Monday, March 24, 2008

New era for Selangor

After 50 years of independence and 50 years under the government of Barisan Nasional, the people of Selangor will march into a new era. The new government will swear in today.
The State Executive Council consists of 10 members led by the Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, will swear in before HRH Sultan of Selangor at Balairung Seri, Alam Sham Palace.
The people of Selangor has entrusted the new coalition government to run the richest state in Malaysia for the next 5 years, unless the State Assembly is dissolved earlier. It is imperative for the new government to ensure that the state is properly managed and not to repeat at any degree all the mistakes committed by the previous government.
Meanwhile, the people should also be patient to allowed changes to be made in stages. One should not expect to see results overnight as much damages had been done to the State by the previous BN government for the past 50 years. Give the new government time to bring about the changes. Be sensible and reasonable.


Anonymous said...

I salute you, YB. You stood by DAP even though it would have been easier for you to join the MCA or Gerakan. However, you are now vindicated. Your struggles have not been in vain. It is bearing fruit. The whole country is in debt to people like you who selflessly gave everything to the others like me. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your sacrifices. I know how tough it is but you persevered. You can stand tall now.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, jia yiu!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the new state government !!

Congratulations to you too, YB Teng !!

Today is indeed a joyous occasion ti be celebrated, the beginning of a new era where the Selangor people has finally broken free of the corrupted BN.

The rakyats are behind you, we helped to install you and we will do everything to see you succeed.

Kiong hee , kiong hee ....

Durian said...

Congratulation! We welcome the new era and hope it will not dissapoint us.
Please provide more shine to Sg. Pinang. Currently, we are seeing more vacant shops, petty crimes, unemployment, dim lights, potholes.
FYI, there are more than 5 break in, on a same row of twelve terrace house.

Anonymous said...

Teng YB,
congrats to you!
Although I'm from Penang, I've been followed you since the Kelang Manson scandal.

Anonymous said...

The BR is now a loose coalition but it cannot remains so if it desires to produce concrete results in the new administration.

Travelling along this uncharted journey, men who possess wisdom will be be greatly needed.

If the new administration can show that it is doing its best, and it has the interests of the rakyat at heart, it needs not be afraid the rakyat will be impatient with it. Patience is also a vital requisite for the new BR coalition !

EdwinNgKlang said...

YB Teng,

I'm not a DAP member and not involve in politics. Not until i have seen your powerful speech before the GE in 'youtube' and you should be proud for what you have done. Is your division still need to recruit new member?

Anonymous said...

Very well, you are a hero of all Malaysians!

Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile, the people should also be patient to allowed changes to be made in stages. One should not expect to see results overnight as much damages had been done to the State by the previous BN government for the past 50 years. Give the new government time to bring about the changes. Be sensible and reasonable."

YB Teng, your request is very reasonable.
The new state government should not only right the wrongs of the previous administration but also bring the culprits who committed misdeeds to book.

Anonymous said...

If DAP leaders can't see your talent and contribution, we voters will! Do not give up! Remember your future depends on voters, not your leaders.

Anonymous said...

Mt. Teng, This is my first time wrting to you. I rarely give comment but I feel I want to let you know that we malaysians appreciate the work you have been dong,defending the lay helpless people and making the leaders accountable. Even though you are not in the State Exco which I think you rightly deserved, I know you would still do a better job that your DAP newbies ADUN. Continue your good work, do not let the lost of these so called man made position distract you from the good work that you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Teng, you stay cool throughout the whole episode and put the bigger perspective instead of outbursting like some of the others who put themselves first. It is in these situations that we see the quality of great statesmen through their behaviour, "People before Self"! Your time for greatness will come, mark my word on it.

Double_t said...

What is the different between DAP Selangor compare to UMNO? They should select BEST & QUALITY ADUN be exco not base crony. I dun agree YB Teng leave out from exco. I demand DAP Selangor and DAP provide explaination, Why YB Teng was not appointed as Selangor exco. Tell me which Selangor exco (DAP) have higher qualification then YB Teng. 4 term Selangor ADUN speak for itself. Wake up DAP, dun go to the same path as UMNO.

Anonymous said...

dear Y.B Teng

U r the politician i admired so much . be good !! " ur Future depands on voters , not your leaders. " 110% agreed!

Anonymous said...


nasayuki said...
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nasayuki said...


Anonymous said...

Way to go YB. Not many politician will be as patient as you. In the near future, you will be some one in DAP as well as in Malaysian politic. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Is good to see the new government in Selangor. It would be perfect if we could see you in the list.

I am amaze that you still stood firm with DAP even you could have deserve more.

Love to see you in the next election and possibly in the parliament.


Anonymous said...


Building Inspection said...

Though you did not get to be in the exco, you did not harbour any
grouses.You are really a true politician.I salute you!
Next 5 year will not be easy for you because you may have to act as
a watchdog on the exco.I am sure you will not allow any nonsense policy (if there is any) to be implimented under your watchful eyes.

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Anonymous said...

