Saturday, March 15, 2008

Raja Petra must learn how to get facts right

Raja Petra made scathing remarks on me in Malaysia-Today.
Although I am in the rush to go to Penang now, I have to respond immediately.
Firstly, I did not organize any demonstration to pressurize the DAP into making me the Deputy Menteri Besar of Selangor. I do not know how did Raja Petra gather the information that I had done that. If he likes rumours and then to rumour, then that is what he is worth.
There were some gatherings organized by voters and local leaders in Klang to express their views and support for me. They have their democratic right to do so but I have nothing to do with those activities.
Of course, someone will say, "surely you must be the mastermind". Well, can someone teach me how to prove that I have nothing to do with those activities? I really do not know how.
Secondly, I did not boycott it when HRH Sultan granted audience to the DAP respresentatives recently. I was not directed by the party to seek audience with the Sultan. How could I boycott when I was even not directed to be present?
I was also not invited to attend the swearing in of the new Menteri Besar recently. There was nothing I could boycott when I was not even invited. Doesn't Raja Petra know the basic palace protocol that one will not attend any function in palace if not invited.?
Anyway, I agree, and perhaps I am the only one in the DAP who noticed that the DAP state assemblywoman was not in compliance with the palace protocol by wearing pants in seeking audience. If she had cunsulted me beforehand, I would have had advised her accordingly.
Thirdly, the issue of non Malays wearing songkok is a separate issue that has nothing to do in the present forming of the new government. The delay, if any, in forming the new Selangor state government has nothing to do at all with the issue of Songkok. It has been a party policy and needs to be deliberated in view of the new development. In any event, it will not be an issue that deters the swearing in of the new line-up. I will further discuss the issue when I come back from Penang on Monday. We, in the DAP, know the larger picture that emerges.
Meanwhile, Raja Petra and the readers of Malaysia-today should also learn to be patient to find out the truth before jumping up and down on rumuors. Yes, they also have to learn before teaching others.


Anonymous said...

It's fantastic that you took the time to respond to Raja Petra's recent remarks, as I will be very disappointed if issues like songkok really has been denying Selangor a government to be formed swiftly. As a leader, and part of the ruling local government, what you do and say, including what your supporters do and say, will now be under the magnifying glass of the media. That I think you just need to get used to, if you are a leader with integrity. Wish you every success and luck in this coming 4 or 5 years. We will be watching.

Anonymous said...

he and ronnie are buddies, probably the latter is his source .... now think back why i voted him in previous GE.....

to me, you're the best candidate for deputy post, you have my support (though my support may not valuable here). however, i understand there are ppl best being soldier/fighter in check and balance rather leader/general sitting at his desk plan and plan.

Unknown said...

It would be good if the DAP assemblymen are united. But we, the voters have seen lots of bickering. Yes, you can have the benefit of the doubt but do you not think you can do better? & please work with the other parties as best as you can.

Anyway, we praise you as one who still inform us of your stand & freely receive our comments.

Anonymous said...

you still haven't answer the question. What's your beef with wearing the songkok?

Anonymous said...

Dear YB:

Thank you very much for you spirit. I think many of us have to learn from you. I think you are the most happiest man in the world that nothing will hurt you.

On the other hand, I always think you are the most suitable candidate as a Leader in the world. Deputy CM is just kacang putih for you. I hope I could see you in the future and shake hand with you deep from my heart.

You have my utmost salute.

God Bless you forever

Anonymous said...

I just lol-ed when I read the article on Malaysia-Today.

I'm glad I came here to your blog and see you explain yourself, although I am not utterly convinced(mastermind behind demonstrations), I think Raja Petra has been playing up the issue a little too much.

These people who commented on Malaysia-Today(not all, but most) are really hypocrites. They say that BN supporters are brain-washed and so on, look at their comments, and you will know how they WORSHIP Raja Petra. They take everything Raja Petra says as a true, established fact.

The sensible thing for Raja Petra is to respond to your post, be it further bashing or a humble apology.

I am not a Teng supporter, although I must say I quite enjoyed the way he made fun of the people in BN.

I just think people should see both sides. Someone link Teng's website on a comment in Malaysia-Today, that's what I call fair.

Anonymous said...

