture, hence her left cheek and the left hand side of her nose lighted up. The man's face doesn't have equivalent highlight.
Come on, man, this is Basic Photo Editing 101. I'm sure there's plenty of sleaze going around in Bolehland's political circles, but this photo isn't for real.

Anonymous said...

I agree with kittykat46. It's probably a fake.

Anonymous said...

what's a tower rack?

Anonymous said...

YB Teng,

I suspect ou do a lot of good work, and I appreciated seeing you at the Kg Berembang protest this morning, but I think this kind of mudslinging and insinuations based on evidence that is startling in its utter lack of credibility (phrases I usually reserve for BN) is utterly beneath you and the DAP.

Such publicity really detracts from your cause, and if - more likely than when - this photo is proven not to be genuine, it will give the people in power a whole lot of capital to discredit your more legitimate work with.

My advice sir, would be to apologise and take down the posting completely. You've got so much other great work to be doing!

ps- thanks, kittykat46, for taking the time.

ChrisPeeDuck said...

hmmmm wow!!! actually you are right there are two source of light :)

one from the top hitting the guy's hair the light from inside the bathroom, as you can see the woman face is shaded by the guy from the top left which is why her left eye is slightly in the dark on the left side :)

and the other light source is from outside the bathroom hitting the woman from the right cheek.

the guy is slightly more inside the bathroom so is now shined by the light from outside the bathroom

but then again I only use ms paint and invert the color so maybe my cheap freebie software is not good enough to really be sure

also looking at the guy's chest and you can see the shadow of the woman from the light source from the top right see the shadow of the nose near his throat ;)

hmmm who are the love birds by the way..

Anonymous said...

For the love of our political and social're a political leader are you not? and yet you behave the same way as the papparazi?
we have larger problems than idiotic lewd scenes here and there...please stick to the real problems and avoid idiotical nonsencical abuse like this to continue. Further more, how would you feel if someone superimposed your picture somewhere else and some other MP shouts allegations? unless of course all you guys really look for is publicity in any form. Please stick to the issues, help the people, stop talking nonsence, and stop filling your pockets as well. Today's paper also featured an orang asli girl living in a shack with no water electricity or even furniture. do something about that . its everyone's problem in the end, wont you give them a better house, electricity, furniture, much less a tv, a car, a credit card like you so lavishly bear as with many other Malaysians. Or is that someone elses problem?
DO something serious. dont seriously talk nonsence. If we (the people) need to listen to crap like this from someone like you..we obviously dont need you.

Anonymous said...

Who in the right state of mind will post for such??? Mati lo if their spouses and people like us get a hand on it.

Ms J said...

With all due respect to you, Mr Teng, I am of the opinion that politicians from whichever powerhouse - should focus their energy on the real issues of the nation, and not entertain tabloid-like sentiments such as this.

Let's up the political discussions to something that generates improvement to the way the country is run, and not go down the road of solving the 'Who's Sleeping With Whom' mysteries, eh

Anonymous said...

I think kittykat46 forgot about the light source coming from the camera. The man's skin in darker, the woman's skin is fairer, which explains more light reflected off her skin.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, I just noticed the background is confirmed a touch up or superimposed background.

Note the background just above the man's shoulder is "bright" up. A camera would not be able to capture the face this bright without an external light source pointing at them (such as the camera flash). From this argument, the area just above his shoulder should cast his shadow, which it did not!

The picture is a fake.

And it is purposely highly compress to coverup the edited portion.

Show us the RAW unedited picture.

Anonymous said...

i also converted the photo from a negative to a normal colour photo. it really is the MP and the senator but however the photo looks like a fake, (the lighting effects just doesn't seem right)
but even if it were true, why should we bother!? we have the proper authorities to deal with problems like this.
i agree with "One for the people said... " let's deal with more important issues and stop wasting our time things like this. it's not like there's more evidence to prove that this relationship between two political figures is true. don't waste time . stories like this are only for one's amusement(the only reason i logged on to read this article and all the comments) and why post a negative? i just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

we should not waste our time on tabloids.. focus on more important issues..

Anonymous said...

i inverted the pic. the photo is not fake.

Anonymous said...

we're bound to hear lame excuses .. pretty pathetic! what comes around goes around.

Anonymous said...

Yes MP, you certainly should offer an apology for poking your nose where it doesn't belong.

Just because we're "in a country where the political leadership emphasizes so much on moral and values based on religion" doesn't mean we have to continue dabbling in this uncouth culture. Others' private businesses which don't hurt people shouldn't be put into scrutiny!

Certified as a Malay, I LOATH the fact that I can't have drinks at bar and have fun with my boyfriend without getting paranoid of JAIS raid.

Now don't tell me you want to play JAIS.

hizwan said...

good job.that means a lot to those in gombak constituency....keep it up bro!

