Saturday, March 08, 2008

Fresh from Sungai Pinang: I won by 7,164 votes

From the result reported to my operation centre, I have won Sungai Pinang state seat by a majority of 7,164 votes, subject to official announcement.
In 2004, I won by a majority of 3,613 votes.
Mission accomplished!


Anonymous said...

congratulation YB Theng. Let's catch more mouse in dewan undangan negeri

Anonymous said...

im dap big in seputeh zone....
congrate u to winnint singai pinang zone....congrate...
do ur best in the future...all the best...
DAP GOING>>>ROCKET GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
also support teresa kok....GOGOGO!!!

As I Was Saying... said...

Congrats YB Teng. Continue to serve the Klangnites well.

Anonymous said...

congrats! hope other OPP candidates will do well too.

Anonymous said...


tonny ung said...


Anonymous said...

7163 + 1 from desmond lee.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


I wouldn't say mission accomplished because this is just the beginning.

Do make the people proud in your future doings.

Anonymous said...



Kim Far said...

Congratulations!!!! I am so confident with your win. I rushed to buy flower and managed to passed the flower to you. This is the 1st time I entered your office and I couldn't believe I could pass you the flower personally.
I am so touched with DAP historical success.
Thank you for being our hero! Hooray!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats DAP Klang team.
Unofficially we won all 4 seats here.

bayi said...

Congratulations, YB. It simply means that you have done a good job.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to you YB, I am DAP and also your big fan. Happy to hear u that u have won the sungai pinang. As a klang person, I proud to have you. ^.^

Anonymous said...

My congrats to you. A change is needed. Now is time to deliver and build lasting confidence.

KenSan said...

Congrats! It's no suprise =')

Anonymous said...

you da man saudara teng,we will support you all the way and hidup dap forever.sorry la song kee chai,we dont need you and bn.go back to ur two wives!

Anonymous said...

congratulation... well-done.

Anonymous said...

Congratatulation YB Teng!!! Malaysia need many person like you to sweep away all the corruption and unclean elements in this land! Malaysia start to have bright future! New hope! New Glory! May love, joy, peace, clean, be upon Klang. God bless you and your family!

Anonymous said...

congratulations..but do WORK HARD and dont be too happy,its just the caredfull of BN...goodluck and congrats

Anonymous said...

Congratulation!You deserve it, now you are voted into governing the state. We will be watching you. Don't fail us.

Anonymous said...

YB Teng, I hope the DAP and the rest of the oppisition will able to manage the Selangor state properly and efficiently unlike the former Barisan Najis BN government.

Please wipe out all the little Napoeleon ans all the wrongs and damanges done by Barisan Najis previously.

I hope to see DAP and the rest of opposition to continue to rule Selangor not only this election but beyond. So uphold your promise and don't let the citizen down.

Congratulations !

Anonymous said...

Pls, YB Teng. DAP being the largest party in selangor State Legislative Assembly, should take over the chief minister post.
We really hope that you will be the chief minister of the state. At least it should come from DAP. This will ensure the advancement of the state. Even though majority race in Selangor is Malay, but I'm sure that many of the people in the state, especially Chinese will be very disappointed if Kalid from PKR takes over the post.
Pls, we really hope that DAP will take over the post and bring our voice to action and keep the state advancing!
Lastly, a congratulation for YB Teng again being elected in the state election of Sg Pinang area.

Anonymous said...


Congrats!!! U really deserves it.

I have 2 wishes for the new government in Selangor

1) is to re-open Zakaria case and drill it diligently. Do not demolised the palace, please turn it to a social recreation or rumah kebajikan. We should let these with "tidak apa" attitude. I trust with re-opening the zakaria file we have more mouse hidden to be caught. Please save Selangor from further corruption.

2) re-introduce local council election and not hand picked.

Congrats again!!!

Bravo!!! People's Power awaken.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations YB Teng

Anonymous said...

