Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Income Tax replies

At last, my letters to the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) dated 27.2.2006 and 11.1.2006 on Zakaria Deros had received a reply from Pn Hasmah binti Abdullah, CEO of the IRB today, a copy of which had been faxed to me last week.
Well, at least there is an official, albeit bureaucratic, answer to a complaint. I have yet to hear from our Director General of the Anti Corruption Agency. Probably, his interview in the New Straits Time on Sunday was an indirect reply.


Anonymous said...


From what I understand from the reply, it is empty in its content and tells us nothing we do not know.

At best, it is just another way to say:-

"Hey, don't complain we did not entertain your complaints ok?"


SR215 said...

Secrecy Act wont be relevant to expose misuse/misconduct of power.

Personally, law is nothing these days.