Well done Teng. I am actually disappointed and worried to read about some stories about you involved demonstration, fight for DCM and etc..I could not imagine you would have done so after your long contribution to DAP and as an opposition leader in Selangor. I always have a very high regard for you and I am pleased/relieved now.. keep up your good work!!!

Anonymous said...

Raja Petra is a rumours monger. Read him with a pinch of salt.

Matured person need to read between the lines.

Subang Jayan said...

Dear YB Teng,

Subang Jayans are proud of you for being such a great and responsible ADUN for Selangoreans - man of integrity, fearless to corrupted power, stands for the truth and the interests of the Rakyat.

You told us Subang Jayans to "Lead the Change" ( in DAP Ceramah on March 1st at USJ12. You promised that you'll teach our ADUN Hannah to be ADUN like you when we voted her in. She's in now. Please lead her.

However, it is extremely heart-breaking to hear all these negative rumours about you fighting for Deputy MB - which we knew it's nonsence since beginning. If you are for the official appointments, you'd have follow your brothers rather than joining DAP. The Rakyat should know you from the way your fought for us for the past decade in Selangor DUN. We knew!

Nonetheless, we are upset because it's obvious that DAP internal politics still there againsts you. We don't see the different in DAP and MCA on this manner (sorry to say that but it's true) - you must be in the Team 'ngum' with the Leaders otherwise you'll never get any share of rewards.

Otherwise, no one else in DAP is more qualified, experienced and worthy to be Exco and Deputy MB for Selangor other than you. How could your name is not in the Exco list if it's not due to DAP internal politic again?

Whatever the outcome is : we believe that you'll continue to do your best and fight for the Rakyat. However, we have again lost our trust in DAP because it's also Relationship-based political party, just like BN.

You are still our Best, and will always be our Best ADUN in Selangor and Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sdr. Teng,
I concur with you. One must be slow to anger and quick to listen. RPK must learn how to control his temper and quick-to-draw reflexes; let he shoots the wrong guy.

Don't tahe the news from the mainstream as the gospel truth.

You're an honourable gentlemne, Sdr. Teng. I've followed your progress as a DAP member and a State Assemlyman and indeed you're a man of integrity.

All the best to you. You always put the rakyat and party interests first. Well done.

Ane thank you for holding the fort for the Opposition when it was in the wilderness even though you have to put up with a lot of bullying (including loss of allowance and other rights a an elected YB)and physical abuse.

May the grace of God be with you. The righteous will be be rewarded, although not always in terms of material wealth and high position.

Soldier on, YB Teng. May the party leadership recognise your sterling performance all these years.

Meng Kung Chng,Australia.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Ok, I can accept your explanation. But as a young voter who elected you guys in, I need to hear from you: If the protocol requires that you wear the songkok, will you then wear it?

We are impatient to see a govt installed and not wish to see it further delayed by petty considerations such as headgear.
Thank you
First Time Voter

Anonymous said...

Hi YB,

Thanks for the clarification.

Have a nice day in Penang.

Anonymous said...

I just wish that DAP realises that those who voted DAP this time also comprised of Malays like me and my family. All parties (DAP, PKR and PAS) should try their best to remember they are put there in power by all races.

Anonymous said...

I do want to know more about the 'songkok' issue. If what RPK said is true (DAP refuses to wear songkok) then DAP should be knocked in the head, hard!

Unknown said...

Raja Petra has been instrumental in the opposition's fight all this while.Even if he has gotten the wrong facts you should be respectful of his iconic stature.Please do not burn whatever few bridges you have.
If you have been misquoted then you should clarify your stance on the songkok issue.
A man who is comfortable with who he is will not be bothered about traditions and customs nor name calling. I am a chinese and i am not bothered when people call me apek,chinaman,yellow skin because i am comfortable being a chinese.Call a white man a whitey he just shrugs it off.Call a black man a nigger see what happens.Being malaysian is about embracing the cultures of others and being tolerant about the ways of others.
Remember Richard Branson? He wore a full malay costume when he was here. He was comfortable with who he is.
If there are people lobbying for you or supporters who are making problems that might jeopardise the future of dap running selangor, You should come out and give specific instructions to your supporters to stop creating cracks which
Barisan will exploit.
Communication downline is paramount for the success of a good leader.
Christopher lim kim huat

Anonymous said...