Wowww!!! Superb victory to you and DAP!! Hope to see as Deputy Chief Minister. Congratulations !!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you YB Teng. Well done! Now, Lets MOhd. Khir Toyo to sit your place in Dewan Undangan Negeri.
Pls work harder to bring back the properous Selangor & Hapuskan Rasuah habis-habisan!! HIDUP! YB TENG!

诸投大将军 said...

Congrates to the DAP & OPP party win in this election! hope all OPP party can co-operate and make malaysia a better place!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations YB Teng!!! We want something for a changed!!! "Wind of Changed" If please Hapuskan The Corruption!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to YB as you have successfully retain the Sungai Pinang State Seat. Besides that, it is also a good win by PAS,Keadilan and DAP especially in Kelantan,Kedah,Selangor,Perak and Penang.I hope that opposition party can act well on behalf of the Rakyat and fulfill the promise to catch more mouse in the Parliament.

Anonymous said...

congratz YB Teng

Now is just a beginning
You have mere a 4-5 years time to work on all the bad sh*t left from BN
Guess u need to work 2x harder to gain confident from us so the next...and next and next GE will continue to win like this time !

hope you can establish a CLEAN and minimum corruption at Selangor and make our state continue catch up with developed country !

Don't forget fight crime and level up the security level :)

If other state see your outstanding result, the next GE will have more state going to be won by you

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Teng,(at leat not Mr.Teng again),wakaka(",)...

congratulations, the opposition has taken Selangor and Penang! Its reli a good news to us. I knew you have successfully retain the Sg Penang State Seat at 8.30pm last nite. I m happy with ur Victory.LOL.**

I hope the opposition will make Malaysia become a better Place!

congrats again to You N the all the DAP team as well.Well Done!! LOve Live DAP!!

All the best. May God Bless You N Ur family...

** LOL= Laugh Out Loud=)

Anonymous said...

lets catch more rats

Anonymous said...

Congratulation YB Teng..I heard you speak in USJ12 last week and I just knew that you will win again.

You are no longer alone..You will have alot of friends to work with you. You will also have my YB Hannah Yeoh. We from Subang Jaya are very lucky to have YB Teng, YB Hannah and YB Jeff Ooi living right here in Subang Jaya.

TheNinja : To be fair, I really do think the MB post of Selangor should go to PKR since Penang CM will be DAP. This is what we call power sharing. YB Teng should be the Deputy MB. After all we choosed a combination of DAP-PKR-PAS(Barisan Rakyat). Lets not be greedy like BN.

Anonymous said...

hi chang khim, news is out that PAS will get the perak mentri besar seat. how is this possible since DAP won majority of the state seats?. i understand that sultan prefers a malay but it doesn't make a lot of sense, does it?. anyway, if this is true, are we getting a DAP man as the deputy mentri besar?. we should.

Anonymous said...

hi CK, great to know that u were voted bk into ofis, better still gave voice to the DUN! congrats! i hv never doubted yr work and whateva u hv put in all these years, we or at least i can see. u hv always been, to my humble opinion that u r a man with integrity, drive, optimism and above all else, sincerity. i hope that u will keep it up for LIFE and not let these glory cloud us like what thsi has happened to those guys without much substance. go for it!


Anonymous said...

Congratulation to you and all DAP, PKR & PAS.

Many are happy that DAP, PKR & PAS make a great pact this election. Sharing of power and workload. I guess altho' DAP win BIG in S'gor, its OK to let PKR hold the CM post while DAP take on Penang.

No point arguing over small issues. There are much bigger issues to clean up by BARISAN RAKYAT. The next 4 years will be more of 'spring cleaning' after all the shit left over by BN. Tough job.

Your battle just begin and the people are watching. Please do not disappoint us. We know we can trust DAP otherwise we won't stuck our head out for this GE.

bUT U deserve to take a short break to celebrate especially with family members & good friends who had been struggling with you the past months. Not too long, tho' ... We will always be there for you.

Liang Boy said...

