Friday, March 21, 2008

We will wear Songkok

It may or may not be a controversial issue but the Selangor DAP leaders, who will swear in as exco members before HRH Sultan on Monday, will wear Songkok in compliance with the palace dress code.
When the DAP was in the opposition, we had the option not to attend any official function which requires Songkok as part of the dress code. We had exercised that option. That had been the party policy for years.
However, now that the DAP is a partner of the coalition government, the DAP will have no other option but to adhere to the dress code. Otherwise, the coalition government can never be formed.
We have the mandate from the people to form a new government to bring about change to the nation. That is a historical mission given by the Malaysians to the DAP first time after 50 years of independence. That is our priority now.


PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

All the hopes of the frustrated MALAYSIAN chinese are on you DAP. Do not disappoint us. NO we do not ask you DAP to take from the malays to give to us. All we ask is be clean, be thrifty, SAVE. Whatever saved give us a fair deal.

Aaron said...





Anonymous said...

No worries. I am a Chinese, I have no problems on DAP raps wearing songkok for the swering-in, since this is the requirement for royal function.

The more important thing is to govern with sincerity, impartiality and incorruptability.


Lrong Lim said...

Greetings from Japan, brother...

I believe this is the right way to go, in any case... with the Chinese people more actively adopting Malay dressing and/or lifestyle, we are probably heading for more mutual acceptance of our differences in customs and beliefs...

Plus, I think you would all look good in songkoks as well...

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Teng,

I just wanna to know why you are not in the list (EXCO) ? WHY ?WHY ? U are the most capable person among the others.

I really feel sad and dissapointed
with those who keep playing politics
in this matter.


Sue.Aleen said...

na.. that's the spirit.. keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Bravo Mr Teng!

Yes, you are the "government" now, so you may need to adopt "sacrifice the small-me to accomplish the bigger-me".

Congrats! All the best & don't let us down (quiet unlikely, right?)

Unknown said...

Good Sir, I hope that comes from the heart. As I had shown you the link, let me repost again in case some of our fellow Malaysians didn't see in the previous post "Don't Simply Blame" comment section.
(A Mainland China Chinese Muslim brother wearing a songkok amongst skull cap wearing Chinese Muslim brothers)

I see a new dawn coming in the history of Malaysian politics and a new dawn for the new Malaysian nation. Let's all be mature and work for the people's nation from now on. Rgds.

leeya said...

YP teng.

you gain my respect on the principal and justy after so many year.

Eventhought i not like DAP , another racial chinese politic. I stand on support the spirit you show to others/

Thank you , keep up


Unknown said...

I truly agree.Form the government first. No point of fighting the songkok issue now. Although its hard to understand why cabinet ministers swearing in do not need to don the songkok. May be Selangor is more of islamic state than others. We'll be waiting for the good news this Monday to see whether your position to serve us can be enhanced better.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. No harm in wearing the songkok which is merely a native cultural headgear, nothing to do with religion. If we can wear the western barret or cowboy hat or mortarboard, what is wrong with wearing the songkok?

Anonymous said...

Wearing or not wearing a songkok is not a big deal now, what matters most is stop the squabbles & get the cooperation from all & deliver what you have preached. In other words, walk the talk & stick to your principles.
- You'll Never Walk Alone -

Anonymous said... you can ask Kyir to shut up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Teng,

I am a Chinese, but we must respect the Sultan. If that is the protocol, then please follow.

On the post of Exco etc, I salute you.

A supporter from Down Under

Anonymous said...

Dear YB. Teng,

Very sad to hear that you are not selected as Selangor Exco members.
Really don't understand why DAP so called " decision maker " picked the weak and no experience DUN. You are the one is more experience and capable to lead the exco and find for people in the state assembly. I'm not the Selangor's citizen, but im rent a house in subang jaya here. Your past hardwork is really give me very positive impression. YB. Teng, don't worry, we are here still supporting all the way. Dont give up, im sure one day the DAP " upper leader" will regret what their did today.

Your supporter,
Michael. ( USJ).

Anonymous said...

songkok 明显是抄明朝的官员们爱戴乌纱帽。 不明白为什么你们会有不要戴的想法??

yours truly said...