Anonymous said...

make love, not war~!

Anonymous said...

More tips pls, who are they, for the benefits of all? Thks

abdilbar_ar said...

as long as both of 'em do not ruin the life of other Malaysians.. do not finish up the tax payers money.. they hold up their responsibilities... i think we should not mess up with their lives. they have brains to think.. let them think by themselves.. unless if you want to bring ppl bring yourself up?

Anonymous said...

You are the man!!! keep it up..

Anonymous said...

Oh.. yes I remember you Raman American!

Anonymous said...

hi edalinka -- u r right about what u said "...Just because we're "in a country where the political leadership emphasizes so much on moral and values based on religion"...!

Everything is "fair" in this world; so as the non-bumis dont get equal share in this country; we make sure our MPs play JAIS and make sure u all dont get the fair share in public hand holdings and relationship enjoyment! :) Cheers!

stocktube said...

the point here is, if the leader who claims to represent the rakyat does not give a damn to moral and the law (syariah permitted such act ?) engaging in such "activity", what hope do you think the rakyat will have for the future ?

no wonder the same govn is being voted in year-in-year-out though when come the time of price hike such as petrol, toll, water, electricity, assessement, inflation etc etc, the same rakyat who complaint at the top of their voice are saying this is something petty ...

Anonymous said...

Have the actual negative developed and see any other denials from both the honey-bears !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I too have inverted the picture and it seems real to me. On the argument about the lighting and shadows on how it casts on the face, hair, etc, the last time I stayed in a hotel, the bathroom does have few light sources. Usually there is the main light and another just above the bathtub; so it is likely that light on the back of the man’s profile is from the bathtub light and the other light source is the one that illuminates the faces of the two person. As to the light source that appears on the right of the lady face, it could be a light reflection from the bathroom mirror.

As to the compressed look of the picture, it is more likely it was captured using a phone-camera. Well that's my 2 cents on the photo.

On the issue of whether this picture should have been posted in the first place (real or fake), well, whether they are politicians or ordinary people, married or otherwise, we all should respect the privacy of individuals.

If indeed the picture turns out to be a fake, well the two of them can pursue legal recourse and sue for defamation/libel.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that YB posted this photo on 27 November 2006.

According to Tan Sri Dato Oon bin Ismail, the father of the purported female in the photo: “I hope no one makes any attempt to insult the court. Let there be known there is a court order issued Nov 16 prohibiting any mention of the case by any party until a decision has been reached. As it is so, I forbid any attempt to raise this matter.”

So it looks like the photo (true or made-up) is already in the hand of the Syariah Court before Nov 16. Would the court waste its time on a made-up photo?

Anonymous said...

be quiet!
you all are disturbing our pak nyenyak's good sleep...zzzzzz

Anonymous said...

Some of you question Teng's motive and ask him to do something more useful with his time. Whether the photo is fake or not it is hard to tell actually. They are "obviously" in the hotel's bathroom where the lightings are quite different.

And come on, Teng can post anything here (it is his blog non?) as long as he does his day job as lawyer and politician.

Consider this:

1. If the picture is fake there is no need to make joint statement (see today newspaper). But they have done so.

2. Ok ok so the man says he has the actual photo that was used in making this supposedly fake photo. Please we want to see it like, now?

Teng's motive is clearly political (come on wake up guys). Any why not? If you were in the US before the Nov 7 midterm you will be shocked with the kind of advertisements the Republicans aired on TV and radio (about their rival especially the Democrat's reps)

As for the privacy issue, well, it is true if say it is a photo of me and my mistress (I am not yet married OK?) and I am just a working class guy. But these 2 are public leaders who are elected or appointed to the policy making machinary, with salary paid by all of us, and their responsibility is to ya or nay on issues and policies which will affect most of our lifes. Imagine if, a big if, they are really together, then imagine the hypocisy of asking them to vote for a policy which, say, ban hand holding in public from now on.

One can think of the Mark Foley scandal in the US. He was the head of some committee to look after sexually molested children, yet it was discovered couple months back that he sent rauchy email and IM to his underage volunteers.

That is why it is morally right to publish this photo. The parrelel is frightening.

Yes Teng's is hitting a bit below the belt here, but tell me this, honestly: IF you are the one who received this photo and you know the 2 persons, tell me you are NOT in your life going to share this with any living human being.

If so, I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

more on the authenticity..and the light source.

well, anyone who has been to a hotel would know that it is equipped with all sorts of lightings. on the ceiling, on the mirrors etc. Given the people involved in here, Im sure its a no 3 star hotel... and the possibility of perhaps more mirrors in the shower/toilet could generate a few light sources.

Knowing women, with all sort of cream and makeup, and fairer skin texture, would certainly affect the lighting of their faces.

by the way, digital inversion of negative photos would not produce authentic color balance, because 'softwares' and 'applications' assume what the negative suppose to be.

but... thats my opinion.