YB Teng, Congratulation!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Even though the 'opposition' coalition didn't make through in few places in northern Selangor but to make the current MB step down is a huge success. I'm from the Bukit Antarabangsa constituency is still hope that one day you'll be able to 'slap' our new opposition chief a 'pembangkang sifar' slogan which he always prod of. Keep up your good work.. We'll always silently support you.

Subang Jayan said...


YB Teng, you are NOW ruling party in Selangor. Make our choice RIGHT! Clean up the BN corruption, make Selangor effective Government! We'll support you all the way!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Teng,

Please close all the Selangor State Highway TOLL, we all support you for the future.

From Klang Business Man

Anonymous said...

Congratulationsss....the moment we are waiting for!!

希望YB Teng 会将Zakaria, Khir Toyol,所有贪污把柄都挖出来......万岁!!!

Lead Selangor to better state,and Malaysia a better country to all Malaysian regardless races...

Aaron said...



果然神明保佑,邓先生再一次的蝉联SUNGAI PINANG州议员,也恭喜火箭这一届顺利的升空。承如邓先生所说的。50年了,该醒了。我们要公正的政府,不要贪污的政治。




Anonymous said...

Dear YB Teng!

CONGRATULATIONS on retaining your Sg Pinang State seat.

YEAHHHH your comrade Hannah Yeoh has also won the Subang seat. Please do not forget your promise of Mandarin tuition.

All the best! Looking forward to another 5years of your services.

Subang, Selangor

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe what I saw/heard last night! Too excited over the night. Yes, we will have new MB. Bye bye khir toyo!
No matter YB Teng or Khalid the next MB, I support. Of course as YB Teng's fan, I hope YB Teng will be our upcoming MB. If it goes to PKR, YB Teng is still there for us, no worry! You are always here for us. Thank you! We love you!

Anonymous said...

congrat YB..

you promised to clean up the corrupt..

Now you have the mandate from us.

Please do the needful

Anonymous said...

congration yb, you will next timbalan menteri besar of selangor!!!!haha....zakaria you game over ordy!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to YB Teng ...

Great to have you

tc said...

congratulation YB Teng.. serve the community in an appropriate way will always win their hearts.. now i believe most of them realize this Chinese idiom.


Aaron said...


希望再给雪州更大的发展,杜绝贪污。小弟支持YB TENG。


Anonymous said...

COngrats!!!! GO DAP!!!

Gavin Yeap said...

Congratulations YB.

I'm very much delighted as my first time as a qualified voter had witnessed the most magnificent moment in our beloved nation's history.

We made it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to YB. I'm Klang resident here and really hope with the great successed of DAP and other opposition in this election. You and other opposition members will be able to bring the peace, safety and harmonies not only to Klang, but the entire Selangor, Perak, Kedah, Penang and Kelantan. Prove it to BN that our choise is correct. Hope DAP and other opposition parties can work as a tremendeous team and families to beat BN.

All the best.

Unknown said...

Is there something wrong with Lim Kti Siang's blog?

Anonymous said...

Congrats !!

This is a new beginning, lots to fix for the last 50 years rot !!

Take care, and do not allow the position and power to cloud your judgement.

My family is extremely proud of DAP and yourself.

Anonymous said...

First congratulation to YB!
YB pls do not satisfy for now, coz a lot of "rubbish" need u to clear in Klang. There are few question about the future here:
1. The Z-case.What will u do for it?
2. Our third vote. (is it call local council election?) I notice this, in your speech, is important for us. Pls let People's Power to choose.
3. Something i need u to guarantee that DAP will not join BN, just like Gerakan, after won Penang. I fully support that the party shld be multi-races.

I understand to turn promise or idea to action is difficult, but I hope YB wont let us down.
Fight corruption, protect our enviroment,cut our living cost and give us a healthy city.
You are back by People's Power.
Wish all the best to you..

From Richard and Family.

As I Was Saying... said...

YB Teng,

I would propose to have local authority election, so that whatever corruption, inefficiency and mismanagement will be wiped out completely so as to restore accountability and transparency in local authority in serving the people of Klang better.

