Saturday, March 15, 2008

Beware of the BN controlled media

Yes, I forgot to remind Raja Petra and his readers. Please beware of the BN-controlled media for digging up and pittiing the old issues, including the Songkok issue, against us. Seek clarification among us, since we are in the same boat, before putting anything into writing. That will help to reduce unnecessary controversy.


Anonymous said...

while i respect RPK's many views and ideas and opinion, he has also given a lot of unjustified accounts. in this, i m at times dissapointed. i therefore echo TCK's, hoping that he should consult and seek clarification first, yes, after all they r on the same boat and above all to err amongst human is very OFTEN and very humane (this phrase, i reserve it to RPK).


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Do not allow Governmont media the slightest misunderstanding about issues to exploit the very disiplined new state government

BullsOnParade said...

If what you say is true about not being involved in the push to be DCM, then the more reason for you to stand up and tell the protesters to stop their actions. What they are doing is hurting us all who voted for you en masse and you doing nothing is very irresponsible and as bad as if you were the "mastermind" of this whole debacle. Remember Chua Jui Meng's revelation: "A silent politician is no politician".

And you are in the state of Selangor, it is even more imperative than all the other opposition states that results are seen here. And this bickering is not good for any of us. We have risked being called traitors to put all of you in office to create a new form of Malaysian champions, not Chinese, Indian, or Malay Champions.

Now get your act together and be more proactive (something BN has been very bad at) or, mark my words, regard this term as the furthest you and your party will have ever gotten in the history of this nation.

lyhmsia said...

Recently, I've been reading Malaysiakini, Malaysia-today, Harakkah, Stars and NST. It's true that we shouldn't jump into conclusion to easily by reading bloggers and newspapers. This include your blog too. Therefore, I'm hoping that all fellow Malaysians to be patient see how effective will the opposition party manage all the states.

As a fellow Malaysian, we need to obtain information from different sources and try to analyze it from different angle. Only by understanding the information from different angle hopefully we can still make a fair judgement.

Lastly, Mr. Teng I hope you can remind all opposition party members remember to serve the people. As a fellow Malaysian, this is the first time for me to be proud as a Malaysian. Please don't let us down.

Anonymous said...

I do not like to relate 'political party', 'people' and 'race' together. Because they are different and individual. For example: 1)When I say I hate Malaysian, it doesnt mean I hate Malay, chinese or indian. 2)Similarly if I say I hate certain political party, it doesnt mean I hate Malay, chinese or idian. It is all about the policy. I only care about the policy. I only support a fair,just and equal policy. Note: I wont scold or criticise anyone who reject to wear SongKok. We are not just need to respect for someone but we need to respect everyone.

Anonymous said...

I think you had miss out something here. RPK IS NOT in the same boat with DAP, PKR, PAS or even BN. He is with the Rakyat, a neutral person who will check for us on those MP or ADUN who are not doing their job right.

You guys should thank him instate for giving out ceramah in DAP/PKR/PAS champaign to remove BN 2/3 majority power. He is the RAKYAT 'SPY' to check if anyone of you slack off. So if you make a mistake, he won't hesitate to bombard you guys. Same goes with other bloggers, BEWARE.

As from me, a supporter of DAP, pls start doing your job as state in your manifesto. We do not vote you guys to fight for the Deputy Menteri Besar post, we put our faith in you guys as you all had promise to server the public. Pls divert my message to other DAP Selangor ADUNs as well. Yellow card has been issue to DAP.

Anonymous said...

I hope you can provide a clarification on the alliance formed by DAP and PAS.

If I remember correctly, DAP had given its promise to the people before the general election that they will not have any forms of cooperation with PAS.

But, disappointingly, DAP has formed an alliance with PAS in order to secure their power. I really hope that DAP will not forget their promise to the people before they are in power.

I wish to share with you that the power can make someone becomes corrupted and diversed from their initial principle.

Anonymous said...

Dear friend, Please disregard what has been written about you and do not read the comments from the readers.If you are not careful the comments can hurt you.Please forgive evryone and look forward to perform better each single day. In our lives, we will always encounter unfavourable situations. if we remain commited to our goals, it will be like warm sunshine in winter.

Anonymous said...

Also must be beware of Malaysia-Today because Raja Petra Raja Kamaruddin is about Royal Mongreling.

He is actually more dangerous than UMNO because his intention is turn Malaysia into an absolute monarchy ... Beware!