Rumours can be very damaging. So Raja Petra please find out the truth first before jumping up and down like a M**k**.

Unknown said...

There have been too many rumors going around this past couple of days and I really don't know what to believe anymore.

However, I will grant you the benefit of a doubt, for I'm quite familiar with Teresa and some of her antics.

Anyway, have a safe trip home.

Anonymous said...

hi mr teng,
i'm a young malay voter that voted for DAP for the last election.
This is the first time i went to your blog, and im impressed on how you answer the allegation made by Raja Petra.
I love this kind of democracy.
i lost my trust on umno. even though the majority of the members in DAP are chinese, i hope that you will not ignore that fact that we malays have supported you for this election and hope you can deliver very well in this 5 years.

. said...


1) During swearing -in

2)& opening ceremony in 1995 & 2004 ,

3)was wearing the official headgear named 'Songkok' part of official protocol, Instana dressing code ?

If you are in the Green beret, you are proud to wear the 'Beret'.

Please clarify.

Official Protocol & Instana rules must be respected & obeyed to the letter.

Syabas. Barisan Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

YB Teng,
how stupid this statement can be. You had been elected. Still need permission from Kit Siang to attend?

"Secondly, I did not boycott when HRH Sultan granted audience to the DAP respresentatives recently. I was not directed by the party to seek audience with the Sultan."

Anonymous said...


Before it was Uncle LKS, then his son LGE with their bad behaviour.

Now it's you.

I think you're not worth my vote. Don't be a kurang ajar.

Anonymous said...

Reference Raja Petra’s write-up in Malaysia Today.

In his write-up “Small things please small minds” – Raja Petra have criticized Teng for refusing to wear a songkok stating that he should abide by the Sultan’s dress code since he’s invited into the palace.

However, in another write-up “I oppose an Islamic State” – the write-up started about his wife’s attire which is NOT in conformance to the standard Muslim attire while attending a convention in PAS heartland.

Therefore, following his line of reasoning - I am just curious that if Raja Petra is of the opinion that Teng should adhere to palace dress code while in the presence of royalty – why is it that he can accept his wife’s non conformance to Muslim dress code in PAS heartland ?

As for the DAP lady rep, I believe there is a procedure whereby the palace staff will issue some form of standard guidelines/protocol (dress code, language to be used etc) to all rakyats when meeting or dealing with royalty. In this instance, if she was not informed then one cannot fault her.

By the way, for a Punjabi who is already wearing a turban – is he exempted from wearing a songkok when meeting royalty ? If so, can’t this exemption be granted to those who chose not to wear the songkok ?

If Malaysia is moving towards full democracy - respecting an individual to uphold his/her freedom of ethnic dressing should not be misconstrued as disrespectful and neither should it be seen as ethnic posturing.

If not wearing the songkok or wrong attire is deem “small things” then, we should not dwell on it.

Raja Petra – the rakyats together with yourself and many others have given Malaysia this golden opportunity to be govern differently, let’s unite and not bicker unnecessary.

Please also do not issue unnecessary threats of demonstration - if possible, please give the electeds whom you have helped to install constructive assistance and guidance.

Together, I am sure Malaysia can improve to be a great place where all Malaysians can call this land their home with pride.

Please do NOT allow BN to see the rakyats dream of a great Malaysia fizzles off even before it has taken shape.

Thank you.

Laksarian said...

I've seen newspapers dedicating a whole page to people who are conferred Datukships. From the pictures, they are wearing the songkok when accepting the title from the sultan.

So to support the "protocol" argument, I guess its mandatory to wear a songkok in in the audience of the sultan.

Don't worry about being seen as Islamic or un-Chinese, I'm sure the people will understand that its merely formality. If they don't... well, sucks to be ignorant.

Rakyat Polis Keadilan (RPK) said...

Yes, that is good. You have clarified on this issue. Safe journey to Penang.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Teng, I would the Barisan Rakyat team to URGENTLY engage an alternative electronic and print media to publish the NEW govt. side of the story. This is imperative in lieu of many unwanted rumors and attacks frm the Be End controlled media since BR's tsunami victory!!!