Anonymous said...

hey CK, there is one pertinent issue which i m really concern. the perak MB. there seems to be no sense to hand over the post to a PAS guy when we hold the most number of seats. yes, maybe there was an agreement, but this will devastate the perakian chinese as a whole who had given u guys the mandate. i know i dont need to elaborate further as u fully know well why is the MB issue so important. i myself is a perakian and this boggs me tremendously also i m cool with PAS. do relate this before it is too late...really.


Anonymous said...

congratzz YB Teng
im a die hard supporter of DAP
and i will definitely vote for DAP when i reach my legal age to vote
im only 17 now
and i hope OPP can do better in the next election although this lection's results was quite good

Anonymous said...

Congrats...YB Teng

Bandar Di Raja Klang sure needs a lot of cleaning and your colleagues are in the position to do that now.
hope we are not disappointed.
However, one day at a time...hahaha


Aaron said...





Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! to you and me perhaps ? Well Done! :)

We have done our part sending more cats to work with you, don't forget to exterminate all the rats.

btw, can i request a quarterly or half yearly work/activity/progress report to be published on your blog so that we can do a regular performance appraisal. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Congrats YB Teng!!i'm one of your admirer...u r our klang Hero!!Hope u can be our deputy MB!!

JohorBahruBlurMan said...

YAB Teng, remember that DAP want to build fair country. Now u're almost can build FAIR Selangor.

Unknown said...

Congratulations YB! Finally a new dawn has come.. I have a very very good sleep last night after the ink issue! Seems like we don't need external power to help Malaysia, we, the rakyat themselves are eligible to help ourselves!

Thank you YB for all your fights! And from now onwards, please love your rakyat (no matter your supporters or not, malay, chinese, or indian) just like how you love your wife and children!

Have broader visions for selangor and hopefully 1 day, for Malaysia.

Feel the pain of rakyat and you will get the respect and trust from rakyat!

Congrat again and all the best!

cheong hong

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Please work hard to reintroduce local council election. Please make sure the Selangor state government is run well and transparent. Do not disappoint us.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation:D hope that DAP do it better since now, prove it...

Eastern Century said...

Congratulations! to all DAP & Opp parties!

We hope the new goverment will improve the living standard, especially Selangor and Perak!

We need an efficient and transparent admin system!

We hope new state goverment can help us to reduce the TOLL rate of LDP & Kesas!

Anonymous said...

now u have more power to catch more mouse in the state. keep it up!!

jeffayn said...

YB Teng, I know we can kick Toyo out of the office... but too bad, he already wasted us 4 years !

Anonymous said...

Could we have you as our Timbalan MB?
You are the most senior assembly man and even BN won big in 2004, you still have our support.

Anonymous said...

First of all, a very congratulations to u and ur fellow comrades, as well as other opposition parties. You guys deserve the win. I'm rather happy for this outcome.
This political tsunami, as it was called, is a clear message to the BN coalition that we as the rakyat has had enuff of their arrogance and ignorance. Thus they've fall, and they fall hard this time round. It is also clear to many that the rakyat does not vote for the leaders, instead they are going for the party. As what Tun Mahathir has said, we got only 2 choice.
I certainly hope that the new goverment will be better than the previous coz the previous definately sux. Show us that you can do better and we shall continue to give you our support! In fact, we might just vote BN out of the Federal goverment in the next term.

Anonymous said...

congratulations to YB...

Prove that opposition party CAN!!!

Fight for our rights..
Fight for our future..

EdwinNgKlang said...

YB Teng,
First of all, congratulation to you and your team mates in gunning down the 'BN CROOKS' in Selangor. It was VICTORIOUS to all of us as we've been looking forward to a greater change which I believe with your leadership and guidance, Selangor will have a brigther future.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! :-) We are so happy and excited with the result! Was a bit worried that you might lose intially. But glad that you won the seat! Hooray! Pls prove to them that DAP can work well to improve our place, out country!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you.

Please turn the Menteri Besar residence in Shah Alam for good use for the public. That was built by our tax money. I hope that the former MB did not set fire to burn it down before he leaves.

