Friday, November 03, 2006

Zakaria stumbles but not down

It is not time for celebration yet.

Zakaria may have to let go his municipal councillorship, but that does not end his political career in Klang and Selangor under the present decadent political culture in the UMNO and the Barisan Nasional.

I said in my press statement today:-

"Zakaria’ issues are far from over

Although Dato Zakaria bin Md Deros, Selangor State Assemblyman for Port Klang, has announced yesterday that he declined the re-appointment as the councillor of the Klang Municipal Council (MPK), all issues related to him are far from over.

In fact, the UMNO Supreme Council which advised him to give up the appointment should have ordered him to resign as the state assemblyman as well for a person who is unfit to be appointed a councillor cannot be fit to be an elected representative. It is irreconcilable when one is found to be unfit for a lower public office can at the same time be fit for a higher public office.

Zakaria’s departure from the MPK does not mark the end of Zakaria’s era in Klang and Selangor. With his positions as the UMNO Klang Division Chief, the State Assemblyman and the Chairman of the Land Committee in the Selangor Economic Development Corporation (PKNS), he will still wield substantial influence in Klang and Selangor. In Klang itself, he still has his alter ego, his son and daughter-in-law, to represent him in the MPK.

His arrogance and habitual abuse of power and position are evident from the construction of his bungalow without permission, construction of a restaurant known as “DZ Satay House” on road reserve without permission and the approval of land application where he wore two hats simultaneously as the chairperson of the applicant and the approving authority.

His departure from the MPK shall not absolve him from all other necessary actions whatsoever to be taken against him should he be found to have transgressed the boundary of laws, including the following:-

(i) demolition of the illegal structure of “Satay House”;
(ii) demolition of the unlawful “Istana Zakaria”;
(iii) full investigation into all land dealings of the Land Committee of the PKNS chaired by him;
(iv) full investigation against all complaints against him by the public; and
(v) full investigation by the Anti Corruption Agency and the Income Tax Department to ascertain his incomes and sources of income.

Another important aspect of the whole Zakaria episode that requires public scrutiny is the decadent system of appointment of the local governments by the state authority. The episode is not an isolated case but a phenomenon in the country that needs immediate attention and remedial actions. The only available option is to re-introduce local government election which has been suspended for 40 years for which the government of the day is indefensibly evading. "


Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed with our PM who is also the UMNO president.. how can ppl who abuse and illegally use his power for own benefit can still stay in the party and still become public representative? where is the propaganda of PM who wanna reduce the corruption in our country to the lowest?

Anonymous said...

The Zakariagate affair shows us the culture of Umno. It does not matter who you are in terms of moral, integrity, knowledge, and principle. You may be a crook, a liar, a simpleton, as long as you are a Malay and someone the party bosses think you can do good to the party (whatever that means), you will be made a leader and rewarded financially, even to the extent of carrying out law-breaking activities.

We need to know how this railway gatekeeper moved up the political ladder so quickly and accumulated so much wealth (at least RM 10 millions) in a short time.

Besides his satay house, is he directors of countless companies and factories? Did he abuse his position as the Chairman of the Land Committee in the Selangor Economic Development Corporation (PKNS)?

Zakaria, a 20 year veteran in Selangor politics, must have learnt a lot about the art of making money from thin air under TDM and a former Selangor MB who was caught with bagful of cash in Australia.

The strange thing is during this Zakariagate, Umno and its puppies (MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc) have been very quiet about Zakaria's immense wealth - not one asked how Zakaria made his fortune to sustain his royalty-like lifestyle. It looks like Umno and its puppies know about Zakaria's source of wealth and 'I know - you know', let's not ask and stir up a can of worm.

Logically, Zakaria, who had shown a fantastic track record as a habitual liar and gold digger, should be asked to resign as a state assemblyman and to resign from all public posts to protect the society. But Umno, including our PM and Khir Toyo, said 'cukup lah for Zakaria to resign from the Klang Municipal Council'. Truly amazing from AAB, a man claimed to be clean and against corruption!

However, the bright side is as long as Abang Zakaria is there, he will be an icon of corruption and an excellent target for all to spit on.

Keep digging and exposing his dirty jobs for all to see!

As I Was Saying... said...

I live in Klang, and do you know what does Klang people called Zakaria? "Char Kah Liao" which in Hokkien means eat everything. Well, wait till my community friends in Klang unseat him in the Port Klang state seat in the next general election. We will "char ee liao" which in Hokkien means eat him good.