What happened to DAP? I am very disappointed by DAP decision not appointed YB Teng as Selangor Exco. My whole family gave 110% support to DAP during the present election but I feel regret by the outcome in Selangor. I found no different between UMNO and DAP. LKS and LGE seems to be manipulated our voters desires. I strongly protest to this.
YB Teng, we support you all the time no matter which party you are in. You always make us proud!

Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

Finally, our new state government has formed. Although you are not in there, I believe you can do more than other. You have proved yourself in past few terms although you are in opposition party.

People with talent will perform anytime, anywhere and anyhow. We as voter will know the best who can deliver. Keep up your great spirit. Let us know if you need any help, we will support you as much as possible.

Move forwards! Start from here!


陈志成 said...




Anonymous said...

YB Teng,
I admire you for your hardship in voicing out without fear or favour in DAP.Your are an inspiration to your fellow colleagues and I wish you every success in your struggle in DAP.Although I'm from Penang,I'm following about what's going on in Selangor?Thanks.

Anonymous said...

我欣赏你在处理受委官职的事上保持冷静低调,甚至用“可能是技术上问题”帮别有居心的朋党主义者说话。天球过桥拆板的行为人民都看在眼里,选民的眼睛是雪亮的,老林小林的霸权和伎俩大家都清楚。不听民意的政权五年后人民自有对付他的办法。希望你继续踏踏实实做事,无论是Barisan Nasional 还是Barisan Rakyat的贪官都统统把他们揪出来!贪官污吏,闻名丧胆;人民百姓,如获至宝!加油~

Anonymous said...

Klang ppl vote u is not becoz u're from DAP but is becoz u're YB Teng. DAP Top management, Fan Xing!

bl tay said...

Very well done and well said. I admire your unselfish and positive attitude through all these. You are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Heartiest congratulations to you and all Selangor residents. Yes, finally we have changed, changed into a new era. I am speechless....

How to join DAP?

Anonymous said...

YB, You are one of the best!!!
Keep up your good work!!
I think everyones know that you do the good job for everyone, for us all the rakyat because you know what is the right things to do and you do it for good..
We all know that you have done all the good job not because you want any position but because of justice. truthful and kindness..
So, we hope you will always continue your good works even though your return are not as good as others but keep it up!!
We all need you!! Rakyat needs you!! We will always support U!!
By the way, i am not from your constituency so i can't vote for you but like many from other places, we all know you have done a good job and will always support you!! All the best to U!! All the best to DAP!!

michaelscy said...

Few weeks back before the GE, I was a hardcore DAP supporter, i attended DAP ceramah every night and browse through DAP's candidate blog till mid night. But after the GE, i am very confused. Confused with the arrangement of the new government especially for the Selangor state(especially for the exco member part), perhaps i should say i am confused and i have doubt about how democratic is our beloved Democratic Action Party. I still remember Uncle Kit criticized on UMNO's cronyism during the ceramah, yet it seems to me that DAP is following UMNO's steps which is practicing cronyism as well. Will this kind of practice be fair to the talents such as the respectful YB Teng who has been marginalized by the party for the past 18 years without any sense of appreciation from the party? I think the DAP should follow its own slogan - Just Change it, if DAP don't change itself, what will be the difference between the DAP and the MCA or UMNO? YB Teng, we, people will continuously support you even though one day if you are not with the DAP.

Anonymous said...

How come they didn't send you invitation card? If I were you I go without the card because thay all know you ma, right? YB Teng Chang Khim wo! So senior liao. Correct! Correct! Correct!

Anonymous said...

Frankly speaking, do you like to be Speaker?

Anonymous said...

Tak masuk akal langsung kenapa pihak atasan DAP pilih orang yang kurang kemampuan. Mereka yang sering ditimpa kekalahan amat bernasib baik atas 'wing of change' tiba-tiba pula dilantik sebagai Exco. Orang yang berkaliber seperti YB Teng pula tidak diamanah jawatan. Apalah DAP ni. Sebelum pilihan raya mahu sokongan rakyat, lepas saja serupa dengan stail BN pulak! Harus diingatkan, kita rakyat yang menentukan siapa patut disokong. Saya sokong YB Teng dan berharap beliau akan terus berkhidmat dengan berkesan demi rakyat Malaysia. Hidup YB Teng!

Anonymous said...

Democratic Society - all kinds of colour - black and white. Some like beef steak and others like vegetables . You don't drink and I like to drink. So in this world, we really cannot get a 100% level playing field. But those who persist we know they are real heros. Also those climb higher, the people have greater expectation and will fall harder. So don't discourage if one did not get it.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB TEng,(+.+)''

Congratulations n Celebration to Selangor New State Goverment!!(@.@)
It could be Best if u r in the Exco council but...

Actually, it doesn't matter anymore.At this time, i believe many of us (rakyat) have seen who s the warrior of rakyat at this particular moment.

Many ppl will thk tat s kind of waste of u r not being elected into the Exco council.Many ppl dont understand y 'they ''offer ' as a speaker n u still accept it.V knoe u stay 4 us,4 rakyat, n 4 the whole malaysians as well.