Please, as soon as the state government is formed, work on the new 2008 budget for the state and let us know. If you are able to come out with 2009 and 2010 budget, at least the at the conceptual level, that will be much better. Please track the state's performance closely versus the budget and let us know. The new MB has promised to have performance review every 100 days - that is how things should be run.

The first trading day after election, we have KLCI dropped about 10% in a single day. The investors already know that BN has lost lots of blood, so whatever BN says has "no power" now.

I suggest DAP to have a forum with the international fund managers and investors VERY QUICKLY or IMMEDIATELY. Yes the evidence of demorcracy and a balanced parliement is good for investment in the long term, but the immediate shock to KLCI should be softened quickly.

Anonymous said...

a lot of people say you should catch more mouses in the DUN from now on. i think that should be changed now. you needed to catch mouses because you were in the opposition party. if you are rulling the state, then you should spend time on planning and developing the state. you have no mouses in your own house - so what to catch? do the important first. assign a mouse catcher to help you if you still want to catch mouse.

by the way, can you please monitor your friends in PKR too so that they don't become like Khir Toyo - I am not speculating that they are like Khir Toyo, but you know human beings might change very quickly if given power, and these faces are fairly new to us - we have to trust but monitor.

Anonymous said...

Would you please let the DAP leadership know that the people of Malaysia hope that DAP will not work together with PAS. This is a matter of political principles. Please do not yield to their demand for the Perak MB post. The post should be given to DAP. Besides, the party that preaches against race-based politics should not try to fight for the post by appealing to restriction of the post to Malay Muslims by the state constitution. Otherwise, Chandra Muzaffar will be proved right.

If DAP cannot even insist on this, it will be no different from MCA and GERAKAN.

KG Ng said...

Hi YB i'm DAP royal supporter fr MLK. Congrats to U. I met U B4 in Heng Ann Asc & Jonker Street In MLK.To me U R the best speaker fr DAP in PRU12.I brought my fren 2 ur speech in Pay Fong hall & all of us really enjoy ur speech. unlike others DAP candidates behave like hooligans but U R really Proffessional. Hidup YB Teng. I sincerely hope that U will be Dep MB not that gila kuasa guy fr Seri Kembangan (Gila Kuasa Guy). I will join DAP mlk & I will make sure 1 day I will work hand in hand with U in DAP

Anonymous said...

副 州 務 大 臣 還 沒 被 敲 定。。。 我 們 期 待 您 擔 任 此 職 位。 我 當 記 者 的 朋 友 超 喜 歡 您, 他 們 說 您 是 英 雄!

Always support you! God bless.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Zakaria Md Deros is dead?
Is this truth? I cant believe this, it's too coincidence... YB Teng, can you please verify this? I believe he run away already !

klyew73 said...

First of all, I would like to congratulate DAP for its resounding win in West Malaysia. I m proud to be part of this history in making. Despite not able to vote in Klang, (Tmn Berkeley under Kota Anggerik, Shah Alam thanks to the advance electoral system in Malaysia). Mr Teng, I would really hope you be appointed as our Deputy CM as I have firm believe u have all the experience in Selangor. Not to say I m against Teresa Kok but sentimental and experience counts here. The War has just begin now, we will have more things to solve and repair for the state of Selangor. Proof to the opposition (BN) & its supporter than DAP can do it. Malaysia Boleh!

klyew73 said...

First of all, I would like to congratulate DAP for its resounding win in West Malaysia. I m proud to be part of this history in making. Despite not able to vote in Klang, (Tmn Berkeley under Kota Anggerik, Shah Alam thanks to the advance electoral system in Malaysia). Mr Teng, I would really hope you be appointed as our Deputy CM as I have firm believe u have all the experience in Selangor. Not to say I m against Teresa Kok but sentimental and experience counts here. The War has just begin now, we will have more things to solve and repair for the state of Selangor. Proof to the opposition (BN) & its supporter than DAP can do it. Malaysia Boleh!

Anonymous said...

