Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Centrepoint: Another Zakaria & Sons project

I called a press conference yesterday and exposed another project belongs to Dato Zakaria bin Deros and his 2 sons, Zainuri dan Zaidi in Pandamaran Jaya, Klang. (Malaysiakini November 21, 2006).


Anonymous said...

ok ok,

I am sure there is another and another and another, just waiting for you YB to dig and expose.

Strike it while it is still hot. Or else people will think you have no other issue to play with. As if Zakaria is the ONLY problem in Klang.

You know how forgiving and forgetful we can be.

Anonymous said...

This Zakaria has no shame at all. Why he want to do like that one hah?

Anonymous said...

boycott all datuk z & sons project. they are full with craps.
i really really hate umno & bn.
i only support plp like guan eng , anwar and you mr. teng( the best leader after dr. sun yat sen) . may god bless you.