In fact another 50 years later,a man will go down into the history n let our new generation reckons tat there s a warrior exists in MAlaysia.He fight 4 us before himself.

YB Teng Chang Khim-U r going to be the Man.
YB Teng Chang Khim-Victory Of The People.

May god bless u n ur family.
Best n Regards.
Take Care.


WY said...

YB Teng,

you re certainly one of the most straight up politician that i know. you put the interest of the state and the people beyond your own interest. for that, i salute you. thank you.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I want to change my address to Sungai Pinang so that I can vote you next time. Not only me, many have the same thought. You have lots of fans, like celebrity!

Smart Consumer said...






Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

You are DA MAN!
Keep up the good work!
I'm with you!
The RAKYAT are with you!
Thou` your leader fail you, we will never fail you. We know what you had done for us all the while. DAP should change and LGE should stand up to clarify on this matter. They are leading to UMNO'ing way.

Anonymous said...

Please write some more...we love reading your article, thoughts, etc.

the egg

leeya said...

Dear Teng
I will suggest you to maintain your current rules. U sahould monitor both states and federal government performance without any post.

If u willing to be independent DUN. I think rakyat will with you also.

I strongly believe, for politician with ambition, should not be influence by official posts. should aiming more on rakyat benefit, and not own benefit.

I know you are aiming high.... instead of kacang exco member.

Anonymous said...

Yes,in all political arena everything is tough,YB when the situation get tough,the tough just get going...

saubing said...

YB Teng,

I have supported DAP since secondary school days but I really feel upset and disturbed after learning that you have been snubbed by CEC DAP to be Selangor Exco. It makes DAP no difference from the UMNO Putras! Continue with you good job without fear and favour. We will always support you. In case that you are willing to give it some thought, maybe you should consider joining PKR?

Anonymous said...

违反常理,人心不服。YB Teng 不受委为其中一个行政议员,众选民皆认为不公,DAP 处事不公,难以服众。有愧人民所托,更负巴生人所望,有辱选民的智慧,这是我们的感受。某莫女行政议员,未开始在雪州服务,媒体已经给于太多的免费广告了。

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i support dap,but i also very disagreeable of dap team work..邓章钦,u are a person as many people like..never give up,our rakyat m'sia will always stand with u n support u..

Anonymous said...

I love to see the new government of Selangor after 50 years....
Please dun let us down. Clean the "rubbish" left by ex-gov asap.
YB Teng we support you!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Teng

I do not know you personally but have seen you speak at Hannah Yeoh's ceramah in USJ. You appeared to be sincere, committed and passionate ADUN.

Though not selected as a EXCOman, you have behaved very professionally and matured. That is the hallmark of a statesman.

My only advice is, "true gold is not scared of fire". If you continue your good work, the people are your bosses and they will vote you in again and again.

Your DAP bosses will have no choice but to nominate you for Exco the next time around. MCA's Hwa Beng was also 3-time ADUN and was over-looked time and time again. Soldier on!

Anonymous said...

YB Teng,

Please never give up in performing your duty as ADUn for Sg Pinang. I know Tan Sri Khalid the new Selangor MB had the full faith on you as compared with the 3 new appointed DAP Exco. I really can not understand... may be that is politics within politics. DAP CC owes us a good explaination or else I felt like being cheated for wholehearthedly supported DAP on the 8 March 08 GE.


Anonymous said...

Our whole family supported DAP but very disappointed with DAP side line you. You are the most qualified EXCO mmember.

We will continue support you no matter where are you. Keep up the good work.

TY said...

You have been very consistent with what you said and did. I admire your courage to stand for the right and champion it on behalf of the people, especially in Selangor. I also salute you for not taken the recent exco selection too personal. You are well respected and look up to not because you have the coveted position, but because of who you are and what you have done. I must say that very very few people, even within DAP, have the caliber like you. Please work on and champion our cause. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Its not fair you didnt get the exco post.It just make the DAP look bad.Anyway continue your good job.ZYoure a rare breed in malaysian politics indeed.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Teng,

You are the one of the leader in DAP I admired most and you are the best in our heart and please continue your great works and we will support you always!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to BR and DAP and You! Carry on sincerely working for the people, state and country - we appreciate you!

Anonymous said...

YB Teng, 欣赏你冷静的态度,你处事不乱及你的远见,你知道什么时候是“适当说话”的时候。你说话为党,不说话也为党的面子。而你出不出席,你发不发言,你都做得对(天,继续宠坏你?!)
你有好的意见,但忠言逆耳难进谏。 DAP嬴了可喜,但他们都乱了方寸可悲。群兵无帅,小卒当将,凡事不问诸葛亮。名单内竟敢毛遂自荐?!人民哪服耶!到时给选民捉来殴!

YB Teng 我们支持你,永远支持你,都已支持你10多年了!


Anonymous said...

To YB Teng,


Fr.Peter Chew. JB.

Jason ANG Kian You , 汪建佑 said...

hello teng where is the principle of DAP, 20 years ago u all said chinese cannot pakai songkuk now u worst than pakai songkok, what is ur satnd ?