Mr YB Teng,
You have been promoted from a cat into the Master of the House(Selangor state), please tidy up the house until no mouse can survive here (may be migrate to NS, Melacca etc..), then the new cat (Khir Toyo) becomes irrelavant.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to u. I hope u will continue to give your best to the Rakyat no matter what position you may/may not be given in the State Govt. Shame on those who wish to sideline you in the scramble for power.

Anonymous said...

Is it true you may not lead Selangor DAP team due to not in good term with DAP federal leader? I hope Guan Eng is not like Pak Lah who simply drop capable leader just for fun... or for his son in law
Anyway we Klang peaple will always behind you

Anonymous said...


though I wish you have not said its mission accomplished....Mission has just BEGUN!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations YB Teng! Shame on me for not realising that you were THE YB Teng when I met you. Took me YEARS to match your english name to 邓章钦!



Shin said...

Dear YB Teng, Congrats! You are a very important politician in Selangor and you have influenced a lot of youngster stood up and voted for opposition in the 12th Malaysia election. You are a role model and hero of Selangor people. I am very proud of you. The result of 12th election has shown Malaysian's union and it regardless of races, religion and culture. I am very touch because Chinese, Malay and Indian are standing up to repudiate BN!

Shin said...

Dear YB Teng, I will support you rather than Teresa Kwok as a vice Mentari Besar of Selangor. Base on your many years' experience as a YB in Selangor and performance, I strongly believe you are more suitable than Teresa. It doesn't mean I don't support her. But she is a KL resident and Seputeh Parliment, I can say that she is not as familiar Selangor management as YB Teng. Also, she might not have enough time to concern on Seputeh and Bandar Kinara even whole Selangor. So, I think YB Teng is the most suitable person to be Vice Mentari BESAR of Selangor.

Anonymous said...

You are truly a DAP man who works for the people, for the party. Even a small kid in primary school has become YB Teng's fan! Hooray!

Unknown said...

Teng, congratulations on the victory. DAP can't achieve so many victories without your help in all those ceramahs. I'm deeply disappointed the DAP leaders didn't appoint you to be the Deputy Chief of Selangor. I knew some of them didn't like you but it's very unfair to let go a capable leader instead of choosing some one they think is a good "follower" to be a candidate for that post. The DAP has to reform in this matter. We don't want the MCA culture to be brought forward to DAP. We want meritrocracy

Building Inspection said...

and hope my few pointers,below could contribute to your inspiration,though,sound trivial
to the people on the top,but,to us the ordinary Rakyat,are utmost important:
1.Stop all wayang,widely publicised in the media, Raids to the vice joints.
Authorities were used by triads to
flush out their competitors,new commers in the industries.
Khir Toyol personally,has personally raided Putra Inn,in Puchong in 2005(?),though widely publiced and applauded,the vice tent ragain business in less than a month.Condoned by the local authorities,with full knowledge of the local MP.ADUN,again!
Hope no such wayang in Puchong,in the comming years.
2.Stop all wayang ,cleanliness campainge against restaurants,coffee shops,and eating outlets.
In 2007,a widely publicized,raids lead by MPSJ Presidents involving, 100 personnels from police,immigration and medias,raided 100 over shop in Puchong.Summons issued,foreignrs
cought,shops condoned etc.etc.
A small press conference held at a timsum shop where my food,half eaten,was taken away during the raid.
I asked,the MPSJ President,isn't such jobs of ensuring cleaniness should be done by the local health officers.Why don't you reprimand the officers concerned for not carrying out their work,instead wasted so much money man power,for such trivial things.
My question was brushed aside and the conference were abruptly ended.
Hope no such wayang again in puchong.
So much for now,and will continue to give my pointers.
C M Chong

FOO said...

我 希 望 您 能 担 任 副 州 務 大 臣,因 为 您 是 最 有 经 验 的 州 议 员 , 我 也 相 信 和 肯 定 您 的 能 力。 希 望 新 的 雪 州政 府 能 够 以 绩 效 制 来 遴 选 副 州 務 大 臣。 我 非 常 欣 赏 您 敢 怒 敢 言 的 作 风。 希 望 新 的 州 政 府 能 公 平 的 分 享 权 力 , 党 内 也 应 该 抛 开 一 切 成 见,齐 心 合 力, 将 民 主 行 动 党 带 向 另 一 个 高 峰 。谢 谢!

harnniann said...