Dear fellow DAP, believe most are concerned with who will be swearing in as excos,and not that issue of dress code now. Pray you will keep up with democracy in your party to nominate the right one...Don't disappoint us.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Teng,
Your spirit of speak out the truth, i really amaze....
And i can see those who have seek your help before election, but when come to POWER, they totally forgotten your help, that's really politician, they forgot DAP policy, they forgot......, i just hope that they dont forgot what they have promised to people in Selangor, if not we will teach them a lesson in another 4 years time, not only them, but DAP.

hund said...

While there are few if any opposition views on Teng being qualified as an EXCO member. Well, enough reasons are being said by the supporters and on the media. But the fact of life is that DAP top leadership (arghh.. if they could be called as "leadership")is more keen to put his loyal boys in the EXCO list.

Please, dear all, put the "EXCO" issue to rest. Focus on more important and pressing issues. And as a voter, I challenge Teng, to expediate his call to reform many corrupted practice within the Selangor government. First, the declaration of assets by ADUN. Then, the push for local council election.

Whether you are made an EXCO or not, you Teng Chang Khim has no excuse to put all that proposals in to action, quick action. Let the boys and girls play with the EXCO seat game, and you do your work. That is why you are being elected into the State Assembly.

And dear supporters of Teng and passers by, don't drag on the EXCO issues. HE WON'T GET IT and there's nothing big deal. Let us put our pressure (and supports, of course) on Teng Chang Khim to bring about change in public policies beneficial to the public. And stop shouting like a 3-year old boy on that ice-cream you'll never get

Berdych Tan Teck Chai said...

不要患得患失,一切一切都是轨迹,反正万般带不去,唯有业随身。没有理由永远垂头丧气, 努力走好人生路途,人有时侯需要一点点打击,那才叫作人生嘛。好玩嘛,人生如戏,戏如人生。。。成功的意义就在超越自己. Teng Chang Khim 万岁 n take care

bl tay said...

I support this decision at this moment. No big deal. Don't expect to change everyone's mind at once. Keep in mind what we really want for the good of the all races in our country. An efficient and clean government is more important to us all.

bl tay said...

What ever you do, please don't follow the stupid steps taken by the new government in Penang and Perak by cancelling all the previous municipal summons in the state. Who would bother to pay new summons again? Try to educate us not to follow municipal rules and regulations? What is the rational behind this stupid move?
There are so many ways to do things right and better. Some conditions must be attached if you were to cancel all these summons to make proper sense.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

Wearing songkok or becoming exco is not the most important issue, I guess. The most important task is to form the government and move forwards immediately.
I start reading your blog now, I wish to see more how you implement your responsibility as YB. The responsible as YB is not easy, share your difficulty and happiness with us. We can learn from you and also share our experience with you.
Look forwards, you have more to accomplish in coming 5 years, leave the small issue behind. Focus your fighting spirit for rakyat, we will only respect YB that fight for rakyat.

Your supporter,

Anonymous said...

Yb Teng, Rumours said that u will be the first non malay to be a speaker...if it is true..I would like to be the 1st to congrate u!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats YB,you'll be the 1st non-malays speaker! I'm sure you will do the good work of a speaker!
You make us feel proud of being a DAP supporter.

Anonymous said...

Very upsad to know that YB u are not in the EXCO list , why and what is happening to DAP ? i can say beside YB TENG , no one in Selangor DAP are qualified to take on the seat. i been DAP supporter until now , but the next election i have to think twice before i vote DAP , but YB TENG , u always got my support .
please don't give up .

Benny Teh
Subang Jaya SS19

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Teng,

I saw ur picture at the chinese's newspaper front page n the titled s "U r going to become our speaker"!! I thk this announcement might be give a little bit cheer to all ur supporters (included me).Exco Issue has become a hot topic frm last week itself.

Being elected into the the Exco council s not a matter now.Getting a post is a small case now.Just 1na let u know,if u get elected then i will give u my "wish n congrat's" if it is in the opposite way,doesnt matteer becoz u still have our support.

Our ppl who give u our support since last time will always by ur side.Just let u know u r never been alone.Long Live YB Teng! U r a great man!

Keep on ur hard work!
May god bless u n ur family.
Best n Regards.

