Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The subject matter is hypocrisy

Some people opined that I should not have had put up the photograph of the “bicameral proximity” on the grounds, among others, that it is a private matter even if it is true; that there are more important matters to discuss and etc.

Well, let me say it loud and clear.

It is an exposure of hypocrisy. Hypocrisy of the leaders of the ruling party who have staunchly, and perhaps hysterically, supported the laws of moral policing to the extent that couple holding hands in public are now liable for offence of indecency.

The political leaders in the government of the day, including all the agencies and institutions, have enacted moral policing laws, regulations and rules to uplift morality to the level they themselves have not been able to maintain. Thus, the inconsistency of their own behavior with the standard and principle they preach. That is what I have exposed, not merely a photograph taken in an enclosed private place. Is that not an important issue for public discourse?

Equally hypocrite are those who have visited this blog for the first time merely to have a peep at the photograph to satisfy their own curiosity but immediately deplore it in pretence.


Billy said...

YB Teng - you go ahead and do what you must do. I for one is behind you on this issue. The expose is not an act of voyeurism but to expose the very hypocritical attitude of the BN, especially UMNO. As we are fast approaching the next GE, all form of expose of this nature is most welcome.

Anonymous said...

If the photo is real, then exposure of it to the public is justified. Cover-up would only lower the current low transparency that Malaysia has.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that YB posted the photo on 27 November 2006.

According to Tan Sri Dato Oon bin Ismail, the father of the purported female in the photo: “I hope no one makes any attempt to insult the court. Let there be known there is a court order issued Nov 16 prohibiting any mention of the case by any party until a decision has been reached. As it is so, I forbid any attempt to raise this matter.”

So it looks like the photo (true or made-up) is already in the hand of the Syariah Court before Nov 16. Would the court waste its time on a made-up photo?

Anonymous said...

No, no. It's fine to let the world know about our Umno politicians.

The show must go on - the two purported characters and lovebirds are doing wayang kulit now.

They even declared the photo is fake, no undying love between them, no putting head on the strong comfortable warm muscular chest of MP.

“I do not know anything about it. I have nothing going on with him and I do not know how the picture could have surfaced,” said the lovely Senator Datin Paduka Norhayati Onn Ismail, who has conveniently forgotten her soon-to-be erstwhile husband, Mohd Suffian bin Abdul Aziz.

"I know you want me, be a good girl."

Wish there are more MPs knocking off so that there are more bye-elections coming, sayang.

Wow, wow.

Strange trait our Umno politicians have - temporary amnesia at critical moments (like our Zakaria and other Klang towering Malays). Never heard of Hotel Riverview or Hotel Eastin. Not bohong, just amnesia.

Meanwhile the stage has been moved to the Syariah Court. Akan datang.

Anonymous said...

Will all the public WAKE UP by now, and let's NOT vote for BN in the upcoming election. Please for god sake, for humanity sake, and for ur own conscience sake -- dont be forever so gullible under this corrupted and unfair BN govt. I think all the non-UMNO members in there are just puppets and taking care of their own personal benefit and not for the rakyat.

mediaterrorist911 said...

Good job YB Teng

We need people like you to keep these corrupt wakil rakyaats in order or in jail

You got my vote!

Anonymous said...

B4 that, MP and Senator:" I don't know anything, it is fake." Now, "We took it in the presence of third party!!!" I thought my teacher in primary taught us that we must not lie. I think Pak Lah has to "Close One Eye" again, as usual.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame... and our leader is not doing anything on this.

During assembly we talk very loud, defending Malay's right and tradition. So is this our tradition too?

Cakap tak serupa bikin...

Anonymous said...

I agree with the hypocrisy part. As I have always maintained that what Anwar Ibrahim did or didn't do in his bedroom is his business though I'm no fan of his, I will also extend the same principle to Nor Hayati Onn though I'm also no fan of hers of any pathetic BN leaders.

One is of course tempted to let them taste their own medicine by doing to them what they unfairly did to others but should we sink to their level? Will we ever be the same again after that?