Saudara Teng,


But I disagree with you - your mission has not been accomplised; it has just started! :)

Deputy MB or not, I am sure you will still be the YB Teng I knew.

All the best!


y i l i n g said...

We want Teng for Selangor's DM. Why are there speculations that he is excluded from the list of candidates? Please do not think we're saying this because we're his supporter. We support DAP, and we honestly think he is the best candidate.

Teng Chang Khim said...

Dear friends,

When I said "mission accomplished", I simply meant the mission to retain the seat accomplished. If I were unable to do it, what other mission would I have?

BP said...

Congratulation to DAP and most of all the people of Malaysia - Your gut to change. Now so much of sucess trill, it is time to sit down and think... what?how?where?
what the people want.. how to fullfil their request and where to start? my friend this is a great task, we have to do it , we do it. let start now!!!

Anonymous said...

Subject: Strong disappointment on DAP's decision over Perak Menteri Besar

From: Gerald Khor
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2008 08:32 AM
Subject: Re: Strong disappointment on DAP's decision over Perak Menteri Besar

To my beloved DAP leaders,

Hope this message get to your CEC members as well.

Why you want to sour the already fragile relationship with PAS, at a time where you can work towards strengthening it? PAS has shown willingness to discuss Barisan Rakyat and we rakyat is happy to see the formation of Barisan Rakyat to realize the dream of 2-party system, as long as it carry a mandate of secular state for Malaysia.

And why such a flip-flop? Where is DAP's integrity? DAP Perak pledged to abide by Sultan of Perak's choice of Menteri Besar just a day earlier. Why DAP CEC rejects it? Why not discuss this among PAS, PKR and DAP? Why does it has to go public, and in such high profile? You guys are not better than Pak Lah nor BN in handling such situation.

Your report card is already tainted. Go mend the fence now and take corrective action immediately.

Gerald Khor

ps: Don't know which email address to use thus use whatever email addresses I know to hope to get my message across.

ps: No doubt my folks back in my hometown Taiping and Port Weld will be scared to hell to have a PAS Menteri Besar, and is probably already blaming me for convincing them to vote PAS and PKR (for Port Weld, or better known as Kuala Sepetang), I am sure they are willing to give it a try, as long as there is no Islamic rules and daily routines not affected by the Menteri Besar appointment.

----- Original Message ----
From: Gerald Khor
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2008 12:11:39 AM
Subject: Strong disappointment on DAP's decision over Perak Menteri Besar

Dear YB Karpal Singh, YB Lim Kit Siang, YB Lim Guan Eng,

As a supporter of DAP that believe strongly in "Malaysian's Malaysia ", I wish to express my strong disappointment on DAP's decision to disapprove Perak Sultan's selection of the next Menteri Besar (from a PAS representative). At the very least, please respect the choice made by Sultan Azlan Shah.

We just witness a new era in Malaysia politics after 8th March that gave so much hope to the people of this lovely nation. The loose pact between DAP, PAS and PKR scored big win in GE2008. Please keep up the good work and strengthen the pact. In fact, you guys should just formalize the pact and form Barisan Rakyat as suggested by many concerned Malaysians. Chinese voted for PAS and Malay voted for DAP on 8th March. I personally called my family members to make sure they vote no BN candidates. It is time that DAP seriously consider formalizing a pact with PAS and PKR. PAS seems to come a long way and is becoming more moderate. A pact should be made if PAS can drop their mandate to form an Islamic country.

Please don't let this pact break away because of selection of Perak Menteri Besar. It is no doubt an important post but the next General Election will be even more important. The bigger task for DAP, PAS and PKR is to prove to the rakyat that you guys can be good government, starting with showing good results in Kedah, Kelantan, Penang, Perak and Selangor. It is a bad start to score an "E" for this fiasco. Furthermore PAS has given its words to work closely with the coalition government in Perak, and DAP has more seats and have been promised the most EXCO members. Give and take will go a long way for this young coalition.

