Wednesday, November 01, 2006

People are not fooled, Zac

Port Klang State Assemblyman, Dato Zakaria Deros, shed crocodile tears at a press conference yesterday.
After the reporters left his house, his supporters cheerfully congratulated him for his fantastic performance and called him "P. Ramlee".
All the press have correctly pointed out that he evaded important points that the people are entitled to know.
He did not know that he cannot fool the people for all his untenable execuses for blatantly abusing his power and position.
For today, I just want to do one thing. I have sent a reminder to the Chief Executive of the Income Tax Board and the Director of Anti Corruption Agency requesting for response to my letter dated 27.2.2006.


Anonymous said...

i doubt we'll get any reply from the tax people. they are in the same gang. :(

Anonymous said...

Income Tax Board and BPR shd take action automatically... if they still need other party to write letter to ask them to investigate on such obvious case, then I just wonder what are these organization for? Maybe just for protecting the "rich and famous"...

Hero said...

saya ingat wakil rakyat "bengkok" yang lain patut betul-betul ambil iktibar atas apa yang berlaku. pepatah "sepandai-pandai tupai melompat.." nampak begitu realistik pada masa ini. moga-moga semua yang berlaku ni tidak terhenti setakat ke atas "P.Ramlee jadian" ini saja.