Nikko-19 (^.^)

Anonymous said...

I refer to comments on canceling of summons. The state governments which did that had said this was a one off gesture of goodwill to the people. One of the consideration mentioned by the Penang Government for this gesture was that there were many complaints about how summons were issued in the past eg summons issued for valid parking tickets etc. They said that after that one off goodwill gesture, enforcement would continue with better implementation.

So, this is the rationale for the cancellation of summons which to a layman like me seemed to be not inappropriate. I do not think the financial impact is material and savings from things like not having food served during government meetings could easily save the government more.

As for YB Teng, please do not be dishearten if you are not in the exco. I believe whether it is within or without your control, the banner and assembly to lobby for the deputy MB position have affected you. But by continuing to perform well, the public goodwill will come back to you and will help your political career.

Anonymous said...

the world will be a better place because of people like you...we love you

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you YB Teng! Good luck going forward!


Building Inspection said...

You have my full support on adhering the Palace dress code.

Anonymous said...

Guys, please do not be batu api about the rumour on Teng's exco nomination.

Let the matter rest, do not plant the seed of unhappiness in him to distract him from achieving greater things for Selangor/Malaysia.

Please allow this yellow cat to start work !!

We have faith in you.

Anonymous said...

YB Teng

Berdych Tan Teck Chai said...


Berdych Tan Teck Chai said...


Ijokian_131 said...

YB teng,

Congrats you become Dewan Speaker. No fish prawn also can lah. Sorry just joking. Anyway, I believe whatever portfolio that you hold, I have 101% trust on you can carry out your duty fair and without fears. Honestly, Dep MB not really a big deal as I look at it. To me, if there coalition parties/government were serious in choosing a most suitable candidate as new MB. I just cant think of others except you.

Berdych Tan Teck Chai said...

原来州议会议长主要是会议协调员,控制场面,没有实权。。。Exco 才有行政权。。。
那三个代表何以服众?他们兴致缺缺的位子就让给YB Teng,副大臣与Exco就推荐自己或朋友。。。欺人太甚。

Anonymous said...

To RPK of Malaysia-today, please check the facts before you wrote anything. you think you really a king ar ? what happend to the 30k signature petition that you got and sent to the real King ? go down to the drain already?

i still repect u, but pls behave and don't go overboard

mangchikla said...

YB Teng. Well done. Priorities are more important.

Anonymous said...

YB, I am disappointed you were not nominated to the Exco although in terms of experience and dedication, u stand out among all your colleagues in the Selangor DAP.The fact that u have not thrown tantrum is a reflection of yr maturity and a clear indication that you are a team player.Hope the top DAP leaders also recognise this fact. YB, you will always have our support.

陈志成 said...



我支持你,我爱戴你并不是因为你是Exco 或副州务大臣。

Berdych Tan Teck Chai said...


在选举期间,你在吧生的每一个演讲,我都有出席。。。 发觉你是一个顶天立地,毫无私心,正义勇为的好汉。。。





<-天将降大任于斯人也,必先苦其心志,劳其筋骨,饿其体肤,空乏其身,行拂乱其所为也,所以动心忍性,增益其所不能-> 孟子


陈德义,陈德财 笔

Anonymous said...

Congrats. It's the work, not the dress.
May you and your coalition partners do a good job of governing.

WY said...

dear YB Teng,

I support your brave decision. Yes, it's all about the result and work...not about the dress. I would be happy to wear a baju melayu or a afghan dress, if thats my work dress code.

:) Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

always support you n bless u good luck!from melaka supporter

Anonymous said...

There, now, it's not so bad wearing the songkok, is it?In fact you guys look good. And that goes without saying for the ladies eli and teresa.
Selamat Bertugas untuk rakyat.

Anonymous said...

The rakyat, especially the Chinses community, will not judge you by the wearing of songkok. When you are in Rome act like the Romans do. As this is part of te Royal Palace's formality, wearing the songkok will nor make you loose your root, after all it is only required during ceremonies connected to th Royal Palace.

What's important is your leadership example and the attitude towards your dties and responsilities as a wakil rakyat. I have always respect you as a honourable DAP politican and you should stay on in DAP as long as long as the rakyat want you,

Good luck and stay strong to fight the political evils in our society.