I am a Chinese from Taiping and I have no problem seeing a PAS representative as Perak's Menteri Besar, as long as there is no Islamic rules (as yet) like those in Kelantan. Given the Constitutional constraints and the state's demographics, it is fair to have a Malay State Assemblyman to be appointed as Menteri Besar with a Chinese and Indian Naib Menteri Besar representing the other two major races.

The rakyat is still trying to grasp with the new scene in Malaysia politics. For me hailing from Perak, I know it is not easy for the Chinese in Perak to accept a PAS rep as Menteri Besar but we are ready to give him a chance to perform. People voted him (and his coalition government) in this time round. People can vote him out the next time. And we hope DAP will put national interest before party to give this man a chance to perform with his comrades in the Perak State Assembly as well.

If DAP cannot resolve this fiasco properly, all the manifestos and promises given pre-election will not be relevant anymore. Walk-the-talk. Integrity is everything. Otherwise DAP is no different from any BN component parties. And I will regret very much the thousands of dollar donation I made to DAP Malaysia in Jan and Feb 2008.

Thank you for your attention.

Gerald Khor

ps: has a lot more feedback for your attention.

ps: Somehow does not work properly thus a direct email.

Anonymous said...

everyone noes me that i m DAP big big fans..although i m jus a form 3 student...
gud luck all the time..
rocket..gambateh...i wil support u all the time

lyw said...

Congratulation to YB. I am one of the resident in Klang and supported DAP all these years even before I can even vote.

Hopefully DAP will reconsider and YB will become Deputy MB of S'gor

Keep up the good job!!!

Anonymous said...

why we so scare about PAS? Have you all try to ask your chinese friends at Kelantan? what wrong/problem under govern by PAS? most important we need to attention is new Menteri Besar can perform better than before! Politic Tsunami is signage: we want to change!

cicakia said...

I have great respect to you, especially on the Zakaria case. However this Deputy MB is really on my nerves and I begin to wonder whther we,the Rakyat has cast the wrong votes. If oppositions do not won this much, all these ugly scenes would not happen. I am not in politics and I don't understand being a deputy MB or not made any difference. You still get to serve the Rakyat (if that your agenda to be in politics). Can this power struggle be done in a more discrete way? :(

We vote BN out this time around and we may do it to the Barisan Rakyat (that is if Lim Kit Siang admit there is such coalition) in the coming election. The opposition has one chance, PLEASE don't spoil this.

CAn my dream of Malaysia for Malaysian come true?

Anonymous said...

I m sick and sad with the internal politic in DAP. I think YB Teng is the most qualified person in DAP Selangor to be either the Timbalan Menteri Besar or EXCO. I've high regards for Teresa Kok and Ronnie Liu previously but based on the current situation, I am so disappointed with them. I can sumarised that the leadership in DAP are crazy for power. It's just the beginning and they have already show their colours. I'm so disappointed with DAP's leadership. If DAP continue with their power crazy characters and flicker mind, I can gurantee my vote for next election will not go to DAP.

Anyway, YB Teng, be strong. I support you and I am sure many of us out there support you too. We know you're capable and reliable. I hope you can continue to fight for justice and not feel disapponted if you're not in Selangor EXCO.

Makkal Sakti !!

Anonymous said...

You wrote:
"In 2004, I won by a majority of 3,613 votes.
Mission accomplished!"

Please, be humble and end your above message with:

Thank you very much for your support, voters!

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Teng,

I am one of those Malay voters who vote for you for the second time, although most of my family already change thier address to DUN Meru to enable them to vote for Dr. Rani of PAS.

I hope the victory will not change you from a 'wakil rakyat' to 'tuan kepada rakyat'.


klyew73 said...

Mr Teng, Would really appreciate if u could solve the traffic woes from the Sg Rasah Toll right up to MPK building...Thank u.