Anonymous said...

conclusion, kittycat and profphotographer need to be reeducated with your "basic photo-editing 101".
mr teng, you got it wrong, they now claimed it was taken by a 3rd person. (new idea)

Anonymous said...

I am not too sure what Mr Teng here is trying to achieve but this show how immature Malaysian are. Always wanted to bring rubbish up which has no value to people and society. Do we give a toss about this kind of revelations. My answer is NO. I wonder why we go to the poll where majority of the politicians only cares about how to get popular. I rather see more people representative like our Honourable Lee Lum Thai than useless politicians like yourself doing nothing better than stir up people's emotion. Just tell me where is your manifesto on how to serve the people better and how to contribute more to society. You chose to become a representative and you broke that vow. Sorry, DAP has totally lost my respect and your party is going nowhere except to the stone age. Barring discussion on races and religion, there are many constructive things you guys can do apart from useless gossip like this. You are just a saddist. Grow up if you aspire to be a successful politician and start worrying more about the country's economy, education and security. We have so many things to worry about where education is an uncertainty. You should be pointing out that how many percent of the country's GDP should be allocated to improve education; Healthcare and how to help the Police Force to improve their living standard so that we have a happy police force that can carry out their duty with PRIDE. Come up with constructive strategy and have an open minded forum with the rulling government on counter the fall in our latest FDI figure, for example, how to promote our own Malaysian SME and Malaysian products etc etc. If other politicians starts to behave like kids, it is not necessary that everyone has to follow. We all have our own brain to make our own decision for what is right and what reject things that are wrong. Bringing this kind of things up is just like DAP operating another gossip page or those useless tabloid newspaper that serve no meaning other than just entertaining those pea brains who reads them. I am sick of all this Malaysian politics and hope that soon, you guys can go back to talking about mainstream topics rather than showing all these nonsense everywhere. News are so sad these days, people argue who owns how many percent of what and people fight over indiginious rights. I would rather see more representatives from States and House argue on which strategy to use on things like curbing illegal racing, things like how to increase our manufacturers productivity or even how to improve the output of teachers. Have you all not seen how bad our teaching profession has become? Teachers encourage their students to attend their tuition classes!!! Outrages. If their teaching is so good, their student don't even need to attend tuition classes. What a shockingly bad culture. Common, you all should start coming out with election manifesto for the voters before the next General Election so that you put your promises in writing and when you are elected, people can use this as your (politicians) performance and balance score card rather than everyone just have empty promises and ended up not even carrying out 50% of what they preached for during campaigning.

(",)azlan::~~~ said...

Senator, MP: No improper pictures


PETALING JAYA: Gombak MP Datuk Dr Rahman Ismail and Senator Datin Paduka Norhayati Onn said they had taken pictures together – but always in the presence of a third party and never in inappropriate situations or in hotel rooms.

In a joint statement issued through law firm Shafee & Co, both denied having taken any inappropriate photograph together in close proximity, with Dr Rahman wearing a bathrobe.

Regarding the photo posted on Sungai Pinang DAP assemblyman Teng Chang Khim’s blog entitled Bicameral Proximity: MP and Senator, Dr Rahman said the photo had probably been tampered with and that he had an untouched version.

“The question of khalwat or any other inappropriate conduct on their part does not rise. They strongly deny this imputation. Dr Rahman has never been with the Senator alone in any hotel room or any other room,” the statement said.

DENIAL: Norhayati and Dr Rahman issued a joint statement
The statement added that Dr Rahman and Norhayati have known each other since they campaigned together in the last Kota Baru by-election.

“They have remained as friends and nothing more,” said the statement that was signed by lawyer Datuk Muhamad Shafee Abdullah.

Dr Rahman and Norhayati acknowledged they had taken photos together but said they were taken with third parties present.

“Some of the third parties are identifiable and can verify the truth of this statement. One of them has sworn a statutory declaration confirming the same,” said the statement.

On Nov 27, The Star published a story stating that Selangor Opposition leader Teng had alleged there was “bicameral proximity” between an MP and a Senator.

The article on Teng’s website had a photo of a couple which had been converted into a negative, allegedly showing a man wearing a bathrobe.

The photo appeared to have been taken in a hotel room.

“Clearly, the insinuation was that the MP and the Senator were in inappropriate close proximity or more,” said the statement.

It added that when The Star reporter spoke to Dr Rahman about the photograph, he had not seen the original version.

However, even then, he denied ever having taken a photograph with Norhayati.

The statement said Dr Rahman eventually viewed the photograph in its original form and said the photo on Teng’s website “had probably been tampered with.”

Similarly, when The Star made a phone call to Norhayati on Nov 27, she expressed shock over the photo. Norhayati was then in Argentina, and not China as reported.