My last appeal to you & your comrades is that PLEASE regularly VISIT Malasyia Today to learn from issues around the OTHER blogs while at the same time getting some doses from RPK?

Oldstock said...

Dear Saudara YB TCK,

I'm an M-Today reader and I arrived at your blog via M-Today. Having read your response, the one word that came to my mind to describe your stand is `merajuk'. Your approach is so reactive, `Hey, they didn't tell/ask me, what can I do?'

This is so evident in your remark about your lady DAP colleague not consulting you about the proper dress code. As the senior DAP rep, why can't you be gracious enough to coach your new colleagues on the proper protocol? C'mon la YB, swallow your pride for while and look at the big picture.

The rakyat has voted for change, so please return their trust in you. Don't blow it just because you insist on a Deputy MB post.

And your final remark about `teaching others', be careful YB, lest the rakyat teach you back...

Wishing the DAP-PKR-PAS formal coalition to become a reality. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

YB Teng, more have been said about you have been discriminated by DAP in the setup of coalition govt in Selangor. But you have constantly made yourself clear, you won't be affected by all those rumours, you're a party-man, you're a team player, rather than the one who seek personal glory for yr own self. Your past service to yr constituent speak louder than words. You're indeed a selfless leader.

Congrats! and Keep It Up!

Anonymous said...

Short-sleeve Says:

Today at 13: 25.41 (56 minutes ago)
Please tell Teng to take down his gigantic banner in Klang lobbying the people to support his move for the Deputy MB post. It is so no class and poor taste.

Anonymous said...

if raja petra goes to Fiji and mengadap Sultan fiji adakah beliau tidak akan memakai skirt fiji?

Unknown said...

I can vouch for you there's no issue of you boycotting the MB swearing in. Coincidently I have written in Lau Weng San blog to express my curiousity on why he is seen with a songkok from the picture in the press? He gladly explained that he was asked to go along with Teresa Kok as DAP representative to the palace. Since he was not aware of the palace protocol, he and other non muslim reporters were asked by palace officials to don the songkok.
So there's no issue in you for refusing to attend the ceremony or wearing of songkok for the matter since you were not ask to go along. I believe in you that attendance be by invitation only. If such event are open to the public, surely nosy people like me can attend too :)
Hope this will clear you name.

Anonymous said...

This time why Raja Petra said is not so logical.Songkok and DMB are 2 separate issues. Wearing a suit and songkok are also 2 separate issues.

Wearing a suit is practical and universally acceptable including the Palaces. Most of the Chinese dress code have been replaced with the suit for practical reason. Be practical always.

Anonymous said...

To avoid rumour, be transparent, honest and open. Attempt to withold information and political postering only invite suspicion and assumption.

Thats openness preached by DAP. Lets not hope that it turn out to be a fake move towards PAP dracoinian governing.

Anonymous said...

We trust your integrity, and your proven track record. RPK shd not just shoot like tat.
too bad DAP top gun dont see this.
teresa kok may be capable, but you definitely have the experience.
talk about seniority?!

Anonymous said...

i am a reader of MT. thank you for choosing to respond to MT in spite of your busy schedule.
i wish you all the best and we will support you.

navalan parkunan said...

I totally agree with your comments YB Teng, Yes, ''they also have to learn before teaching others''.,
Raja Petra, sometimes do think he is right in his every move.(I always believe he has his hidden agenda)

but nevertheless the songkok issue should not be sidelined, a chinese and an Indian may not want to wear Songkok, that's his rights. Why force him?.

As he said in his website, lets concentrate on Selangor's economy and how to run it positively...well lets get small things like this in order...this is discipline and it has to start from here.

All the best YB Teng.

cre8tif said...

well and good teng,

But now DAP/PKR/PAS has now has presence in Selangor, Perak, Kedah, Penang, Kelantan is because because the supporters of the Barisan Rakyat initiative has decided who will be the boss.

You guys have the top max 5 years to walk the talk. Forget about arguments of form over substance. Continuity of the bickering between parties will only server to alienate the supporters further that they have made their wrong cross at the ballot boxes.

The real goal now is to be a formidable/viable choice amongst people of all race we call Malaysian that PKR/DAP/PAS is a force to be reckoned with and can serve as a proper Government.

