Saturday, March 08, 2008

Fresh from Sungai Pinang 12: Things go smooth in the morning

All things seem to be smooth this morning when the voters went to their respective polling stations this morning to decide the fate of the country for the next 50 years, in north Klang where the Sungai Pinang state constituency is.
However, I was quite disgusted with what my opponent and his agents had done. They had put up banners at all the polling stations attacking my character.
When confronted this morning at the Klang High School, his agent, Tan Yoke Soon, denied having done that. However, when the SPR officer ordered that the banner without any party's symbol be taken down, he had pushed me to prevent me from removing the banner.
A few Chinese press photographers at the scene had captured the moment when he physically prevented me from taking down the banner.
My campaign volunteers had in the past 13 days pulled down about 20 such bannners which were put up in Klang down. Last night, a group of gangster had put up those banners at the polling stations and guarded them until this morning. When my campaign volunteers attempted to remove the banners, they were warned that they would be bashed if they did so.
When I visited the polling station at the Pin Hwa School, I observed that a few groups of my opponent's campaginers were thuggish when canvassing for votes outside the polling station. We had decided not to canvass outside our own booth to avoid untoward incident.
This is my first experiece dealing with thugs in all my four attempts in the general election.

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tc said...

nice one. 君子动口不动手.