The statement also warned all parties from spreading any false allegations against Norhayati because an ex-parte order had been issued by the Shah Alam Syariah High Court on Nov 16 involving Norhayati and her husband Mohd Suffian Abdul Aziz.

Dr Rahman and Norhayati said they have asked their solicitor to study Teng’s allegations and would take legal action against him.

Anonymous said...

dear edalinka,

don't u fear God? why must u drink at the bar when u know it is a clear cut sinful act?

or maybe u want to show that u r greater than the Creator?

Repent before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

Some of you think that Teng could have use his time usefully rather going low with this post. Well yes he did go a tad low, and no I do not think he did not use his time fruitfully here.

I mentioned yesterday about the Mark Foley scandal which occured 2 months back and caused him to resign from the GOP:

Now this was his work to pass legistation on child pornography in 2002:

This is what Teng meant by hypocrisy, IF the photo IS NOT A FAKE.

The newspaper would not dare go public with the photo/news (I am sure some reporters have received the same photos.) If this takes Teng to do so and bear the possible backlash as a result, then he is exhibiting a form of courage here. I would add that this is not the highest plane of courage that Mr Teng is placing himself at. Nonetheless, this is morally, politically (to Teng and all oppositions) and technically important that we know the truth. Allowing a hypocrite to help make policy which affects our life is as good as saying that corruption, nepotism and croyism are OK as long as we prosper, can feed our children and pay our bills.

Of course Teng may be unwittingly doing dirty job for the originator of the photo whose intent is definitely in question.

Take into consideration that in the Foley scandal, it was found out that his party actually knew about his inapropriate conduct since 2005 but still allow him to serve as co-chairperson on the House Caucus on Missing & Exploited Children. See below abou this special committee:

What Teng has done may jolt up the BN leadership, or set a precedent to any future leadership, to be more discreet when choosing MP for various jobs from now on. We never know but as opposition whose job is to provide check and balances in the Parliament, he is in fact carrying his duty in doing so.

Tell me, do you want any nanny, especially yours, to molest, exploit or harm the child under their care? If the reply is no, then on the same line of thinking, we must place public leaders voted in by us, paid by us, to be accountable and hold on to some integrity and principle.

[Note: A nanny or maid is some one we chose from the agency, paid their salary, praise or scold them for their work quality. Sense the striking resemblance between the role of a leader voted in by us and a nanny/maid we employ as relative to us.]

Najwan Halimi said...

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Anonymous said...

Come on. If you and an opposite sex partner were the 2 of them in the photos, what reason do you have to snap a photo of you two together in a bathroom? And all dressed up in a bathrobe or tower or whatever! And waiting to be exposed? Where got people so stupid one?

I am no supportor of both of them but common sense tell us that the heads are superimposed by someone out to discredit them.

Mr Teng, you don't have to stoop so low as to abuse this fake like a third class tabloid to promote your name.

A sometime-supporter of DAP.

Anonymous said...

I'm not residing in Malaysia for more 3 years now. However I still follow the news in Malaysia quite occasionally if not frequently. I noticed many events from the establishment of an organization that search and catch people involved in close proximity or simply known as khalwat in Malaysia & other (Islamic Countries) to the dispute between our former and current prime minister.
And more recently this tiny and rather private matter that brought to political stage. However arguing about this case at the very first place is somewhat very inappropriate for any individual moreover among the national leaders. Surprisingly enough, I indeed see the necessity to emphasize into this. But why? Why would I care about the private life of others? Why would I care at an ordinary picture of a couple (with/without consideration of their marriage statuses) and right, Why would I care while there are many more issues which need to be solved or at least look into? Many would have the common/senseless views. I’m not surprised to find some here.
The answer is reachable, for a rationale man to see and come out with a question and to answer by himself. First of all, the organization formed/ approved by the government to nab citizen suspected for khalwat is the relation to this issue. Secondly, people involved are the authorities (one being MP & a Senator). Unfortunately this tabloid alike issue has gone way too critical to be ignored although authenticity is yet to be reached and proper investigation is yet to be conducted. Things would be entirely different if both are non-government officials. And things would also be slightly different if (khalwat is not a law itself).
For example any individual involved or at least suspected with corruption/bribery in this country would be investigated seriously. Khalwat is a law, people applicable have to comply, and no one is exception.
Let’s recall the meaning of leader. Leader leads the direction, a leader gives the guidance and group leaders who have the higher authority develop the laws.
I wouldn’t respect if I find out one of the nation’s leader is doing what he/she asks us not to do. Either way, I wouldn’t respect if I find out he/she is doing the things which are not allowed in the country. The law is here for a reason. It may not have direct impact on you (include some of the bloggers here), but I believe the spouses of them do. To ignore them is not fair; to ignore them is not law.

Accusing each other is pointless as the truth will be there. However, it will be a huge mistake to disregard.