Please remember and do not fail us people/tax-payers as you are all now part of the minority *Government*.

We are all well-known of the malice in the MSM against PKR/DAP/PAS. Even when his learned LKS has stated that the Barisan Rakyat was never a formal movement between parties; DAP should now think seriously why it ought to formalize the accord because never in the history has the people of Malaysia being so united in their cause for change of a better Malaysia.

If not for RPK whom is know for his no-holds barred stance; we will not have given you guys the chance to be where you are now this term of governance.

RPK may well exaggerate things in his writing to spice things up a little but more importantly do not let the big ego within parties to do what is right for the people. Federal government will not be so kind to extend their help to Selangor now that it has fallen to their nemesis. If Kelantan can function under PAS for the last 18 years without much help from Federal, make it possible for Selangor, Perak, Penang, Kedah as well since this can demonstrate that DAP/PAS/PKR can rule and will not make the rakyat *bleed* in their pocket further.

Good luck. Price of oil per barrel is now standing at above USD$110 and most probably can expect the federal government to increase pump prices soon. In light of the challenging price environment for the people, what can you as part of the state legislative do by working with PAS/PKR to stop this so-called wastage and not make valuable resources being wasted further ?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with you, Teng. Sometimes Raja Petra can be too fast to shoot from the hip and we do see very frequently a lot of the Malaysia-Today readers are mere sheeps that reacts blindly without even hearing out both sides of the story as well as finding out the truth.

Anonymous said...

It's good that you don't wait too long to respond!

Benjamin Nicholas Cameron said...

YB, keep on fighting. You have done us proud during the tenure of Khir Toyo and we expect nothing less now that you and your team are part of the state govt.

Anonymous said...


Yes. Give DAP a chance. You did play a key role in helping them and the Barisan Rakyat win. So, help them to govern as well. Thank you very much for your kind consideration.

Anonymous said...

wharever it is i dont believe u

CaptainCaveman said...

Dear YB Teng, Raja Petra and fellow

Would you guys please stop all these arguments over petty issues. You guys
are wasting a lot of precious time. When we are required to follow certain protocol, JUST DO IT!

You guys are adults whom we the people entrust you to do the job of running the state government. Hoi, JUST DO IT!

I am sure can do that, right?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking to join those support Teng activities held in Klang Jaya initially...after 2nd thougth I decided not to go being worried that you might be "accused" of organising that. We know the supporters just love you too much, they have their right to show their support openly. Don't worry, God knows you didn't involve.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, it is not about whether Teng wearing a songkok or not...the point is Raja Petra is lying and smearing Teng's reputation...don't you see that?

Anonymous said...

Teng, just like to comment on the "Songkok" issue, why cant we just educate our Chinese brethren that wearing the Songkok in Malaysia is not selling out or "masuk melayu" just like wearing the Coat and tie is not becoming "Ang Mo". I see christians, hindus and animists all wearing the songkok in Indonesia.

Anyway too bad your party dont see the contribution you made and that the qualitiy you will bring to the administration of Selangor even if you are not lobbying for it.


Anonymous said...

DAP leaders,
Respect the host, esp if it is the Sultan or Raja, who gave you favour to rule his land (this is still royal land). If the dresscode spells formal b&w, dress accordingly. Or beach party, then I'll go with my sunnies and thongs. And be sensitive to the host too, if my grampa dislike black and dark colours during CNY, I better go wearing red/pink/orange! Give some respect to other races - or I'll vote DAP out next GE!

It's not like Sultan wants you to sembahyang or dance around a tree... grow up DAP.

Anonymous said...

So, my question is:


Answer please... !!!!!!

Please note that songkok DOES NOT have anything to do with Islam. Just like roti canai does not have anything to do with Islam.

Can you EDUCATE your Chinese chauvinist comrades in DAP on the essence of being MALAYSIANS ???

CaptainCaveman said...

Dear YB,

Thank you for allowing me to post my personal views here. I like this guy one DRRAFICK - Rights 2 Write with a quote "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I"ll defend to the death your right to say it" prompted me to express my personal experiences and views about Malaysian as a whole.

I am expressing my views here in response to RPK on his write-up on Compromise works both ways - NO HOLD BARRED.

Apprently RPK is trying his very best and go into much details to advise or educate all "cina apek" to be more understanding about dress code, and i hope he is sincere and with good intentions.

What i find it rather troubling was he keep on saying Malaysia Chinese are just anti-Malay dress code which i beg to differ. YES, we must observe dress code but i just wonder why our Parliament dress code have to be proper suit and tie which you say is a Mat Salleh culture? Why not a dress code which can reflects our truly Malaysia of cultural diversity? ( surely i am not talking about slippers and shorts and without proper shoe here ). I may be naive to suggest this....

I personally witnessed many ordinary non-malay dressing in baju Melayu or batik while attending a VVIP Malay formal event or just a Malay wedding. Of course some spell out dress code and some don't. Of course there are some of the non-Malay even with the dress code being spelled out, came dressing in long-sleeve collared shirt, pants and proper shoes, and i believed they are just like anyone of us trying their very best to be presentable and show respect to the host. But i don't see they are being ask to leave even it is a VVIP function!Unlike the NPC.

Maybe RPK is trying to suggest to the non-Malay MPs or State Assembly YBs that should know better about dress code, period. But i believed most of us do wish to respect the host dress code.

I am just an ordinary citizen so to me if the host happen to be a Malay, and so happen we are not wearing something 'Malay' are we being branded as anti-Malay dress code? What if a Malay attending a non-Malay function and wearing a baju Melayu, can we say he/she is anti non-Malay dress code?

Yes, RPK , you can sum up and assumed that all Malaysians irrespective of race, are racists but what is the root of the problem? We as the leaders?, parents, politicians? I believed each race have their own 'patang larang' whether they are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Dayak or Iban. Maybe and just maybe, if we can do away with this kind of mentality. Haih, again i am being naive here....

I don't know why RPK choose to mentioned this 300 or so Chinese who are willing to pay RM250K for a Datukships. I can't seem to get the link between here and the anti-Malay dress code. Maybe he is just trying to tell us about those stuffs.... supply and demand.

Anyway I find all this interesting and just show we Malaysians dare to speak out without fear or favour.

It is my little wish if RPK or Dr. Rafick see this posting :-)

Time for me to get some sleep


Anonymous said...

All Readers! There is no songkok issue. Teng was not called to see the Sultan and he could not and should not barge his way through. There is no songkok issue.

He was also not fighting for DCM position. You have been believing what propoganda mainstream media wants you to believe.

Let's focus on the bigger issues like cleaning up Khir Toyo's misdeeds.

Tay TG said...

YB Teng,

I do not think that you are the 'mastermind' behind the recent demo in Klang to support you as exco member.

Frankly, I was not aware, otherwise, I will be there.

Come on DAP, appointment capable ADUN as exco member to 'fight' with BN ADUN. I am afraid, our Ronnie, Teresa and Au Yong can not handle them in term of debate etc.

xiaoling_mok said...


看了八度空间晚间新闻报导了邓章欣顺利成为雪州议长,心情特别心奋!我的心奋不是因为邓章欣顺利成为雪州议长,也不是邓章欣是第一位华侨议长。是因为我看到有位没带脑出街的反对党领袖,就称他为 - 傻嗨好了,在说疯话。
以前你们 - 所谓的废材前执政党,常批评反对党时说“反对党只是会发对 ” ,这句话拿来讨在这位现在雪州反对党领袖 - 傻嗨的身上最好不过了… …。“对不起,傻嗨!也许是我误会了你,因为你都没当过反对党。看在你失去雪州政权时,流下的泪水,我必须强逼自己,要给你时间去适应。强逼自己的同时,既然你这么看得起邓章欣,我建议你不如向邓章欣拜师,如何当一位反对党领袖。不要再像傻嗨那样,是又反对,不是又反对,也不知自己在反对什么,发表一些什么无理头的屁话,到头来把自己喷得一脸屁”。
在这里也要谢谢这位傻嗨,如果没有你,我的日子不会过得如此快乐。谢谢你制造那么多的笑话,让我活得更精神。衷心感谢你 - 雪州前州务废材大臣 – MR. SOUHAI。

22/04/2008 9.54pm